Child Labor in Bangladesh


When your at work or school or doing something and you feel the need to complain remember this picture and think of all our little brothers and sisters working in such terrible conditions just for a $1 a month.

May Allah grant them all jannatul-firdaus!  Ameen.

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6 Replies to “Child Labor in Bangladesh”

  1. Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country, right? You’d think Muslims would treat their children better than this but I guess extreme poverty overrides all else including religion. So sad!

  2. If I ever become rich, I will surely go to one of the poorest countries and just give my money away and maybe adopt some of these beautiful kids. Inshallah Allah will give them ALL Jannah.

  3. If they have extreme poverty, then they shouldn’t have kids. I was discussing this with a sister a while back. Why these people having kids when they know they can’t afford to take care of them? I blame the parents, they need to stop having kids. If you are poor, then don’t have a child…simple as that. There are halal ways to prevent pregnancy.

  4. @sister
    In many countries children are seen as wealth, especially if the couple has a boy. A boy can bring food to the table, while the female is perceived as another mouth to feed. When the children grow up they can take care of their parents when they reach old age.

    If they can’t afford the basic necessities of life, then how do you suppose they have the means for contraception methods. In mainly rural areas contraception methods are actually condemned, you have to examine the culture of the country before throwing around such statements.

    I understand what you mean, though, it creates a vicious cycle, especially in rural villages, where there is almost no such thing as social mobilization.

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