My Response to Shaykh Yasir Qadhi’s “Conversion” and to all Mac users

Before reading my post, please read Shaykh iYQ’s post here in its entirety.

I bought a MacBook Pro a while ago as a gift and also so I can learn more about it to add to my resume. I’ve had it for a few months and it has many nice features. Ultimately the PC is far greater than the Mac in many ways. There are several articles online citing examples, but here are my points which I think are relevant.

1. PCs have an eject button

Ever try ejecting a CD/DVD from your Mac?  Yeah go ahead and show me where the eject button is.

Edit: Some Mac users think a keyboard key for eject is equal to the eject button a drive on a PC.  No it is not equal.  When I press eject on my PC the tray opens.  When you press the eject key on the top right, it may or may not eject the CD/DVD.  Sometimes it will wait a long time or it will never do it and you have to restart.

2. Double click is default

Double clicking is extremely helpful and saves a lot of time.  If a Mac user wants the double click feature on their mouse, they have to buy a *holds breath* PC mouse.  You know what’s funny I’ve seen several people with Microsoft mouses connected to their Macs.

3. Hardware upgrades

Try upgrading your Mac.  Oh wait, you can’t.  Can you change the graphics card?  Sorry, go buy another Mac for $3,000.  With a PC, you can just buy a graphics card for $300 and you’ve upgraded to the latest technology.  Memory is much cheaper than Mac memory and it’s easy to install and upgrade on PC desktops or laptops.  Too bad Apple will just tell you to upgrade your entire computer by purchasing a new Mac.

4. PC Competition vs Mac Monopoly

How many PCs hardware companies are there? HP, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, Acer, etc. are just a few of the many PC hardware companies that are all competing to get your money.  You know what that means?  Lower prices.  You can buy a PC laptop with the same exact specifications as a MacBook Pro for around $500 bucks.  And guess what?

Apple makes everything for Macs so they can charge whatever the heck they want to charge like $3,000 bucks for a laptop that’s worth $500.

5. Media industry standard

With the exception of graphic designers, almost all major media companies use PCs to edit their media.  You think Macs can edit movies like X-Men or Spiderman?  Done on a PC.

I’ll admit Macs are popular amongst graphic designers.

6. Market share?

This is pretty obvious.

7. Millions of software for PCs vs Thousands for Macs

Software developers develop more for the PC than Mac.  There are millions of software that are compatible for the PC but only a few thousand compatible with the Mac.

8. Gamers only game on PCs

Ever seen anyone playing Starcraft on a Mac?  Conquered the world in Civilization on a Mac?  Nope.  I’m a huge PC gamer and PCs are the way to go for gamers.

9. Custom built PCs – Can’t custom build Macs

Anyone can go to a computer store and buy all the necessary parts of a PC and custom build it to the exact byte of how they want it.  Can you do this with a Mac?  Nope.

10. Confusing Mac OS X versions

10.0.5?  10.2.5? 10.1.5? 10.1.3?  Uh I have no idea.  What version of Windows XP do you have?  XP SP3.  Oh okay, cool.

11. Batil: “Macs don’t crash!” – Haq: “Yes they do!”

The Macbook Pro has crashed on me several times and the only program I had open was Safari just surfing the web.

12. Google Chrome came out for the PC for a while now…Mac version still not out

Ever wonder why the top shaykh of internet searching and probably one of the greatest internet scholars of our time, Shaykh-ul-Internet al-Google, didn’t release a Mac version of Chrome yet?

13. Mac’s delete button is confused

It doesn’t delete, it acts like a backspace button on a PC.  So if you want to delete you’ll have to move your cursor in front of the character of desired deletion.  This is more time even it is just a few nanoseconds.  It adds up over a lifetime.

14. The entire world runs on a PC

Cash registers, computer security systems, military technology, mobile technology (except the iPhone), satelites, TV networks, airplanes, etc. and basically anything that requires a computer is using a PC.  If the Mac was so powerful, why doesnt NASA use it to on their satelites.

15. PCs are cute


So the next time you fly to Makkah or you buy an Islamic book online, you can thank a PC for that. 😀

I love my Muslim Mac users for the sake of Allah but let’s be truthful PCs > Macs.

I’m Muslim and I’m a PC

And Allah knows best.

