Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?

Pretty good. If the time limit comes up, just open this page in another browser.

Update: It’s actually really good!

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  1. btw – If you have DSL just disconnect and re-connect your internet connection when the time limit pops-up, If you have cable then try to turn your modem on and off or something.

    Anyways, I was just giving a link, you should go and rent the movie, cause this one has no subtitles for the different languages spoken by the different Muslims that are questioned.

  2. I believe the theatrical version has subtitles. This copy does not.

    PS- Please rent this film, the money will encourage more films like it. I don’t like piracy

  3. Yeah, the video quality is good, but there are no subtitles when our brothers are talking, so I think it’s better to just rent the movie.

    It’s not completely free from bias, but it’s pretty close. I can’t believe the people they got to interview, like Aiman Zawahiri’s uncle, and all the refugees in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    You rarely get to see a media production that actually shows the opinions of Muslims allover the world from their own mouths, rather than the spewed out rhetoric of politicians, and biased anchormen with agendas (ehem….fox news…).

  4. this was nice
    but i think im going to rent it

    since im from afghanistan the afghanistan part made me smile 🙂

    and zeitgeist is garbage, at least the first part is

  5. Malik Gunz, 你好(‘Hello’ in Chinese )

    zeitgeist is ok , why do you think it’s garbage?
    I ‘ve watched both 2 parts of it, the film remind me of some sci-fi, the future of human being can be bright if we struggle.

    and I think it do said some problems in our societies, people are too credulous to the big man who has authority and controlling medias.

    we people nowadays lack of real independence throught, ironically we often talk about free will…

  6. i agree, but the first part that was talking about religions, some of those were not true, and even though they were against religions i’m particularily not with, its still false and anything false i do not like

    but everythig else with it is cool, i recommend to watch the arrivals on youtube, its dope


  7. :D, when i read the brief intro about the zeitgeist, i think may some religious people feel uncomfortable. But truly, we don’t have to.
    people are born to believe some kind of ‘religion’, even the so called non-religion people, like the producers of zeitgeist, they also believe god of nature, god of science, god of technology or etc.

    just because in their mind, their faith was not defined as religion, then they hold against-religion alike attitude. however in the deepest kind, they are same with us, also a kind of religion followers

    what positive is that, from their world view, all religion are equal, they say from ancient astrology. if we religion follower also take this view, the peace will come.

    so, i think we should have our mind more openly.
    that’s my humble view.

    PS: youtube was blocked out in China…

  8. oh i forgot about that brother

    the thing is is that first part was made just to make people stop believing in religion all though they didnt give any false stuff about islam, they didnt tell people what they heard on the news was false and thats the main concern, there trying to make people loose interest in religion

    ma bad about the china thing 🙁

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