Jihad Failure: From Mujahideen to Thugs

Illegal Arms trade and Drug/Human Trafficking

Where do the Muslims get weapons?

The non-Muslims.

Arms dealers in Russia, China, Europe and America love to sell weapons to rich Muslims who then funnel it to other groups who then trade it to other groups and so on until it gets into the hand of a soldier who begins firing it at either a “deviant” Muslims and/or the opposing foreign forces in their country. In other words the only winners are the illegal arms dealers around the world who are making money off the blood of Muslims (mostly). This is why I strongly oppose groups who deal with arms dealers who help fund their illegal business that usually include arms dealing, drug dealing and human trafficking (sex slaves of young girls).

How can you fight Jihad with weapons bought from people who use young girls from South East Asia as sex slaves? Or from Russian and Chinese gangs who deal with drugs and prostitution? Even one of the great Salafi scholars, Sh. Albani said that the Muslims will not be successful if they use the weapons of the non-Muslims.

I have nothing against those who are trying to defend their homes and land.  It is obligatory for us to defend ourselves when under attack.  The Iraq war is coming to an end and eventually many of the American and other foreign forces will leave in the coming years, but they’ll still be fighting, because some groups do nott want to work with the Muslim Iraqi government and feel the need to get rid of the shia or deviant sunnis. This is where the Mujahideen turn into thugs. They aren’t killing fee sabelillah or for the protection of their homeland. There killing Muslims because they don’t support them. It’s like the gangs in America. They kill others because they don’t agree with them.

From Mujahideen of the Shores to Pirates of the Seas

An example would be the Somali Pirates who’s purpose is to make money. Originally it was pure and solely to defend their shores and land from illegal ships dumping toxic waste. As years went by some began to take other ships and ransom them. The money corrupted them and now that’s all they want. I have some family who are from Kenya and they discuss how the Somali’s buy up all the nice houses in Kenya because there is nothing to buy in Somalia thus causing inflation in Kenya. They also have support from “investors” in other countries such as Dubai who get a percentage of the ransom money depending on how great the ship is and how rich the owner/country is. It’s now a business of pirating ships. While their country suffers they are busy making money driving around in Land Rovers paying $50,000 in cash as a mahr (wedding gift) for any woman of their choice. Their original jihad against the ships dumping toxic waste became corrupted and completely left their scope. Now Somalia will suffer much more because of a bunch of thugs.

Gangs, Robbers and Thieves thriving in Pakistan/Afghanistan

This is what is happening in Pakistan and Afghanistan. There are thugs going around killing innocent people and ransoming others for money. A friend who has family in Afghanistan told me under the Taliban they were safe and could leave the city and drive around, but now there are thugs and robbers on the roads who kill anyone for money. He told me a story of his family’s business truck driver who transported goods was tied up and killed. When they tried to perform ghusl on his body, they couldn’t move his hands due to the stiffness of his body showing that he had been dead for a long time and left there.

These thugs wear turbans, have beards and many times “claim” they are the fighting for Islam, but in reality they are far from it. I’m sure many of you have seen the video that was propagated throughout the media of the young woman being beaten in public. What I don’t understand is where in the seerah or where is an example of the Sahabas beating a women in public? Seriously, can someone show me the evidences for this “punishment”?  Is this a true scholar applying the shariah? Would Abu Bakr or any of the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) do this? Would Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah increase him) do this? Or are they practicing “thug Islam”? I have read that even some mujahideen disapproved of their actions and questioned if they were even part of the Islamic group establishing shariah.

No Islamic State anywhere around the world anytime soon

There is none. Others may have differences with me, but I don’t see it. After Amir-ul-Mu’mineen ‘Ali (radiaAllahuanhum), there were no more “pure” Islamic states. That’s why the first four are called the “Rightly-Guided” Khulafa. After that they were was no 100% Islamic state. The Umayyads, the Abbasids, the Ottomans and the rest of the dynasties all ruled the “Islamic State” but there were many things wrong with it but it was still an “Islamic State”. Some were Sunni.  Some were Shia.  Some were Sufis.  Alcohol was even consumed under some Islamic States. Many famous scholars such as Imam Malik and Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal were jailed because of their preaching against the governments. Many of these Khulafa would be considered deviant by different groups of today which basically says for 1000s of years Muslims have been living in “corrupt and deviant” Islamic states.  Now some groups thing they can establish a pure Islamic state within a few years? Give me a break. As much as I dislike Saudi Arabia, they are more Islamic than Afghanistan.  Yemen is more Islamic than Pakistan. The only Islamic state that can be established anytime soon is a corrupt one. Oh wait, we already have that: all the Muslim countries.