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  1. I’m actually using the mac version of chrome right now. It’s in beta but it’s out. It’s not as good as the PC one but it’s not bad. I’ve been using my new ‘hackintosh’ for the past month or so now and I must admit it is growing on me. Maybe it’s a Yale thing…

  2. I’m MR’s Wife and I’m a Mac, except when I’m at work. By the way, it might be interesting to note that MR wrote this post on my Mac. Don’t you love the irony?


    MR: Just for clarification. The only computer available at this time was my wife’s laptop (the MacBook Pro). I wasn’t allowed to bring my PC laptop on our trip, which we were currently on when writing this post.

  3. You know… I suspect that this issue may be more divisive than the huge Salafi/Sufi debate.

    The only thing I don’t like about Macs are the price. On that, I will heartily agree. It’s sad, because more people would use Macs if they were more affordable, so the numbers game you’re trying to pull would be less significant.

    Anyway, this will always be a Mac vs PC world (as long as computers exist). I went Mac years ago, and though I may buy a PC as a secondary device in the future, I don’t miss anything about them.

    My regular Mac does everything I want, and it does it in style. I hate it when people say there is no substance behind the looks. That’s just not true.

    I wrote both my MSc and PhD theses on a Mac. I blog on my Mac. I edit HD video, create soundtracks, and publish podcasts on my Mac, masha’Allah.

    I am not a gamer, so I’ll concede on that issue. Maybe PCs do better there… Allahu ‘alam.

    Apple won me over, and Microsoft will have to do a lot better to win be back.

  4. Videogames are reason enough for me. Plus, Vista 64bit is incredibly stable. I have had no crash/freeze since I installed it over a year ago.

  5. It depends on what you need for a system I suppose. Those who just need something to get their work done with will most likely prefer a Mac, more techy people such as myself will probably prefer PCs given their customisable ability, diversity in processes and pretty much everything else MR mentioned.

    Yasir Qadhi’s article was great though. Reflected his open mindedness regarding issues in Islam today and transpired it onto the ultimate Muslim-geek blog article.

  6. Wow this horrible debating style reminds me of your salafi bashing days.

    1. Try looking at your keyboard.
    2. not true just tap twice
    3. once again simply not true, my macbook takes ram that is universal, i agree that updating a graphics card is harder though.
    4. apple also has better build quality and design,
    5. actually a lot of media is edited on a MAC, and it is quickly becoming an industry standard. don’t even try here.
    6. apple is quickly eating away microsoft’s market share year by year.
    7. quality not quantity.
    8. my macbook can handle games in the mid range just fine. also starcraft, warcraft and all major blizzard titles run on a mac.
    9. apple controls both hardware and software to ensure better quality. and if you wanted you can custom biuld a mac it just wouldn’t be official.
    10. lol this isn’t even a reason
    11. Macs do crash but far less often then PC’s.
    12. this is going to be corrected soon
    13. i agree with this one
    14. i don’t think i should respond to this one 🙂
    15. trying to rouse our emotion instead of our intellect. typical amir sahib debating tactic.

  7. @iMuslim – you can have a PC without Microsoft. Linux and Ubuntu are good fir this. It’s also better on a PC.

  8. #5 I’d love to see your research, the Mac has always held stronger numbers across all kinds of media editing.

    #10 is just plain wrong, not only is it all what you are used to, Apple uses a much more standard OS naming scheme: Major.Minor.Release vs.:
    Windows 3 (2 sucked and was basically skipped)
    Windows 3.1
    Windows 95
    Windows Me
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7 (though if you count, shouldn’t it be 8?)

    And PC Gaming? Lame. Gaming is meant to be done on a console.

  9. You couldn’t find the eject button?… its the top right button on your keyboard, next to the volume button, which i might add, PC does not have either one.

    MAC is overall better for every day people with sophisticated taste, PC is excellent for geeks.

    that about sums it up.

  10. Actually that would be an eject key and not a button, and that is the exact issue. When you press the eject key it tells the OS to eject the disc in the drive, if there is no OS for whatever reason, the disc does not eject. PCs generally have an eject button which tells the CD/DVD/BluRay drive to eject and no OS or CPU is required, just power. I assume, however, that modern Macs, just like historical ones, have a tiny hole that you can use to eject a disc without the OS getting involved, just in case you get a “sad Mac”.

