The media doesn’t know anything about the Somali “Pirates”

Here is a good article to further explain the video. Also MuslimMatters has a guest post from a Somali Canadian here.

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  1. Damn, I read the article and watched the video. That’s sad what’s happening in Somalia. May God help them insha Allah.

  2. The article reveals so much history that I had no idea of. I can’t believe I was so ignorant of this, the media is so tricky. May Allah help our brothers and sisters in Somalia. Ameen.

  3. @tdj – if you read about the role of Christians in Rwanda and Bosnia then you’ll see how Christianity was abused too…

    social and economic conditions play a greater role in making people behave like barbarians than any religion ever has

  4. The ones who drop videos like the one above by “tdj,” are often the same apologetic “Islam critics” who defend just about every policy — be it war, sanctions, or something else — that is brought about by Western and “culturally Christian” (in lack of a better word) nations (Israel included as “Western”, of course), whether it be in Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, or some other place.

    We all see this on a regular basis, especially on the Net.

    Of course, videos featuring beheadings are worse than over a 1000 Palestinians (and 13 Israelis, wow) and tens of thousands of Iraqis. Why? Probably because a beheading by anarchist vigilantes is a rare thing, while mass killings by non-Muslim aggressors is the norm.

  5. Really an eye opener.
    Does anyone know if the pirates have said ‘why’ they have held an American hostage or hijacked a ship, or anything else they’ve done, Have they themselves presented a reason? I’m curious because I’m not aware if they have, if so please let me know. I’m not as much in tune with this as I’d like to be at the moment. The exploitation that Somalia has been put through by Western countries is sad, so I’m wondering if the pirates have themselves said it’s why they’ve taken these measures?

  6. Bismillah
    The majority of pirates are ur average day fisherman and unfortunately due to some circumstances became pirates. I do understand why there doing it and how they came to this situations. But out of concern for the Somali population, this is not a long term solution. Piracy is thievery and will lead to other imaginable acts.Also,Somalians from that regions see them as modern day Robbin hood’s.They actually do give back to the community which is nice and everything but it wont last, i just feel like something is going to happen. I think neighboring countries should help out but thats not going to happen by the looks of it (you never know) i fell like no one cares not even enough to get the facts straight.

    May Allah (ta’ala) bless our brothers and sisters in Somalia.
    May they keep patience in front their adversaries,
    and also that they make Allah(ta’ala) their wali and not rely on piracy to achieve their goals

  7. As a Somali, it saddens me to see my people suffer like this. May Allah (swt) aid them in these trials, ameen!

    The fact that the world accuses them of piracy (even though that may be the case), when only a few take on the responsibility to protect their water. But, has anyone stop to wonder how many ships are hijaked/ransomed? Or what are foreign ships doing in Somalia? Or why aren’t any international organizations or countries for that matter, anything to stop illegal fishing and waste dumps in Somalia. Just because part of Somalia (Southern Somalia) is unstable with no real force to stop these illegal intrusions, does not mean it’s okay for the rest of world to do their dirty deeds or look the other way.

  8. @ ayan- i know, right! i’m not somali, but i agree that all the blame should not be put on the pirates! they are provoked because of the same reasons you mention.

    of course it’s unfortunate and unislamic, but the only way i see out of this is by the country’s development, not by killing the pirates.

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