Muslim Immigration and Reproduction: “The West’s Boogeyman”

LOL @ this:

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  1. Woah, “Islamic Children”? And when did we start using the reverse Turkish flag to symbolize Islamic things? And I’m not sure about their research, they indicated via outline that they think Ireland is part of Great Britain…

  2. @Kearns – Regarding the flag disposition my guess is that they thought the video camera/video recorder/player worked like a mirror.

  3. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    They conveniently conflate total numbers born to families of Muslim origin with actual Muslims, and compare that with the numbers of practising Christians. An awful lot of the “Muslims” in France are irreligious riff-raff and more is to be feared from them in terms of crime than religious radicalism. Much the same is true of Lebanese immigrants in Australia (those who aren’t Christians): they are heavily influenced by US gangsta culture and use a bit of Arabic G-Had rhetoric to make people scared of them (much like the self-styled Muslim Boys in south London, really a fake Muslim criminal gang). But the point that western populations are declining because of low birth rates is a valid one; the major reasons are overcrowding, particularly in Italy and the UK, and the fact that women prefer to work than have children. They also should consider the birth rates among families who actually do have children, because the rate is likely to be much higher (two or more).

  4. Islaaamic Immigration… umm.. what is that exactly?

    I can see why Christians would be scared by this… especially if they overheard me saying “insha’Allah” every few seconds. 😀

  5. this dude i knew in college suggested that every muslim man should have at least 5 children. if it’s possible have 20 (5 x 4!).

    actually i believe i heard a hadith that the prophet (s) will be proud of the numbers of his ummah, i.e., they will be a huge ummah. dunno if someone is able to find that hadith.


    I am proud of our outrageous mojo…keep up the effort everybody hahaa!!

    P.S. Amir, when is MR Jr. coming? Buddy you gotta at least have 5 kids!

  7. Abu Dawood (2050) narrated that Ma’qil ibn Yasaar said: A man came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and said, “I have found a woman who is of good lineage and is beautiful, but she does not children. Should I marry her?” He said, “No.” Then he came again with the same question and he told him not to marry her. Then he came a third time with the same question and he said: “Marry those who are loving and fertile, for I will be proud of your great numbers before the other nations.” Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Irwa’ al-Ghaleel, 1784.

    Is that the hadith monkeynurse?

  8. “Woah, “Islamic Children”? And when did we start using the reverse Turkish flag to symbolize Islamic things?”

    Actually those concepts are not new. They were used rather widely in the Bosnian war.

  9. This video seriously made me crackup. A new type of non-violent resistance, quite unique to the Muslim ummah. 🙂

  10. Funny one especially the promo at the end! 😀

    And oh yeah. Alhamdulillah and TAKBIR!

  11. @Phil, I’m not sure I understand your comment. Are you saying there was a war in Bosnia where people used a backwards flag and bad grammar?

  12. MR, didnt i tell you this as TSP?!? WE GOTTA FOLLOW THE SUNNAH AND MAKE BABIES SON!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol! Allahu Akbaar!

  13. the numbers have been inflated. 9 million Muslims in America? Pew says 2 (or 3) and CAIR has 7….

    Also, what’s to say naturalized Muslims won’t have a low fertility rate as well?

    And, many of these Muslims, as Yusuf Smith has mentioned, aren’t necessarily the best of Muslims (trying not to do takfeer here). they have other socio-economic problems.

  14. hopefully berlusconi will bring back facism and dispose of all muslims in europe. vafanculo alle vostre mame .

  15. “@Phil, I’m not sure I understand your comment. Are you saying there was a war in Bosnia where people used a backwards flag and bad grammar?”

    Both the issue of “these kids kill grow up ‘islamic'” and the use of Turkey as a bogey man was used during the Bosnian war.

    If you want examples ask and i’ll provide.

  16. @Phil, I’m sure both of those are true, but that wasn’t the point of my comment. I find it humorous that the video has such glaring issues:

    * Bad grammar
    * Backwards flag
    * Incorrect borders for Great Britain
    * No support for spurious claims

    And then I quickly find it depressing because I know that there are people who none of that matters, if an authoritative voice says something, they just assume it’s all true…

  17. Subhanallah, this video is funny, but also racist. (religion-ist?) Strictly speaking, isn’t it also “Anti-Semitic”, since that term “Semitic” might also include Arabs? 😉 Hmm, funny that there is the same fear-mongering as “No Irish Need Apply”. I couldn’t read the small print on the screen to show who produced this thing. It does have quite “impressive” production values, along with that “authoritative voice” (good observation, Kearns 🙂 .)

    What this video showed to me was that it’s important for me to keep up my studies and increase my dawah (sp?), insha’Allah.

    Also notable is the Orientalist slant of the video. Did anyone else notice that chugging “ooga-booga” music that was 1/4 tone flat? Insha’Allah this thing will not be viewed by many impressionable and ill-educated people. I guess the final message is what?–former colonialists should have more babies? LOL. Sorry, they had the whole 17th-19th centuries and a large part of the 20th, to {ahem} their colonies. Now they are suggesting it’s our turn, insha’Allah. As the saying goes, “What goes around, comes around.” Muahahahah indeed! 😉

  18. Also, the use of the reverse Turkish flag makes it look like the old flag of what was then the Soviet Union. Therefore Islam=Communism subconsciously in the minds of those who remember the former Cold War.

  19. This is the most hopeful thing I’ve seen all year.

    “The world is changing. It’s time to wake up.”

    I used to figure I’d want maybe 2 or 3 kids. But about a year ago it kinds hit me that having more would be better. I’m a convert, so that’s one extra Muslim into the fold. All my kids, insha’allah, will be (in an historical sense) extra Muslims to the population–increasing the rate of growth. So I decided that, if I can take it, I should have lots of kids, a nice big family of muslims for the next generation (not me personally, but with the help of a future wife).

  20. “This video seriously made me crackup. A new type of non-violent resistance, quite unique to the Muslim ummah.”

    Make love, not war 😉

  21. Although this short video is simplistic in its approach, the core message is not wrong. Culture evolves through the influence of its members. If the numbers suggest that Muslims will outnumber others in a traditionally non Muslim society, then it’s a cause for concern. If you doubt that Islam can have a radical influence on a nation then research the history of Christians in the Middle East, particularly Lebanon and you will see a liberal secular country turn into a land dominated by the Party Of Allah (Hezbollah). Non-practicing Muslims particularly those who are ‘riff raff’ as Yusuf Smith describes them, are only strays who will eventually return to their religion to benefit from its male dominated laws on EVERYTHING. Most Muslims are decent people despite of Islam not because of it.

  22. Alki you have no idea what you’re talking about. Through the 17th -19th century and part of the 20th century were pretty much taken over by ‘white colonists’ lack for a better phrase but they weren’t ALL christians. Lots of different backgrounds. Islam is ONE entity that is sweeping the world. Maybe you guys haven’t heard of condoms. Obviously that sheep skin isn’t working so well for you guys! Great so now the world is being taken over by an ass backwards religion that doesn’t know how to keep their dicks in their pants!

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