  11. i am a muslim and i am a linux box.
    if it weren’t for linux, your webserver would be running off an box – wordpress wouldn’t exist and neither would your blog :p security, etc, etc.

    hehe i know, i know, gaming is better under windows and certain specialized apps (photoshop for example) are only under windows and mac. plus, linux is harder to learn for noobs. but it is more secure, less virus prone, etc.

    macs do crash – but not very often. and the nice thing is, if it crashes, it’s probably something wrong with everyone’s machine and not just yours, and usually things this like this (while extremely rare – maybe i observed it happening once in the past few years) end up getting fixed very quickly with a patch from apple (within 1 week). compare to this in windows where your machine reboots randomly or crashes and you don’t know why – is it a pci issue, is a component overheating, etc, etc. on the down side, macs are expensive.

    in general dude, don’t hate. personally, i am an “equal opportunity employer” (this applies both for spouses and computers). seriously, i have a linux box dual booting with windows and i have a mac. i use all three, but each for a different reason.

    programming – easier/better in linux (imho, but it’s preference). gaming is hands down better in windows. browsing, emailing, etc i choose mac because of the ui beautifocity.

    lol no need for a flame war, use what makes you happy.

  12. Eh, there are reasons to buy either, which is why both have market share. It’s really silly to be a fanboy for a corporate product. Use a computer for results, not for the smug sense of ownership and brand identification.

  13. @muslimadmin Wha? WordPress runs on Windows. And Mac crashes are the worst. Step 1: Turn off all extensions Step 2: turn on extensions until crash resumes Step 3: Repeat steps one and two until you’ve isolated the issue… And your Windows box crashing randomly? That’s like 15 year old windows not Vista.

  14. @Kearns – yeah you are right, i forget apache and php run on windows too – but seriously, does anyone use a wamp stack to run wordpress?

    and i disagree with “15 year old windows” versus vista – i downgraded vista to xp because xp was a lot more stable, especially while playing video games. i guess ymmv.

    never had any issues w/mac crashes except twice – once it was b/c of a buggy wifi driver which they fixed within a week, and the second time it was my fault (because i downgraded the iobus library to jailbreak my phone and never re-upgraded it after being done).

    anyway, ymmv.

  15. Saying a PC is better than a Mac is like saying a Toyota is better than a BMW. One is easier to tinker with inside and one has a better overall user experience.

    I’m a very committed Mac user.
    Macs have an eject button, double click is standard (did you mean right click? Macs have that too). I upgraded my G4 tower in terms of RAM, processor, extra hard drives, firewire/USB, and DVD-R and and it’s right by my foot.

    Macs are comparable to Dell’s prices in feature comparisons, and are industry standards. Google the apps Final Cut, Shake, Motion, and Photoshop, all industry standards for hollywood and publishing.

    The Mac is not confusing with OS’. Look at how Microsoft has Windows Basic, Ultimate, and Premium editions. Which is which? Which Vista has Aero? I don’t know.

    You forget how virus-prone Windows is and how lacking that problem is on the Mac.

    Google Chrome is based on the WebKit code, which Apple released as part of Safari like 5 years ago. Apple’s been faster for a while now.

    Every time you swipe a credit card, your order is routed through a Mac. More secure, remember that.

    Macs are way cuter. My Bondi Blue iMac and iBooks and Powerbooks and Mac mini and tower plus iPods and iPhone all agree with me. Microsoft tries and tries to copy it, with little success.

  16. @muslimadmin XP may be more stable, but your argument was against “windows where your machine reboots randomly or crashes and you don’t know why”, which has been greatly improved in every version of Windows, and now in Vista you have tremendous amounts of data to assist with troubleshooting odd driver issues and such, and the system will even attempt to repair some of these for you using knowledge bases at Microsoft.

  17. MR, I suspect that you wrote this post just to increase traffic! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, EXCEPT WHEN YOU TELL LIES IN ORDER TO DO SO!!! hahaha jks.

    Just got my first Macbook, and while it is cute (definitely more warm and fuzzy than any PC I’ve ever used), I haven’t joined the “PCs are evil” clan just yet.

    There are some confusing things about Macs, but some of your complaints are a bit off the mark. For example, if you want your “PC delete” you can use fn+delete, no need to move your cursor. And if you want to right-click, just put two fingers on the trackpad and click.