Everyone cries about 1924 being the year the Khilafah ended. Read about 1910 or 1900 under the Ottoman Caliphate. It’s nothing compared to what the Muslims want in Iraq or Afghanistan/Pakistan. Nothing like it. The true 100% Islamic Khilafah ended after Ali radiAllahuanhum.  How about working with all Muslims instead of declaring who’s blood is halal or not and then establish an economy, an infrastructure and a social system before grabbing the AK-47 and shouting “Allah hu Akbar” then shooting a Shia or a “murtad” (i.e. a Muslim who doesn’t agree with them).  You can buy weapons from the kuffar but you can’t even work with a Muslim?

The Best and Most Successful Solution

The solution to all of this is to use the greatest weapon Allah has blessed us and the most significant and productive weapon used by Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and his companions may Allah be pleased with them all.  Jihad and warfare can give you power, land, money and even respect, but it can’t give you this.

Dawah: calling people to tawhid.

Dawah and spreading the message of Islam is how Islam spread far and wide.  Yes, Islam was spread by the sword but it was also spread by trading, traveling, teaching, social work and other non-violent means. Ultimately it was the dawah of the Muslims that fully spread Islam throughout the world. Islam may have been spread with Jihad but that was after the Khilafah was well established. We’re back at the beginning struggling to find one. Dawah should be our primary and main objective throughout the

May Allah continue to bless those Muslims who are fighting for Islam, fighting oppression and fighting injustice around the world. Ameen!

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  1. dude, you’re absolutely right, the dream of Khilafah is one that most Muslims want, including me, but its just not going to happen. Dawah is really what we need.

    I heard this hadith, I think from Awlaki,

    The Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam said that there will be 4 eras of Khalifah:… Read More

    The first will be on the righteous path the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam established (Khulifah Rashideen)

    The second will be of tyrants (Andalusian kings fighting eachother, Dynasties, etc.)

    The third will be passed on from son to son (The Ottomans)

    and the last will be on the path of the Prophet Sallallahu Alyhi Wassalam again!

    unfortunately i don’t have a quotation for this hadith,

    Anyways, If you notice in the way I’ve divided the timeline into brackets, you’ll see that we haven’t had a real Khalifah for more than 1000 years. And since then, Muslims have become steadily weaker in their Iman, so how in the world will they be able to re-establish this Khalifah again?

    That’s why the majority of the ulema don’t concentrate their time on establishing the Khalifah, but instead on teaching their students. Cause that’s really the Islamic legacy, not the dynasties and empires that fought eachother, but the ulema that connect us to our beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam.

  2. “Cause that’s really the Islamic legacy, not the dynasties and empires that fought eachother, but the ulema that connect us to our beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam.”

    Just as a proof to my last statement, how many Khalifas names do you know from the Abu Bakr As Siddique Radhiallahu Anhu to The Ottoman Empire that ended in 1924? ( I don’t think I can name 10).

    How many names of ulema do you now from within that time period?

  3. @Usman – JazakAllah khair! Although I still disagree. Khilafah is still a reality but not anytime soon and not with the current situation. The sahih hadith regarding the coming of al-Mahdi is clear and that is when I think the Khilafah will be re-established. Until then its seeking ilm and dawah.

  4. I just posted this in another Mujahideen article:

    Before I go any further I want to say, that I think we DO need to organize ourselves, and defend our oppressed Muslim brothers across the world.

    Now, one thing that is hard for me about the issue of Khalifah is the fact that we haven’t had a real Khalifah for over 1000 years, in my eyes, and the history of the Khulafa after Umar RA is filled with eras of war and dynasty.

