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Tune up your soul with Halal Tunes

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  • Date: Apr 9,2009 | 10:03 AM

So I recently asked in a previous post about your favorite Quranic reciters, because I was working on a project. Well that project was called Halal Tunes.

The changing meaning of ‘tunes’

Before everyone screams “Haram! No such thing as halal tunes!”. I would like to say that music today has become religion for many including many Muslims. On top of this Apple has re-defined what tunes means with their iTunes application. On iTunes, you can get mp3s and mp4s of lectures, songs, podcasts, talks, comedy, movies, music videos and basically anything that can fit in the mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) formats. All of these are part of the “tunes” category now.

If people are “tuning” into these tunes, why not let them tune into the Qur’an too.

So why Halal Tunes with Quran reciters when there are already hundreds of websites out?

You are correct. There are many sites that I use to get Quranic mp3s to listen to, but one day I found myself wanting to listen to various different Quranic reciters and I realized that I couldn’t find a simple site that I could play any Surah from any reciter. I would have to download each mp3 file. I thought to myself, man why can’t there just be a site like Pandora or They have it for music, but not for the Qur’an. So out of my frustration in not finding a website of what I wanted, I decided to build it myself.

Who would use Halal Tunes and why?

If a person is at work, school, library, some cafe with wifi, at home or at their store/business and they want to listen to the Qur’an from any reciter without having to download, then they can just go to and it will already be ready for play.

Thus I present to you

I’m not a designer so don’t make fun of my styling and design skills. If anyone wants to make a nice logo, feel free to do it (for free) and send it to me. 😀

Side note: After completing the site and sharing it with family and friends, I found out about another site that is similar, but didn’t have the same options as me. I still like mine better (bias of course).

Anyways, I’m not really concerned with competing with any other site. I built Halal Tube out of my frustration in not finding lectures I wanted to listen to, and now I built out Halal Tunes out of my frustration of not being able to listen to the Qur’an in an easy format.

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