Quilliam Foundation’s Fear-Mongering “Alert” on Islam Channel

A few days ago I was reading a rather inflammatory piece: a piece that was billed as an “alert” (packing “urgency”) about issues that were no more urgent than my need to redo the paint in my kitchen. It was a piece that combined innuendo, hot-button words, labels, guilt-by-association, and extreme fear-mongering. In its tone, it resembled writing that would typically be more comfortable appearing on LGF, jihadwatch, frontpagemagazine or Harry’s Place (in UK).

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One Reply to “Quilliam Foundation’s Fear-Mongering “Alert” on Islam Channel”

  1. These heretics will do anything to have government money rolling in , their main mission was to gain support from the muslim community but have in fact infuriated them instead apparently its the quickest get rich scheme any muslim can do now sell your religion and gain support from zionist philanthropist’s and pro war ministers and land your self a million pounds.

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