Happy Mother’s Day

Oh snap! Biddah!

JazakAllah khair Umm MR and Umm Zawjatul-MR! May Allah preserve you both and grant you the highest jannahs! May Allah increase your good deeds. Ameen!

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  1. do you ever see any of the kafirs trying to celebrate our eids?
    no! they look down on our deen as barbaric. why should we race to celebrate their made up holidays. advice from the best of creation (salla Allahu alihy wa sallam) ‘ man tashabbaha biqaumin fahuwa minhum’ au kama qala (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam). we have enough beautiful traditions in our deen to keep us occupied.

  2. Is Mothers Day a religious holiday? No. Therefore, if someone wants to give their mothers a gift for raising them right, let them. Stop fighting over little things like this and try to create unity amongst a divided ummah.

  3. my mother may Allah guide her is not a muslim. i love her to the point defined by our deen. i am sure that all of you here as good muslims as all good muslims love their mothers as the Prophet (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam) order us to do. as for hating kafirs, i do not spend my time brewing about how much i hate this or that, i have a loving wife and beautiful muslim children whom i love for the sake of Allah. i have no love for kafirs because of their kufr firstly and because they are not my brothers in deen, they do not love you’ll my muslim brothers and sisters, they do not love our deen, our Prophet (salla Allahu alyhi wa sallam). i work with them and treat them accordingly to show them what islam represents hoping to follow the example of our Prophet (salla Allhu alyhi wa sallam) but in the end they are not of me nor i by Allah’s mercy of them, this i give to my own blood brother who is not muslim. as for mothers day as some scholars say it is not haram to celebrate this day, just like some scholars say it is not haram to smoke cigaretes, should we rush to buy a pack of malboros? lets be for real, anytime we celebrate their ways we give creadence to their way of life, and we dilute our way of life. muslims of before were different from other coultures, from their enviroment that is wy people rushed to join the ranks of the belivers(by Allah’s mercy) they saw the honor in our deen and wanted to be part of it. as Malik said ‘ the only thing that will be good for the last of this ummah is that wich was good for the first part of this ummah’ or as he said.

  4. as salaam alaikum

    why must some muslims continue to believe that we should be an isolated group of people devoid of any culture or customs outside that of 7th century Arabia?

    ISLAM is for people of all different cultures and backgrounds and cultures. AND unless something is explicitly prohibited in the quran or sunnah – the general rule is that it is PERFECTLY FINE IN ISLAM!!!!!

    Read this: http://www.suhaibwebb.com/blog/general/sh-bin-bayyah-on-holidays-free-of-religious-overtones/

    “The holidays which are forbidden [for Muslims] to observe are those with religious overtones [such as Christmas and Easter*] not the festive gatherings people observe due to certain events. Therefore, people are allowed to celebrate wedding anniversaries, birthdays or any occasion as such celebrations are not related to religious holidays. It is imperative that we work to remove the confusion surrounding this misunderstanding and the doubts that have affected many people [regarding this issue]. [Because of this misunderstanding] people find hardship and difficulty in their religion. Especially when a religious minded person holds [such non religious celebrations] to be from the major sins or rejected acts when, in fact, they are not.

  5. I understand that some Muslims are going through a bit of an identity crisis where they have little or no connection to the Islamic traditions and are more attached to non-muslim traditions.

    However if a non-religious holiday made to recognize our mothers is attacked just because a non-muslim invented it, then perhaps we should also leave many other things that non-muslims invented, like the lightbulb, electricity, and the telephone. The Prophet asked some of those taken prisoner at the Battle of Badr to teach some Muslims reading and writing in return for their release. Which proves that just because a person is non-muslim doesn’t mean they cannot offer something we can adopt, as long as it is not against the shariah.

    The mother has a high place in Islam, and so what if one day has been dedicated to her by a non-muslim? Now just because I recognize and appreciate Mother’s day doesn’t mean I know follow and worship and try to be like non-muslims.

    @ abufatu

    “do you ever see any of the kafirs trying to celebrate our eids?”

    There’s a difference of context. Every Human being has a mother, not all human beings believe in Islam, so we can all appreciate our mothers, but if some don’t believe in Islam than how can they celebrate Eid?

    “as for mothers day as some scholars say it is not haram to celebrate this day, just like some scholars say it is not haram to smoke cigaretes, should we rush to buy a pack of malboros?”

    But how is mother’s day in any way shape or form related to smoking cigarettes? That logic is completely out of context. A scholar’s opinion is based upon the evidence they present.

    “my mother may Allah guide her is not a muslim. i love her to the point defined by our deen. ”

    And in Islam, even for the non-Muslim mother or father, there is a huge
    responsibility for love and respect. If you love her to the point defined by our deen then that means you must love her immensely, because Islam allows and orders it even if the parent is non-muslim.

    There is also a hadith that tells us that Asma’ bint Abi Bakr was visited in Madinah by her pagan mother. This was at a time when the pagan Quraish had a treaty with the Muslims. Asma’ asked the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) how she should treat her mother. He instructed her to treat her mother kindly. He (peace be upon him) said: “Yes, do an act of kindness to her” (Al-Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawud).

    @ al-suyuufi

    “And i don’t see what’s wrong with hating kafirs more than loving your own family, otherwise we wouldn’t have Abu Bakr telling his son, “I was looking for you on the day of Badr so I could kill you.””

