Submission, Faith & Beauty – Zaid Shakir & Muhammad Ninowy – May 31 – Rutgers University


The Hadith of Gabriel succinctly summarizes the core beliefs of the Muslim faith. Submission (islam), faith (iman), and beautification (ihsan) are the three fundamental dimensions of Islam; they complement and complete each other.

In this special presentation, based on a new Zaytuna book of the same title, Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy and Imam Zaid Shakir will discuss the critical role the famous Hadith of Gabriel plays in helping us understand Islam in the modern world.

During the event, Zaytuna will also present its plans to launch the first accredited Muslim college in America, and will solicit your support.

Sunday, May 31, 2009
2pm (Doors open at 1pm)

Registration: $10 ($15 on-site)

Trayes Hall, Douglass Campus Center
Rutgers University
100 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901