Google made a video with a special message to all Muslims

Click here to check it out.

Update: Can’t believe how many people actually fell for it! I made this one. You can make your own too!

This service is a promo for Google’s Lattitude which allows you to:

  • See where your friends are and what they are up to
  • Quickly contact them with SMS, IM, or a phone call
  • Control your location and who gets to see it

12 Replies to “Google made a video with a special message to all Muslims”

  1. is there any way we can contact them to thank them?

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Amir (MR) did that. You can type in whatever you want and the same video will play regardless–then your message will appear at the end:

    It’s a promo for their service. I love Islam also!

  2. i tried google latitude about a few months ago….i couldnt figure out how to update my location thru my phone

  3. you should remove the “update” part because i read that before i saw the video.. now i don’t know if i would have fallen for it or not! 😛

  4. Future of muslim world will be larger and bigger, which automatically need sufficient infrastructure for activity of ibadah, Mosque, School, etc, it may including sulution of our Makkah and surrounding when it should be intercept 10 million jama’ah in the near future. It may usefull if we as Muslim Architect’s have a umbrella organization for.

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