    Again, the absence of context takes the logic from your argument. Firstly, I never heard of Abu Bakr Radhiullahu Anhu fighting his own son, I’d appreciate a link for some further reading. Secondly, if it was a time of WAR then there is a completely different context. How can you compare the battle of badr to mothers day? Thirdly, the whole basis of Dawah, and the whole concept of spreading Islam is that we recognize that humanity is a brotherhood, and we invite non-muslims to the mercy of Islam. Therefore the whole concept of Islam is love, even to non-Muslims.

    Now that doesn’t mean we should try to be like them, or love them beyond the guidelines of shariah, but without the love for our fellow human brother, how is it that you expect Islam to spread?

  6. brothers this is not about loving our mothers. we all here inshallah love our mothers. this is about following the traditons of non-muslims, traditions that even some of them do not follow for they recognize them for their commercial money making purposes that they were invented. it is about the dilution of our islamic identity, what next waving flags on the fourth of july because it is not a religious celebration, when we participate in this things we are un-intentionally giving creadence to their way of life wich in the end they themselves will come to regret, it is time to love our deen our traditions our way of life.is there something. some way to please Allah and His messenger (salla Allhu alihy wa sallam) that was left out wich we must learn. take from non-muslims? NO! In this particular situation Allah has already guided us as to how to love our mothers. let me ask you something, for the past couple of centuries or more muslims have been chasing the tails of kafirs taking on their ways and customs adopting their values (as long as they do not contradict the sharia) where has this gotten us as a ummah are we better of? what i am trying to say is that they do not give creadence to our way of life why should we to theirs, even though it may not be haram.

  7. I have a friend who justifies celebrating christmas by using the same logic and arguments that usman akhtar used.

    The original meaning is…
    But I am not celebrating that…
    And its a national holiday so…
    Just celebrating life and giving each other presents ya know…

    Bah humbug I say.
    Mother’s day originated as a pagan holiday, and believe it or not this strong division between us and kafirs is what will give us success.

    Wiki mentions two origins:

    One school of thoughts claims this day emerged from a custom of mother worship in ancient Greece, which kept a festival to Cybele, a great mother of Greek gods. This festival was held around the Vernal Equinox around Asia Minor and eventually in Rome itself from the Ides of March (15 March) to 18 March.

    The ancient Romans also had another holiday, Matronalia, that was dedicated to Juno, though mothers were usually given gifts on this day.

  8. Before Islam came, Allah was the name of one of the gods of the Arabs. Actually Allah was the “supreme god” to the Pagan Arabs. They sorta had it right, haha.

  9. “The original meaning is…
    But I am not celebrating that…
    And its a national holiday so…
    Just celebrating life and giving each other presents ya know…”

    When did I say any of that crap?

    A couple of other points:

    Firstly, the early greeks and romans did have a day associated with some maternal god, but modern mothers day has a completely different foundation in history, and to jump from one to the other doesn’t really have any intellectual basis. Not trying to attack anyone, just clearing it all up.

    According to this website [http://legacyproject.org/guides/mdhistory.html]
    (The official observance of Mother’s Day in its present form is credited to Anna Jarvis (1864-1948) of Philadelphia, PA. She wanted to honor the memory of her mother, Mrs. Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis, who died in 1905.)

    It’s not like Anna Jarvis was of some pagan Roman progeny, and wanted to resurrect some old tradition.

    Secondly, I agree that the Muslim Identity crisis is a real issue in the world of today, and that mother’s day is used mostly as a way for corporations to reel in some money. And I am not saying that I should only dedicate one day to appreciating my mother. However, I think mothers day is a good excuse to make a suggestion of appreciation towards our mothers.

    @ al-suyuufi

    [the prophet then said,”no, the time your mother held you in her womb dosent even count for what you did.”]

    I’m not saying that mother’s day in anyway can fully show our appreciation towards our mothers. But since our mothers have done so much for us, we should use every excuse and opportunity to show appreciation towards them. And if it happens to be mothers day, then I’m going to use it as an excuse to show a token of love towards my mother. That being said, I don’t have to buy into the whole corporate marketing of mothers day. There are many other, better ways to show appreciation towards your mother.

  10. Selam bro, Im glad to know your not the same strict kaffars like a lot of Muslims. I also did a nice post about Mothers day, yesterday

  11. Alhamduliliah Akhi, Mashallah i like the way you remembered your wifes mum as well.

    Why do we all like to debate about things..

    May Allah swt guide us

  12. “do you ever see any of the kafirs trying to celebrate our eids?
    no! they look down on our deen as barbaric.”


    I’ve celebrated Eid with Muslim friends before. lol

  13. I find it so funny that people like to argue.
    Best practice- is not to celebrate mother’s day

    If someone does it, I’d tell them that the Prophet SAW
    would have told us to do it if there was something very much dire in it.
    But if nonmuslims do it, good for them, at least they remember their moms once a year- some good they are doing.

    But I dont have an identity crises. I am a muslim who yes celebrates what the Prophet SAW told me to celebrate and respectfully refrain from celebrating what I was not explicitly told to celebrate.


    Either way our mother’s deserve all the best all year round regardless.

  14. Asalamualaikum,

    The idea that “Our Prophet didn’t celebrate it, the Non-Muslims made it, Hence it is wrong/haram/rejected” is incorrect.

    Our Prophet(SAW) accepted cultural customs he came upon that did not have anything inherently wrong with them. He let the Habishi’s do their wedding entertainment, he dressed in Yemeni clothing etc etc. Islam is very open and accepts cultural customs.

    In Islam, everything is Halal, until proven otherwise.

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