    For those 1000 years the iman of Muslims has declined steadily, so in what reality can the Muslims of today, infected with disease in their hearts, and defeated by their weakness of iman, have the ability to re-establish a Khalifah?

    Also, I believe that the reason behind people’s desire for the Khalifah today is not purely for the sake of Allah, but more for the weakness of our political power in the world, and the desire to gain political power.
    That is why when the Afghani mujahideen defeated the Soviets – with the help of America – and joined together to make a government system, they split into factions and started killing eachother. I think their disunity was because their common interest in fighting the soviets was not fighting for the sake of Allah, instead their common interest was to gain power, and defeat their common enemy; the soviets.

    But when their enemy was gone, they found the enemy in eachother, and killed eachother, not for Allah, but for the desire of power.

    In my opinion, the real leaders of Islam for the past hundreds of years are the ulema. It is they who have kept us connected to our past. And that is why, in my eyes, you don’t see many ulema involved in politics (except Imam Awlaki, and you don’t see him in a mujahideen group either), they invest their time into teaching and learning, because they realize that the future of Muslims is not in our armies, technology, or political power, it is in the continuance of Ilm, through students who eventually become the next generation of ulema.

    They are the generals fighting against the armies of Shaytaan. They are our shepherds leading us on the path to Jannah. And it is they who are the ones preserving the deen taught to us by Sayyidina Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam.

    As for the re-establishment of Khalifah, well, I honestly am confused. I do want a Khalifah, but I don’t see any reasonable way to get there from where we are now. I see many excited people, with no reasonable solutions, and no reasonable progress. And instead of holding our breath waiting for those solutions, I think we should take a step towards dawah.

    But if there are real solutions, I will always be willing to accept them.

  5. @ MR – sorry, what I meant in my post was i don’t think Khalifah will be a reality anytime SOON, I do believe in a final Khalifah though, alhamdulillah he rabbil alameen 😀

    We all agree, even al-suyuufi has a happy emoticon!!!!”

  6. AA- MR,

    “where in the seerah or where is an example of the Sahabas beating a women in public?”

    I recall one incident off the top of my head – the Prophet (saw) ordered the stoning of one adulteress, which technically is worse than beating.

  7. ‘we haven’t had a real Khalifah for more than 1000 years’

    Interesting discussion. Do you mean a rightly guided khilafah? I always thought that we have had khilafahs (ie. Omayyads, Abassids, Ottomans etc.), but they might not always have been ‘rightly guided’. with the full interests of Iman, Islam and Allah (swt) in their hearts, ie. they may have made mistakes along the way, no one is perfect.
    But nevertheless they protected Muslims, Muslim property and Muslim lands and allowed you to freely practise your deen (ie. you weren’t prevented from wearing hijab or going to the Mosque). And this is why people are so keen to return to one again. Because now our lands are being plundered of their natural and precious resources, our lives violated, our wealth stolen and there is so much blood shed and killing, we are not even able to defend ourselves effectively anymore. Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan.

  8. @Naeem – You didn’t answer the question. Where is the hadith that gives us the fiqh of hudud for the crime the woman committed? In Saudi Arabia do they carry out these beatings in the way they did in the video? Where do you differentiate between those who carry out the hudud and those who are not? The video of the girl being beaten in public being held down by another man is no where to be found in the sunnah. Did Abu Bakr hold down a woman while the Prophet (saas) beat her in front of the population of Medina? Wake up people.

    Read the hadith:

    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Avoid these filthy things that Allah has forbidden. Whoever has done any of them, let him conceal himself with the concealment of Allah, and let him repent to Allah.” (Narrated by al-Haakim; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 149)

    Beating in public isn’t concealing it.

  9. @al-Suyuuf – The fact that the scholars and the mujahideen were even questioning the video themselves is proof of whether it was legitimate or not. Even the Taliban didn’t do it like they did in Pakistan.

