Mos Def keeps it real with Bill Maher and Salman Rushdie

Disclaimer: Foul language is used.

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  1. i don’t know if anyone actually watched the show but what’s up which rushdie’s “when did bin laden become afrikan” comment. so because mos def referred to him as a “nigga” that makes him afrikan? read it how y’all want, i’m just saying context clues speak for themselves.

  2. I was scared to comment bc I expected everyone to be on Mos Def’s side. But I am glad that people can see he acted like a fool on the show. Interrupting other people left and right, going off tangents where they are not relevant. He has been on the show before and was not nearly as annoying as those clips above prove somewhat. The clips not shown show him doing more annoying things that I honestly thought he was an embarrassment.

  3. I’m a fan of Mos Def and I know he’s a Muslim but that was so embarrassing. As much as Hitchens is an ******* it doesn’t excuse Mos Def from sounding so unintelligent. We really need somebody who can actually articulate their thoughts to debate such atheists.

  4. Yeah no kidding, you have 3 of the most well-known kaffirs of our times up against 5% Muslim who sings for a living.

    I like Mos Def but he needs to stick rapping and not debating. Why couldn’t Hamza Yusuf, or Reza Aslan be there instead?

  5. Obviously mos def wasn’t there to debate anyone, it’s a talk/comedy show, he wasn’t there to inform people, and I thought he was hillarious, mos def is the man. On another note, we should have one of our great scholars debate Hitchens and others like him just as the scholars did in the past.

  6. mos isn’t a 5%er. Hamza Yusuf, Reza Aslan, or even Khaled Abou El Fadl would be great guests but Maher wouldn’t have anyone that threatening to him on the show.

  7. People… People…. People, is everything suppose to be a debate against Islam for you guys to watch? Mos Def was just doing what he had to do cornered with 3 atheist against him. That is pleasing the crowd and giving a good show. Something I’m pretty sure a Muslim Scholar that you guys stated would fail at.

  8. I think we should give credit where credit is due. Mos def is probably not as elequent in speach as the other guests, but he did bring up some good points.

  9. look while it was painful to watch mos on the show i’m not going to give him a hard time because if you’ve ever seen him on the show before or just watch it you’d understand what hes walking into. bill maher velvet knifes islam and is constantly make the point that he thinks religion is stupid. his arrogance is quite annoying. last time mos was there he was fine untill maher said that the problem with the middle east is the qur’an. give him a break. he had to do something while sitting amongst the atheist suckfest that is maher, hitchens, and rushdie.

  10. I really despise when people leave comments that are completely uninformed, and above all else slander and lies. As Muslims we aught to speak the truth and not backbite others – especially other Muslims.

    Usman Akhtar – Mos Def is a Sunni Muslim. He does much more than sing for a living as he is an accomplished rapper, actor, poet, MC, and has been involved in countless activities benefiting poor people in New York, New Orleans (Post Katrina), and else where. He is known as one of the few socially conscious and responsible artists today. Nonetheless he is 100% devout Sunni Muslim and for you to call him a 5% is equivalent to takfeer and you need some serious repenting to do.

    You guys wanna see a good debate between a Muslim and an athiest? – search the web (or my site) for Reza Aslan’s debate with Sam Harris.

    Mos Def didnt appear on the show to defend Islam or debate atheists. He went on to share his points of view on the issues at hand – as an individual. When it came down to religion – Mos spoke the truth. Everyone has a religion – whether it be our own nafs/desire, or God. I highly recommend Mos Def’s Essay in “Taking Back Islam”.

    If you are serious to condemn or criticize Mos Def – you should at least learn something about him. That essay is a great start. I dont believe it is online so you may have to actually purchase the book or actually go to a library to read it!

  11. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    The Guardian had a feature on Bill Maher and his new film “Religulous” yesterday:

    The Richard Dawkins of Hollywood

    I noticed this bit which stuck out:

    I put it to Maher that none of the religious right’s big guns are in the movie. “I’ve been talking about this on TV for so long that I come pre-advertised. So we didn’t get anywhere near Pat Robertson or the Pope. Those guys are so well-rehearsed in their bullshit that you get a more honest picture if you just talk to the rank-and-file. The Jesus guy at the Holy Land Experience was a much more interesting character than Pat Robertson would be.”

    In other words, it’s more fun to pick an argument with an ordinary person, because they don’t have the intellectual muscle that a serious religious scholar would have (and even then, you can still use dishonest editing tricks to make them look stupid). Maher is just a pathetic coward.

  12. @ h.ahmed

    I realized that I am wrong and I apologize, I’m going to sound like an idiot saying this, but I didn’t know 5% was like a different religion like NOI, or Ahmedi, I just meant that Mos Def is Muslim, but doesn’t necessarily practice everything in Islam – that’s what i thought 5% meant, and up till now I was using the same term for other Muslims like Dave Chappelle, and Busta Rhymes, and Mike Tyson, and Freeway, and so on and so forth.

    I realize that even then it is wrong, cause I don’t have the right to judge anyone. I was just pissed because I do like Mos Def, and he will bring up good points in a casual conversation, but he’s upgainst the three of the most arrogant, atheist, anti-islam people of our time, and he just looked like a child.

