Today is World Malaria Day – 1000s of Muslims die every month of it

Learn about it and act!

Islamic Relief has launched a campaign to help fight Malaria. Click here and bit the bug!.

Learn about Malaria World Day here and here.

3 Replies to “Today is World Malaria Day – 1000s of Muslims die every month of it”

    i like wt the bro the 1 wearin brotherhood top said bout followin the prophet s.a.w n tht

    mr: u spelt it BIT the bug its BITE u miised out the e lol..

  2. Dear Mujahideen Ryder,

    Thank you for linking to the World Malaria Day website in 2009. Would you consider extending your support this year by downloading and displaying the World Malaria Day Button on your website alongside the link, in order to further raise awareness of the day?

    The World Malaria Day button virtual campaign began in 2008 and is a collaborative initiative with the Roll Back Malaria Partnership. It can be viewed on all websites, blogs and social networking profiles. The aim is to have it on as many websites as possible by World Malaria Day – the 25th of April 2010. By clicking on the button, visitors are directed to both to the World Malaria Day civil society website ( and RBM’s World Malaria Day homepage ( ).

    You can download the button at

    We do hope you will be able to take the time to show your support in this way.

    Many Thanks
    Sarah Pickwick
    Malaria Consortium Advocacy and Communications Team

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