    At the end of the day, it has to do with (for most of us) personal comfort and preference and (for those with advanced needs) what you are using it for. It is like arguing over whether strawberries or cherries are better. (We all know that cherries are, duh. jk.) Oh yes, and how much you are willing to shell out to satisfy your preferences…haha.

  18. For anybody that wants mac-like quality in a PC – go for a sony vaio, those things are amazing.

  19. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I have a Mac which I bought in 2004, but I couldn’t afford to upgrade it because Macs are just too expensive. The problem is not just the price, but that the low-end desktop Macs (Mac minis) are so miserably under-specified compared to equivalent PCs (the situation has improved a little bit but not enough, and the price went up).

    Also, the Mac has both a backspace and a delete, just like a PC. Backspace deletes backward; delete deletes forward. The thing I find confusing (still) is the home/end key behaviour on the Mac. You can often use the Up button to go to the start of a line, which you can’t always do on Windows.

    Also, Macs are just PCs with a couple of extra chips and a different OS and a much higher price. There is no other difference; they use almost all of the same components as PCs including the processor (and you don’t get the AMD option). The OS is vastly superior to Windows, but that’s because it’s based on Unix, which Apple simply took as it is under a very liberal open-source licence. Microsoft could do the same and wipe out that advantage at a stroke; as for me, I use Linux to surf the net and Windows when I need to do something I can’t on Ubuntu.

  20. @mr I had a Sony Vaio that destroyed two hard drives, and that’s when I discovered the horror that is Sony tech support. I’ll never get another Vaio…

  21. “Maybe it’s a Yale thing…”
    @Adam Osman – who the heck do u think u are……sometimes i just wanna punch u in ur face

  22. To add to MR post
    Mac are behind in hardware wise it takes awhile to adopt a new processor.
    Every mac update is actually a service pack with a price attached to it
    Windows is more customizable
    Pc has a better file manager
    Media center does more than front row
    windows event viewer way better than the mac Console for logging and troubleshooting
    The Windows 7 taskbar beats dock OSX any day
    firefox is faster on pc

  23. Salaams all.

    I use PC’s and Mac’s and I must say I preffer Macs as I find they are far better than PC’s.

    Yes, there are 1000’s more softwares/games on the PC. Do I really need them all? I have all the software which I need to use on the Mac.

    For our business, Macs do work out a lot cheaper in the long run. Macs hardly crash, simple to use and Mashallah I never have had to use a virus software for my Mac.

    I want my life to be simple and hassle free. I therefore, use Macs 🙂

  24. Sallamu Alakum,

    I suspect from the looks of your responses to the Shaykh, that your MAC must have been damaged…my old PC not only had an eject button, but the tray would eject at random times as it wished…plus who wants a tray when they can have something internalized, as it is on the MAC…its like the difference between owning a wireless adapter that sticks out of your PC, and have an internal wireless, that is efficiently keep internalized….

  25. Salams,

    As my grandfather would say ‘if you ask for a rose you must respect the thorn’.With any product you take the good with the bad. It’s to be expected that both MAC and PC users have problems. But, I learned way back in the day via Apples monopoly on the MP3 industry that they are about money, not quality. There is a reason why there are no upgrade packages. MACs seem to be so concentrated on bring down all PC’s that they seem to have forgotten the simple things which make a PC functional. So you’ve got an anorexic-ly thin laptop…and!? You can’t even eject, double click, and have about 1/8th of the memory on my PC.

    As for that cutie in the PC commercial that’s cheating, she’s asian. 🙂

  26. I prefer Ubuntu, it gives me the hardware advantages of using a PC (cheaper components etc) without the disadvantages of Windows.

  27. Double click is default: Do you mean right click? Both of which are easily enabled on any new mac or with any of the standard mac wireless mice.

    Mac’s delete button is confused: The delete button is not confused, it simply operates differently than a PCs, if you want to delete forward just press fn+delete.

    Think of the Mac/PC divide like English and Arabic [the Mac being like Arabic and the PC akin to the English language]. To really know a language, to be truly fluent requires you to be able to think intuitively in it and not always refer first to your own language and then try to translate those thoughts into the other language.

    Try this site to learn some helpful hints about how Mac works:

  28. How dare he make a joke about switching madhabs when real Muslims are struggling because of the incessant fighting between Wahhabis, Sufis, Asharis, and the others.

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