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  1. Very smart decision by our beloved Br. Yusuf Islam. He will be able t o use his “former” identity to clarify some harsh opinions about Islam out there.

  2. @Saad – Have you ever seen an Music artist on the show being referred to by their real name? Yusuf is his album name like “Jay-Z” or “Lil Wayne”. They usually never refer to them with their full real names.

    Yusuf is what he known by since he dropped his album with it.

  3. WOW! I really want to call out Saad right now but I will cease.

    Does Colbert always act like this? Because I never found him funny AT ALL.

  4. Damn you America!!!

    arrrrrghhh – i can’t watch this vid just because I live in Canada.

  5. Doesn’t he remind you of a grandfather type figure?

    I don’t wanna restart the old music debates, but is there anything online where Yusuf Islam talks about his own thoughts on it? Just outta curiosity

  6. I have seen people quit alcohol, drugs, zina and every other sin.

    But for some reason, people have a hard time leaving music.

    They always go back to it.

    This is just an observation. Not looking to begin a debate.



  7. That pdf with Yusuf Islam’s opinions on music doesn’t hold much weight because he doesn’t quote direct hadith, rather he just says that some hadith say such and such – so his credibility kind of deteriorates a little. He also uses the logic that because the Abbasid Dynasty and the Andalusian Dynasty had used musical instruments it makes it halal to use them – those communities were far from what our role model communities should be.

  8. I would like to be like Usman actually. He has good points in his comment and was not rude at all.

  9. lol – i didn’t say anything as to what my opinions about music are, i was just talking about the specific yusuf islam article. All i’m saying is if you brought that article to an imam to give proof towards an opinion, he wouldn’t think much of it.

    nevertheless, i love Yusuf Islam, he’s donated tons of money to Islamic organizations and his nasheeds are awesome. I just hope he continues making nasheeds and doesn’t focus the majority of his time on just songs, the way dawud wharnsby ali has started doing.

    To be fair, one thing he said that I really liked in his article was the fact that the direct word for music was never mentioned in hadith or the quran – and instead in Allah’s wisdom – words like “idle talk” were used, and Yusuf Islam used that to show that it is not necessary that ALL music is haram.

  10. I just think that its beautiful that he said, Muslims are always saying peace, its the first thing you learn, Islam is peace =]

    And Yes Stephen Colbert is always this way, he took it easy on Yusuf. He was obviously a fan of him when he was Cat Stevens and was honored to have him on the show. In a show last month Stephen Colbert said when talking about Islam that it was a beautiful religion sent down to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)….Most people leave off the prophet part all together

    Colbert has a lot of respect for muslims and all races and religions and countries although his tv persona acts like he is only for americans and won’t tolerate anything else. Its just a character.

  11. The majority of muslims appear to believe that Islamic law (fiq) is a giant book of do’s and don’ts that was written by the prophet. That notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Fiq, both for personal life and society, is a diverse and multi-faceted study where many schools have many opinions.

    thankfully, Muslims are not bound by the ruling of the biggest school, or the loudest school. They are not bound by the rulings of someone from Egypt or Damascus. The Ulema of the past 1400 years agree, those who follow a legitimate scholar who’s opinion on a matter does not violate a basic principle of Islam, are safe from harm or punishment.

    As far as Music itself, the hadith against Music are so weak and few, and clearly in conflict with hadith allowing music. Would the prophet have allowed Aisha to drink alcohol on Eid? Would he allow her to eat pork on Eid? Of course not, so his allowing her to listen to musical instruments on Eid means those instruments are merely a distraction and frivolous play, NOT a forbidden thing.

    As for saying drums are hallal and string instruments are haraam, these are empty ramblings. If you want to get into the moral fibre of instruments, strings have always been relaxing and meditative, while drums are always violent and sexualized.

  12. All i mean is Yusuf Islam has a legitimate message and opinion. There is nothing unIslamic or haraam about his return to musical instruments, because it is a matter of Fiq, and fiq varies from place to place and school to school.

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