Remember Loon (Rapper from P. Diddy’s “I need a Girl”) – Meet Amir Junaid

From this:
To this:

MashaAllah! Allah hu Akbar!

May Allah continue to guide and bless bro. Amir.

Update: Here is an audio of Loon discussing his story to Islam:

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  1. mA, you’re going to have start a separate blog to track all the conversions to Islam by rappers…gotta love that little kid at the end. i would love to see some of these brothers come together and do a speaking tour…or get invited to ISNA this year. i don’t think the “elders” understand the potential influence these new muslims can wield with the youth..

  2. Mashallah! May Allah bless them all and continue to guide them towards the straight path, ameen!

  3. As Salaamu laykum

    This brother just did a tele-link with brother Muta formerly known as Nepolian … Freeway was on it to may Allah keep them all the sirat al mustaqeem.

  4. This brother and a couple of others will inshallah speak at a conference in New Haven CT on 7/11/09 inshallah please contact me for more info.My husband is putting this together inshallah.

  5. Amir Junaid Muhadith (born Chauncey Lamont Hawkins, June 20, 1975) better known by his stage name Loon, formerly an African-American rapper who was part of P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. Amir (Loon) accepted Islam in Dec. 2008 whilst on tour in Dubai, UAE. His inspiring story of rising up from the ghettos of Harlem, NY to street-hustling and later making it in to the rap game and eventually realising the truth of Islam and becoming Muslim, is quite a story. Amir never attained true personal fulfilment despite enjoying the pinnacle of material life (wealth, success and fame), no matter how hard he strove, he couldn’t attain that inner peace that can only be realised by submitting to one’s Lord, living for the hereafter and not the present life, the complete contentment of believing in, worshipping and supplicating to the Lord of the worlds, practising the beautiful religion of Islam. Listen to him explain why he embraced Islam.

  6. Allah Akbar Allah Akbar ……….
    i’m too happy to My Brother Amir he Became To islam
    Brothers And Sister i heard he will Come To jeddah this Wensday
    in Middel East Mall Side St. plastine And 60 St.
    the Invite Is open For all

  7. Muslims going towards hip hop and rappers coming to Islam……Subhan Allah
    May Allah guide us all………Ameen

  8. mshalah loon i didnt like that mu at first but now mashallah is all i can say may allah lead u to a better place mashallah…

  9. ماشاءالله تبارك الله .. كيف حالك أمير ؟ أتمنى من الله أن تكون بخير إنشاءالله..

  10. I was a big fan of loon, however in so proud of him and converting to islam, i saw him in a concert in Dubai and i did feel somthing warm beneth that look. May Allah bless him and give him iman to spreed the word of Islam , we need such muslim as im sure he can benefit millions of people who were listening o his music.. now im a more fan of Amir Junaid.

  11. Loon INSHAALLAH ALLAH(sw) will protect you in spreading the only rightous religion ISLAM.Spread to the rest like snoop, puff daddy,nelly etc , show them the way to paradise.AMEEEEN!

  12. Please 4 serious advice 2 muslim ummah i regreted viewing Angelina Jolie site so pls dnt any muslim attempt 2 view cos is full of HIGHLY HARAM site.

  13. aww!!
    the lil boy who said “i love u God” at the end was soo adorable
    May Allah guide us all to the right path! 😀

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