  10. What a joke. This discussion is emblematic of the lack of proper Islamic understanding that plagues the Muslims of the 21st century. The audacity of an illiterate, non-Arabic reading, non-Arabic understanding online Jihadi to think he can understand complicated matters of Islamic Jurisprudence, including Fiqh and Hudood is mind-boggling. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if it was their sisters and mothers under the whip, the supporters of these illiterate barbarians would have a different perspective. “Awlaki” will hand one hadith to some confused 18 year old boy and explain how public floggings and beheadings are part of Islam and they think they can run around and implement what they’ve been taught. We have a serious problem in the Muslim community that needs to be addressed here and the only solution is training by classically trained Islamic scholars.

  11. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I agree with AnonyMuslim. I converted in 1998 in a Deobandi-dominated community in south London, and I found the support for the Taliban, encouraged by the imams, sickening. It’s depressing that the same is happening now that we have “pious” thugs kicking Muslim women around in Somalia too. When it’s non-Muslims doing it, it causes outrage.

  12. Salam W Alaikum W RahmatAllah W Barakatoo.
    I have noticed in my community,along with the online Muslim community,the inherent belief that Mujahideen can ‘do no wrong’ to a point wherein even questioning the actions of some who carry out deeds that are blatantly against the Qur’an and Sunnah is considered a devious act indeed.

    We need to come together as a community and address this issue – clearing it up once and for all.

    I am for physical,mental (internal) etc Jihad when it is done for the sake of Allah s.w.t along with it being done within the boundaries of Qur’an and Sunnah.

    The West misconstrues many things,lies about an array of items and tries to make our men look like barbarians on many occasions – but we must face the reality that there are evil deeds being done by those who claim the Muslim title and none of us should stand for it.

    There are Muslims killing Muslims while trying to justify these sick deeds by administering Takfeer on whomever disagrees with their set of beliefs.

    For the sake of Allah s.w.t we should all reassess whom we support and why.
    For the sake of Allah s.w.t we should look at our own mistakes before being so callous and unmerciful towards others.

    For the sake of Allah s.w.t we should commit ourselves to doing good and repelling evil, and not for anyone or anything else.

    JazakAllah Kheirun

  13. @ al-Suyuufi,

    I was just joking brother, I didn’t mean any harm.

    As for Hadd, the way in which the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam conducted the punishments had so much more compassion and mercy, then the Taliban had in that video (which from reading some posts at MuslimMatters might have been fake).

    In one hadith, the prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalam was approached by a man who told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalam that he committed adultery, and asked him to be purified. The prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalam turned away, until he asked again, then turned away again, he did this 4 times. After the fourth time, the prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalam asked him if he was sane, the man replied that he was, and then the prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalam sentenced him to stoning. After the community argued. Some said that this was the greatest form of Tauba. Some said, the crime was so large, it could not be forgiven by Tauba. The Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam said that if his Tauba was divided up and distributed among the community, it would be enough for them all to enter Jannah. (Paraphrasing)

    Notice that the man probably knew the punishment, knew fully well what he did, and yet still came and told the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wassalam. And notice that despite the clarity of the situation, out of mercy the prophet turned away until the 4th time, and then even still, asked him if he was sane. There after the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wassalam pretty much gauranteed the man’s forgiveness. THAT is the mercy of islam, subhanullah!

    Hadd is meant for the expiation of sins, and by the way, the crimes for which Hadd is prescribed are only a few, like 5 or 6, and one of them is for wrongly accusing someone of a crime – 70 lashes!!!! Adultery is a crime for which you need 4 religious men to witness the actual intercourse happen, in order for their to be any punishment. So Islam gives the huge benefit of the doubt, whereas from what I’ve seen and heard from the Taliban so far, there is no “benefit of the doubt” – just an opportunity to beat the crap out of somebody.

  14. AnonyMuslim,

    I’ve some of your posts, and comments at MuslimMatters, and I am impressed by both your general knowledge and your ability to articulate yourself, mash Allah.

    Although your opinions may have some logic behind them, the intelligence of your opinions are drowned in rhetoric and an extremely hostile tone. That tone coupled with the liberal use of assumptions seems to accomplish little but hurt feelings, no solutions, and even more disunity.

