The American Ummah should be ashamed! – Where are 200 believers!? We found 52! Update: Imam Siraj Cured!

UPDATE: Alhamdulillah! At the ISNA 2009 Convention in Washington, D.C., Imam Siraj Wahhaj announced that he had been cured of his sickness. JazakAllah khair for everyone’s duas and donations!

We should be ashamed of ourselves. I am ashamed and disappointed.

I recorded the video late last night after being inspired by one of the brothers who organized

I am looking for 199 people to donate $50 for this cause. Imam Siraj Wahhaj (may Allah preserve him) has raised millions of dollars since the 80s, 90s and in the current decade. He has raised money for ISNA, ICNA, MAS, CAIR, MSA National and MSAs across the country. He has visited hundreds of Islamic centers and Islamic schools to help them fund raise money in order for Islam to spread in this country and to make it easy for Muslims to live here.

When he is need and suffering we are struggling just to give him a few dollars. Literally it is just a few dollars. It’s just pocket change for us. Alhamdulillah has raised around $80,000 but they need more. I think the total cost is around $150,000. has raised $5,000, and a few MSAs on the west coast have also raised around $4,000 to $6,000.

I want to topple this goal with $10,000 inshaAllah! It’s very easy. All we need is 200 people to each donate $50. It doesn’t matter how old you are because even a 14 year old can afford it (see video above for details). I’ll post your name below and a link to your site if you want to. You don’t have to write your name either. You can be anonymous (just use a unique anonymous name like anonymous20) or use an anonymous nickname. If you can’t donate $50, I am almost positive you can find someone amongst your family and friends that can donate.

Lastly, a non-Muslim donated $1,000 for Imam Siraj. If a non-Muslim can donate this much, then surely you can afford $50 for a man who has done more than enough for the American Muslim Ummah.

How to donate:

Go to and on the right side you will see a donate button. Click that and enter $50 as the amount if donating from your bank account. You can use a credit card or directly from your bank account or you can mail a check to Siraj Wahhaj, P.O. Box 312264, Atlanta, GA 31131.

  1. MR – $50
  2. Imtiaz – $50
  3. Long Island Brother – $50
  4. Anonymous – $50
  5. KM Rashid – $100
  6. ilmseeker – $100 (read his comment, subhanAllah!)
  7. Abu Ibrahim – $100
  8. HR – $500
  9. Brother X – $100
  10. abdifatah – $50 (see comment, may Allah make it easy for you)
  11. OM – $50
  12. Anonymous – $150
  13. Anon Sister – $50
  14. Anonymous Brother – $100 (no comment, via IM)
  15. Anonymous Brother – $50 (no comment, via IM)
  16. x – $300
  17. Muhammad A. S. – $50
  18. Anonymous – $50 (no comment, via IM)
  19. Anonymous – $50 (no comment, via IM)
  20. Anonymous – $50 #
  21. Nabeel – $50
  22. Anonymous – $50 #
  23. Anonymous – $50 #
  24. Anonymous from Denmark – $50
  25. Anonymous – $60 #
  26. Anonymous – $50 #
  27. Anonymous (from Canada) – $50
  28. OM – $50
  29. AnonyMuslim – $50
  30. Basil – $50
  31. Amir’s cousin – $50
  32. Munaqaba – $30
  33. Right Hand – $50
  34. OS – $50
  35. sunsetangel – $50
  36. Amir’s Aunt – $100
  37. Muzammil – $50
  38. AnonymousUK – $50
  39. Minnesota – $80
  40. a – $50
  41. AN – $50
  42. Farooq & Salwa – $100
  43. see above
  44. Anonymous – $100 #
  45. Anonymous (Long Island Brother) – $50
  46. Perplxintexan – $50
  47. Anonymous sis in Atlanta – $52
  48. Anonymous couple via Facebook message – $100
  49. See above
  50. Message from facebook – $50
  51. Anonymous from VA – $50
  52. Anonymous786 (CBus reprezentin) – $200

Total raised: $3,792

Make dua for universal health care!

112 Replies to “The American Ummah should be ashamed! – Where are 200 believers!? We found 52! Update: Imam Siraj Cured!”

  1. Salaamu Alaikum,
    Many of us me included had no idea he was sick or looking for donations , I am in philly and not one masajid that I attend ever made mention of it , by word, posting, news paper or email, so to be ashamed is to me not a good thing. How about giving our brothers and sisters the excuses they deserve , just because we dont give money it doesnt mean we do not care, this attitude has to stop.

  2. The American Muslim community should be ashamed of itself, not for anything related to Imam Siraj, but for more of its wanting to assimilate and be accepted by the very people who are waging war against their muslim brothers and sisters all over the world.

    Our pride in serving in the Obama Administration, and meeting with Obama, and sitting with this man who has made himself an enemy of the muslims………….THIS is first and foremost why our American Muslim Community should be ashamed.

  3. As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatu.

    Jazaka Allahu Khayrun for making this post, because I had no idea how poorly our ummah did in raising money for our beloved, respectable, most honorable Imam Siraj.

    Since the campaign to raise money began so was long ago, I saddly assumed his bills were take care of. Living in New Haven County, all our community went to NY and NJ for fundraisers and I’m SO sad to find out how they raised only pennies. Mostly because ALL the masajids and schools here in CT have benefited from millions of dollars raised by Imam Siraj!

    Oh Allah, please forgive us all.

    Alhumdulilah rabbil alameen Imam Siraj was cured Only by his love, devotion, and selfless dedication to our one true Allah, May He be Glorified. May Allah continue to bless him in this dunya and the ahkhira, and accept all his pain and suffering as full repentance of his sins. Ameen.

    While very small, alhumdulilah, this $50 is from my own pocket 😉

  4. please check into Paypal….if you send money and click on “GIFT” I don’t believe they take anything out…a brother told me about this Paypal option…my prayers are with the Imam…may Allah continue to bless him as He is now…and bless him with Jenneh…

  5. like in church all over again.

    Imam Sirjaj what he did with all that money he was getting years ago. Why they still have that old beat down masjid in Brooklyn. What happen to the million of dollars he collect in the past for his community they have no masjid no nothing to show.

    Like church all over again TV evangelist but we have the Muslim evangelist.

    Where this money is going too?

    Where are other results of money with were millions given to them where the fruit from money in the past?

  6. Muhammad Amreeki – Maybe you haven’t seen Masjid at-Taqwa in a while, but it’s a beautiful masjid that can hold almost 1,000 believers mashaAllah. The construction is done and the masjid is beautiful. It was completed in 2008.

  7. Then I need to check them out, because many years people was complaining what happen to all this money he collect.

    So I will check it out inshallah.

  8. I have been reading all the hate and racist posts directed at America . If you do not like the American way then why don’t you all go back to Afghanistan , Pakistan or anywhere else that you can enjoy better ? . Why bite the hand that feeds you ?.

  9. Bro Isa,
    I’m confused about your comment, what posts do you find with hatred and racist attitude against America? This blog was criticizing American Muslims for not doing enough for a Muslim preacher, how is that “hatred against America”?

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