    That’s why I think it is more appropriate to have someone like Reza Aslan or Hamza Yusuf on a show that has Salman Rushdie, Htchens, and Maher- but it’s not like Maher is man enough to debate some with intelligence. Maher always does this, he has a dumb audience who always roots for him, and debates people who don’t really know anything. He did that in Religulous too, the three Muslims he did the interview with either couldn’t speak english, or made rap videos about suicide bombings.

    I was just pissed at Maher, and venting out on Mos Def, because I wish for once a Muslim could give the three stooges (Rushdie, Maher, and Hitchins) a verbal smackdown on tv.

    You were right, and I was wrong.

  13. I can’t watch the vids – says that they are private and they need to be sent to me.. someone do the honours?

  14. I actually think Zayd Shakir would be the best person to go up against the likes Christopher Hitchens and Bill Maher. I don’t think Hamza Yusuf has the right personality to go up against nasty, loudmouthed buffoons like Hitchens and Maher (he’s too nice a guy for that). As for Reza Aslan, he has no grounding in traditional Islamic scholarship and from what I see leans heavily in the modernist direction, so I don’t think he is the best man for the job either.

  15. What a dumb rat Mos Def is… Hitchen does happen to be a legend, but it isn’t he who makes MD look like the village idiot.

    The problem is, you lot would never agree on which beardy cleric would be best at debating on a show like that, because you all hate each other anyway. That’s then compounded by the fact that no matter who steps up, the same hateful and ludicrous words are always spouted.

    It’s nice to see a representative of a bullying religion get humiliated.


  16. What humiliation? Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world- you can’t stop us – hahaha.

  17. Us?

    Pffft – there is no ‘us’… you lot are as divided as you always have been!

    Shi’a, Sunni or whatever, it doesn’t matter; you all hate each other.

    Can’t even wipe out little old Israel, much as you try. ha!


  18. Lol – I really hope you have better things to do in your time than find Muslim websites to vent your hate out. I don’t understand how some people can live in such a odd manner, where their actions are motivated by hate.

    My friend, I hope you find something you enjoy in life and pursue it, and not find something you hate in life and pursue that. Islam has many haters, it has had haters from its very birth, and after 1400 years, we are still here, so your hate for us doesn’t change anything. Isn’t it better to get like a real hobby, like fishing, or or a book club, or hey, you could start exercising, because that is infinitely more productive and beneficial for you than attempting to inspire a reaction from us. We’ve heard it all before, and quite frankly its getting a little predictable, can’t you challenge us with some arguments with some intellectual basis?, it would be great debate practice for me. Anyways, like I said, hobbies, they’re good things to have.

    “Mr. Justice”, I hope you stay true to your name and treat yourself justly. God Almighty has blessed you with an opportunity at life, the incredible faculty of a brain, and it would be such a tragedy to waste the limited time in your life and your brain power in trying to attack Islam, like I said do something good for yourself, like exercising, and do something that would be beneficial to the world.

    We Muslims don’t hate each other as much as you think, I love all of my brothers and sisters in the world, I just love my Muslim ones a little more.

    May Peace and blessing of God Almighty Be Upon You, and May He Guide Us All.

  19. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world because it only consists of 16-18% of the worlds population.

    There are more people turning to Christianity on a worldly annual basis than any other religion, but because it is at 32% of the worlds population it is not considered the “fastest growing” when factored by %’s.

    I’d be willing to be there are more Atheists and Agnostics per year ahead of Islam as well.

    Whether you believe Islam is a religion of peace or not, there is a significant problem within the followers of the religion and it is turning the rest of the world off. That is why Muslims are so sensitive to outside criticism… because deep down they know that it’s true.

  20. In regards to having one of our great scholars debate Hitchens, I feel very little will come of it. He came to my college (TCNJ) and debated a Christian over the existence of God. Many of his points were more counter-christian than counter-God. When it came to the question and answer period, I was able to get the mic and asked Mr. Hitchens why I had yet to see constructive and intellectual debate with the Muslim community? He responded by saying, “Well that’s because the Qur’an is a copied and plagiarized piece of garbage recited by a sex-crazed pedophile.” Ya Rab! And the Christian man, who until this following statement I had been supporting (obviously), decided to give his two cents in on the matter and exclaimed, “And on top of that, we’re afraid of getting our heads chopped off.” The complete ignorance of these so-called intellectuals astounded me. Many of my peers approached me suggesting that I take action against him, but I decided not to and left his punishment to be dealt by Allah. May Allah guide both of them. Hitchens is a very smart man, despite his alcoholism, however I hold Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s five minute rule when it comes to debating with this atheist.

  21. In 2009 the major enemies of Islam happen to call themselves Muslim. Not these clowns in the video.

  22. Wow.

    The amount of morons in this thread astound me.
    “Well Atheists are all morons since they don’t believe in Allah and are all arrogant and anti-theist”

    Islam is just as stupid and irrelevant as Christianity or any other religion for that matter, except maybe Buddhism?

    Mos Def made himself look like a moron, and the atheists obviously outsmarted him. The fact that people aren’t willing to admit that is silly.

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