    ” The audacity of an illiterate, non-Arabic reading, non-Arabic understanding online Jihadi to think he can understand complicated matters of Islamic Jurisprudence, including Fiqh and Hudood is mind-boggling.”

    Subhanullah – Imagine if the power of your adjectives could be used to praise people!

    ” “Awlaki” will hand one hadith to some confused 18 year old boy and explain how public floggings and beheadings are part of Islam and they think they can run around and implement what they’ve been taught.”

    Imam Anwar Awlaki may have some extreme opinions that even I may not agree with, but he has devoted his life to the study of Islam, is probably more islamically educated than any commenter here, and deserves at least that much respect.

  15. The point is if we want to arouse anger, resentment, and the complete dismissal of our opinions, let us indulge in a little stinging criticism. If we want to influence our opinions upon eachother in a civilized Islamic manner, we need an entirely different approach that involves compassion, understanding, and a liberal application of manners.

    There are more effective ways of expressing ourselves than the way most Muslims do. If we want change so badly, why don’t we start at changing our manners?

  16. @ al-suyuufi

    “So there just might be another side to the story – the Taliban might not even be doing the things we’re speaking out against.”

    I partially agree, especially after Yvonne ridley’s conversion to Islam after being captured by the Taliban. But I’m afraid that most Muslims support them because they have anti-american feelings, and not because they are “Islamic”, because some of their policies can be argued as not in accordance with Islam, like the killing of Shia’s, instant hudud, not letting girls go to schools. But then again, I don’t know hoe much of it is true, and how much of it is media bull, but some of it is confirmed by Muslim-based media like PressTV and IslamOnlineNews.

    “they went from being a bunch of blind-Hanafis and ignorant people in terms of Islam”

    I think it’s safe to say that you have insulted a huge number of people by that statement, considering that there are vastly more Hanafi’s in the world then Salafi’s. Furthermore, the Taliban is well associated with more hard-core Deobandi schools of thought, who are Hanafi themselves. I really think it would be wise to apologize for that statement.

    “So we shouldn’t outright condemn the Taliban and make Takfeer ”

    I’d usually agree with a statement like that, but that is exactly what the Taliban is doing in Pakistan right now. They have their own version of Shariah, and anyone who has a different interpretation of that Shariah is considered an apostate, and is supposed to be sentenced to death, that is what is being proposed in the Taliban controlled-areas like the Swat Valley, in Pakistan.

    It’s a tragic parallel to the Roman Christians who killed people and burned books that supported a Christianity that didn’t acknowledge the Trinity, like at the Council of Nicea.

  17. As-salamu alaykum,

    There is nothing at all wrong with “blindly” following a madhhab for a muqallid, since the vast majority of the world’s Muslims are in fact muqallidun without the right to issue rulings and use primary texts in such a manner. Whoever is upon one of the four schools is safe, in sha Allah, whether blindly or not.

    If by “blindly” following a madhhab it is meant being chauvinistic towards and antagonistic against people who do not follow one’s school, then, of course, this is not a good thing; but despite such attitudes, it is still very valid to follow a school of fiqh without always knowing the evidences for the various positions.

  18. As-salamu alaykum,

    “They have reasons for killing Shias, but maybe the way in which they did so isn’t the best way.”

    What reasons would that be?

  19. hey kid get off the internet, stop playing counter-strike, and why don’t you go to pakistan/afghanistan/etc. and report there from the frontlines instead of giving your opinionated heresay?

    salam alaikum wa rahmatAllahi wa barakatuh.

  20. truth is..these movements were bound to fail because their acts are not upon the principles of legitimate jihad..and hate to break it down..but the scholars upon the sunnah east to west..Told U So..

  21. because when tools such as suicide bombing, kidnapping, piracy are used…these are signs of a group in trouble..and that their supposed jihad is not succeeding.

  22. there is no difference of opinion among the legitimate scholars akhi…piracy is fueling the war in southern somalia because the so called mujahideen are getting their cut…and the kidnapping of journalists, aid workers, even those missionaries are not considered prisoners of war

  23. @ al-Suyuufi,

    I just want you remind you of this hadith:

    Narrated By Anas: Allah’s Apostle said, “Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is an oppressed one.
    People asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! It is all right to help him if he is oppressed, but how should we help him if he is an
    oppressor?” The Prophet said, “By preventing him from oppressing others.”

