4 Replies to “Today is Imam Siraj Wahhaj Day”

  1. Is it just me or is this becoming a little weird?

    maybe a bit overdone?

    Don’t get me wrong … I am not against raising funds for the shaykh for his sickness … but this whole thing is becoming a bit weird imho. why can’t we just raise funds the old-fashioned way? why all this fancy shmancy stuff?

  2. Yes indeed!! The last fundraiser only raised 26,000 of the175,000 needed. Inshallah enough people donated yesterday to reach the money needed for the Imam. He has done so much for the Ummah in US. It’s disgrace he couldn’t raise the money needed quickly when he has raised millions for the muslims in the US.

  3. You know what … it takes one, two or max three rich guys to cover up the bills. Have you guys been reaching out to the fat cats? I’ve seen them hand out huge sums for things much less important than this.

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