IDF T-Shirt – Pregnant Palestinian Woman – 1 shot, 2 kills


The official shirt of Jewish terrorists also known as members of the Israeli Defense (“Offense’) Force.


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  1. to Bemeta:
    You are stupid and weak, you only can wear this t-shirt. Actually you scare to fight one by one indeed.
    You will wear this t-shirt in the grave. Because your death come anytime no matter when and where are you.

    All jewish – enjoy your limited life, the truth is coming soon!
    Surely, we will respond you. Just wait!

  2. Wow.
    I’ve heard the new Lieberman dude (Isreal’s new foreign minister) wants all the Palestinians to swear an oath of allegiance to Israel, on the Torah. And if they don’t to deport them. Out of all of the nuts in Isreal– he is said to be by FAR, THE Craziest !!

  3. That is by far the most offensive t-shirt that I have ever seen. I can’t relate at all. Not even one part of my own dark side can even relate to such ….horror…trash…yeck!

  4. Define terrorist. You ******** who, put bombs on children and send them into buses, you who blow up your own buildings and then hire people to sob before the camera so that you can frame the Israelis. Israel has the military power to eliminate all existence of the Arab race, but they dont, ask yourself why. In case you wonder, no I am not Jewish, and I am guess, you are going to get to meet me. In ******* hell, where you belong.

    Eat your own **** , dont give it to others.

  5. Chief, your point would be better expressed with a little less hostility (and better sentence structure).

    Generalizing also won’t get you much. While I can’t speak for everyone here, I do know that neither I nor anyone I know has ever put a bomb on any children nor blown up any buildings. Maybe I’m hanging out with the wrong crowd.

    Any thinking person, muslims included, will point out that terrorists can be both people who terrorize in the name of some group, themselves, an idea, or even a state. That Israel has the power to eliminate the arab race but doesn’t is not a point of anything except that they are at least not totally amoral.

    Not sure why anyone posting here belongs in hell. Maybe you know something I don’t about their personal lives. I just see screen names, some with links.

    Also, generally, when someone’s children die, they don’t need to be paid to sob in front of a camera–be they Israeli or Palestinian. Mother’s are funny like that.

  6. America, America and their Allies are the most terrorists nations on earthe. The present Economic meltdown that thae whole world is facing was caused as a result of America’s invasion of Iraq. the world didnt attemp to stop America from such fruitless and unwanted war, at the end evry body is paying the consequeses. They claimed that Saddam possessed a weapons of mass destruction but to every bodies surpirse until today no single of such weapons has been discovered, what a dangerous frame is this? Adter septembet 11, they said Usama ben Laden was the masterminded behind the attack, but wether they like it or not we know that it was just a frame to attack the Muslim world. because Usama has no such weapons that can attacked the centre of America. Infact the attack was from within so tell me how can an outsider arrange it without being caught, despite all the security in America. we are not a fool!!!!!!!!! Israel a small and tiny state inside the Arab Nations has developed and possessed a Nuclear weapon how come are you denying other neigbouring countries to possess the weapon? This is injustice, and if u are agitating for human right let them have their own weapon so that no one will be a threat to other. if every body has it every one will be fear of attacking other. Today America is frighten to attack Russia cos she knows that Russia has the capacity to ratarliate-so this gave the way for peace to raign, vis-a-viz India and Pakistan every one is afraid of other. If not, from America to Europe to Asia and Russia let all nation be dis-arm so that no one will be threat to others.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Scott)

    I don’t know who you are, but you do however seem to have a twisted way of looking at the war. If you look closely at the Muslim media of bombings of building you will see brand new toys and items scattered around, you will also notice that there were several videos of totally different places with the same woman crying in front of the camera. Either they all look the same or there is a little more to this story. However yes, IF it was their child then it would be legit.

    Point made, anybody can be a terrorist, however which side do you think has been raining missiles on the border? Primarily the Muslims, so far the Jews have for the most part only returned fire.

    I don’t know where you live but you should go over to Arabia some time and get into the governmental crap over there, you might get a different view of how they operate over there.

    Not particularly referring to anybody posting on here, I am referring to the Muslim race, and that is a topic for another place.


    I personally believe in the right to possess your own weapons, whether that is a government or a person. However any government possession of weapons is dangerous because it means a huge amount of power. Which in turn means that you have to has a stable government. So far there are not stable governments in the world, however there are some better than others.

    Russia’s government is crumbling, communism is going to get the best of them. They have technology yes, but think about it if they have such great weapons why haven’t they attacked us? Its a mutual fear of a war that would end up in one of the other nation being completely destroyed. And in all honestly, seeing as we have some of the most highly trained military personnel and 9 out of 10 Americans own firearms… sorry but the odds don’t look as good for Russia.

  8. all muslims respect the all prophets(pbuh) beacus it is our religen. but jues and christans perhaps did not know that islam is last religin and it will spread in all world soon. it is in our holy book that why thay used his all struggle aganist islam but faild.atlast islam overcome all religins, INSALLAH

  9. check this: israeli puppies

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperiled by its devastation.

    It is the goal of If Americans Knew to provide full and accurate information on this critical issue, and on our power – and duty – to bring a resolution.

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