    (Vol 3, Book 43. Oppressions. Hadith 624. Shahi Bukhari)

    Just because there are people out there who are Muslim doesn’t mean that everything they do is justifiable, even if they claim they are doing everything for the sake of Islam. You have to draw the line somewhere and ask yourself if some of these people are really doing this for the sake of Islam, or for the sake of power.

    And since when is it halal to imprison non-combatants, like missionaries, and journalists, and kill innocent people including Muslims with suicide bombs?

  24. I think you need to wake up and realize the majority Muslim view around the world, and not just the West, of some of these “mujahideen” groups.

    There is a documentary called “Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden” by Morgan Spurlock – I thought it was going to be all biased and crappy, but he actually goes and asks the opinions of average joe Muslims, refugees, educated Muslims, and imams from allover the world, including the tribal region of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

    You actually hear the range of opinions from their mouths, and you see what the reality of the situation is.

    You can watch the whole thing here:


    Just press the red play button once, and then press it again once it’s green.

  25. btw- i’m still not saying that all of these mujahideen groups are bad, but i’m not saying they are all good either, I don’t trust what I see in the media, but at the same time, there have been a lot of confirmations from Muslims.

    I’m with that company of people who doesn’t oppress, and truly fights for the sake of Allah, and not their own personal agenda for power.

  26. How amusing, “let’s not make Takfir on the Taliban” meanwhile they make Takfir on other Muslims before they kill them. The Taliban like their Al Qaeda masters have no real goals or program once they achieve whatever they consider “victory.” The one who submit to the writ of law should be funneled through the political system and those who refuse to submit to the writ of law should be annihilated along with their Arab Khawarijj patrons.

    Green Child, I appreciate your advice brother, but your suggestion that I should refrain from criticizing a deceiver and a fraud merely because he has “studied” Islam in some anonymous Middle Eastern country under anonymous Middle Eastern scholars is misguided. Awlaki and his ilk are leading young impressionable Muslims who don’t know better due to a failure of modern Islamic scholarship down a path that ends in misery and death. The above-referenced hadith you quoted is sufficient to those who think Awlaki shouldn’t be criticized.

  27. Firstly, I never said I was a brother …….

    Secondly, here is a detailed account of his not so anonymous Islamic education:


    Thirdly, I’m not promoting Imam Awlaki or the Taliban, I’m promoting a civilized manner of dialog that strives towards the solutions of our problems. I still hold that we shouldn’t criticize anyone, especially someone with such a following as Imam Awlaki. What will criticizing accomplish? What has criticizing ever accomplished other than the arousal of hatred and disunity amongst him and all of his followers? What we think is wrong is still subjective to our mindsets, if we want to influence our opinions on others so badly, then why don’t we try some manners first.

    Lincoln said “I destroy my enemies by making them my friends”. Why do we make worse enemies by criticizing when with the practice of manners, listening, and civilized dialog we can win friends over?

    And name-calling is a cowardly way of dismissing your opponents’ arguments. That’s exactly what right-wing US politicians do, “Are you with us, or with the terrorists?” They use the word terrorist to justify everything they say, and criminalize everything their opponents say. That’s exactly why we as Muslims are making no progress, because instead of actually talking, we just attack eachother, call eachother munafiqs instead of genuinely trying to understand eachother’s viewpoints, and realize that the vast majority of us have good intentions.

    I may not agree with some of what Awlaki says, but I don’t doubt that his intention is to exercise what he believes is Islamically correct, and if we start on that basis, then we can actually start having discussions like adults, instead of pointing fingers at each other like children.

    And that last bit you wrote, are you implying that Imam Awlaki doesn’t believe in that hadith? Do you realize the magnitude of that kind of comment? People are so used to saying whatever they want, they don’t consider the consequences of their words before spewing them from their mouthes.

    Jazakallah Khayrun,

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