Tune up your soul with Halal Tunes

So I recently asked in a previous post about your favorite Quranic reciters, because I was working on a project. Well that project was called Halal Tunes.

The changing meaning of ‘tunes’

Before everyone screams “Haram! No such thing as halal tunes!”. I would like to say that music today has become religion for many including many Muslims. On top of this Apple has re-defined what tunes means with their iTunes application. On iTunes, you can get mp3s and mp4s of lectures, songs, podcasts, talks, comedy, movies, music videos and basically anything that can fit in the mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) formats. All of these are part of the “tunes” category now.

If people are “tuning” into these tunes, why not let them tune into the Qur’an too.

So why Halal Tunes with Quran reciters when there are already hundreds of websites out?

You are correct. There are many sites that I use to get Quranic mp3s to listen to, but one day I found myself wanting to listen to various different Quranic reciters and I realized that I couldn’t find a simple site that I could play any Surah from any reciter. I would have to download each mp3 file. I thought to myself, man why can’t there just be a site like Pandora or Playlist.com. They have it for music, but not for the Qur’an. So out of my frustration in not finding a website of what I wanted, I decided to build it myself.

Who would use Halal Tunes and why?

If a person is at work, school, library, some cafe with wifi, at home or at their store/business and they want to listen to the Qur’an from any reciter without having to download, then they can just go to halaltunes.com and it will already be ready for play.

Thus I present to you halaltunes.com.

I’m not a designer so don’t make fun of my styling and design skills. If anyone wants to make a nice logo, feel free to do it (for free) and send it to me. 😀

Side note: After completing the site and sharing it with family and friends, I found out about another site that is similar, but didn’t have the same options as me. I still like mine better (bias of course).

Anyways, I’m not really concerned with competing with any other site. I built Halal Tube out of my frustration in not finding lectures I wanted to listen to, and now I built out Halal Tunes out of my frustration of not being able to listen to the Qur’an in an easy format.

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  1. Ma sha Allah nice site for IE/Windows users, Jazak Allah Khair, I can listen to Quran on most Quran sites on Mac w/Quicktime in the browser 😉 hahaha

  2. @ilmseeker – listen bro. ~3% of the ummah are using macs and of those only about ~0.5% know about that feature. 😀

  3. @Sista – I saw that after I built my site, mashaAllah they are ahead of me by far! The only thing I didn’t like was the scrolling on the flash. It was difficult to select a specific surah.

  4. @aamer khan – I’m not really looking to compete, I just don’t like to complain when I know I can build it myself. That’s how Halal Tube started, and thus how Halal Tunes started.

    On the plus side, everyone who knows me can always email me, call me, or facebook me any new features they would like to see.

    The popup player option is the next one, inshaAllah! 😀

  5. Here is a great site for many complete collections of quranic reciters:


    and about that logo, I could make you one, though I have exams in a week. I’ll ask my friend who is a very good artist mA.

  6. @MP3Quran.net – Yeah I grabbed a lot of mp3s from their site. It’s good for downloading, although its kinda slow sometimes. Regarding the logo, anyone is free to make one, but doesn’t really mean I’ll use it, unless its up to par 😀

  7. One day, MR will compete with Google 🙂

    MR, what’s the best email to reach you at?

  8. @Peace Lover – The best way contact me is the form at the top left corner of this page “Contact MR”. I love Google, I don’t want to compete with them, I’d rather work with them! 😀

  9. Yes, the scrolly thing is rather hard to get a hold of. Every time I want a specific Surah, I have to aim really well lol. But MashAllah, both are great resources. May Allah reward you for your efforts! 🙂

  10. you can get a lot from quranicaudio in their website you can sort by surah or recitor…you should think about this.

  11. @al-Suyuufi

    I’m so glad to see you cheerful…finally a topic that doesn’t get under your skin! I actually came in here to see who was getting a tongue lashing tonight =] hehe as salamu alaikum brother!


  12. Assalamualaikum bro mr

    wow this is suh a gr8 thing u’ve started mashallah

    btw is halaltube urs too??or was it just similar nmes?

    i think its a pretty wkd nme init lol

    wkd in a gd way lolz

    yep the scrolling things def gd on ur site i no wt u mean bout some sites u cnt scroll properly

    oo n i can c wt u ment by not bein an artists n that loll,, wel its not terrible hehe its green background so ffollowin sunnah mashallah!!thats a plus side…mybe if i get tym (i do have exams 2 revise 4 tho) i’ll try 2 make u a header! INSHALLAH(if i dnt then its k cuz im not promising hence thee inshallah lol)



    btw could u leave a reward on my blog or more?


  13. Assalamualaikum again
    oh yh my site/blogs similar to the halaltunes
    excpet mines is nasheeds n islamic songs and then normal bloggin on the homepage.

    ive got pges for nasheeds artistss eg.ahmed bukhatir and looads more and islamic songs artits(ones that hav music in the background of ther songs) eg.blakstone and more.

    so check out my blog if u lyk too

  14. JazakhAllah! The website is great. I was wondering if you could add Sh. Ibrahim Jibreen recitation; he’s my favorite.

  15. Very nice and simple layout mashaAllah, just one suggestion: please add abu bakr shatree and abdullah ibn matrood’s recitation please!

  16. Mashallah bro! The site is great, I myself also couldn’t find a site in which I didnt have to download the Quran to listen. So when are you adding the tab to the top^? Its difficult going to this post to go to this lol.

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