12 Replies to “Amazing Video on the Kaaba and its Miracles”

  1. “the creator has alwaysed used the same number in all of his creations”…sounds a bit like the number 19 lie. Also lots of this so called “science” seams to be a bit opinionated and has lots of room for differences of opinion. Remember the sahabah didnt really know anything about science when they became muslim. We need to learn the arabic then read the quran that will strengthen our faiths more than this

  2. Jasakullah for sharing this, I uploaded this on youtube as well, and I hope you dont mind but I added this to my site as well.

  3. It sounds paranoid to me to say that we shouldn’t base our iman on scientific facts. Any Muslims should already know this, and Allah Himself (awj) asks us to look at the world and find His signs in His creation. And this video is doing just that.

    And we can never say what strengthens somebody’s faith more than what. A person who loves science can convert to Islam by watching this, while somebody else might get bored quickly with it.

    So please people stop deciding what is good for strengthening the faith. People are different and different things affect them. I love scientific facts and they have always helped my iman greatly.

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