$3.95 for Fajr for 1 month?

This has to be the most hilarious and haram thing I have ever seen:

All Muslim prayers are voiced in English, with the computer speakers facing Mecca.

Special Deal Only $3.95/Month, Save $2.05 each Month

You can “buy prayers” for other religions too.


12 Replies to “$3.95 for Fajr for 1 month?”

  1. What the…. it’s not even a real person! Surely you could set your own computer to automatically ‘pray’ out loud on your behalf. This is ridiculous in every way!

  2. I dont know if it’s such a bad idea, so long as they clearly in big bold letters say it doesnt replace your salah.

    I think if it’s intent is to remind people of Allah, then why not? or at least help people, especially those who arabic is not their first language remember what the words uttered in salah means.

    Wallahu alem.

  3. the actual website (informationage.com) is distrubing in many ways, why should you pay to remember Allah, on their website, you can pay for a prayer to help u with ur financial situation… lol… the sad thing is that people are willing to pay for a prayer instead of just praying

  4. that reminds me of a story
    There was a guy in a park selling land in heaven. Saying you can’t go to heaven unless you buy some land in it. People were lined up buying from this guy. Finally a real smart Muslim walked buy and figured out was going on. The Muslim went up to the guy and asked to buy land of hell fire. The guy selling it not knowing what the Muslim was up to said ok. The Muslim bought all the land in Hell. After the contract was signed The Muslim started yelling to the crowd. Hey everyone I bought all the land in Hell and none of you are allowed in, so dont waste anymore money buying land in Heaven…..Ruined that guys fake business sucker

  5. Thats perfectly halal, in our sufi traditions we can let a molvi to pray on behalf of us for money

  6. I don’t get it?? is it a joke? or is it real? What is it used for?

    Separating people from their dollars.

  7. “By using the latest technology in text-to-speech synthesizers we are able to provide the service at very affordable rates.” – so basically no sane person would ever believe that this is an actual prayer in any religious tradition I know of (with the possible exception of Tibetan Buddhism).

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