Being Muslim in America – According to the US Government

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  1. Muslims have a religion that supports the opression of woman. Radicals kill women and children and believe in a religion that is based on suppersition and crap. Go back to you home land and blow some on up.

  2. hav u ever thought it cud be the other way round? if u gonna be sum kind of wasteman, and talk like that, u r gonna bring a lot of terorism towards yorself. so u better watch yorself, and the way u talk.
    n just to make u happy, all the freshies from around the world, r gonna stay and invade yor country like we r doin to England

  3. I was going to make some joke, but then I got to the Janazah prayer for the soldier, that’s a powerful photo.

    I will say that the distribution of mosques by state map is almost exactly the “I feel safe to travel to that state” map that I’ve made in my mind…

    Oh, and apparently they couldn’t find a single Indonesian for this? What?

  4. Oh, and their Timeline left out the fact that the first country in the world to recognize US independence was the Sufi Kingdom of Morocco

  5. @ zeke dog,
    What kind of a dog are you! Turn off Fox (or CNN) and read the Quran, it gives more rights to women than what UK and France gave to women until recently. Racism was abolished and all people black, white, Arabs, non-Arabs were declared equal in the eyes of God, that was 1400 years before the Blacks in America were still fighting for the right to sit next to Whites in the same restaurants and buses.

    Do you blame Christianity for the millions of Iraqis, Afghanis, Vietnamese and Korean victims who have been killed by a predominantly Christian Army? Do you blame Christianity for the Jewish victims of German Nazi Army? If not, then don’t blame Islam for the acts of some some crazy people.

  6. The map of mosques was horrible off in MN, so probably lots of other numbers are wrong. It says there are only 3 masajid in MN there are at least 6 that I go to weekly not counting the 30 musallas (not masjids just small office space, apt rooms etc rented out for praying) I know there are at least 15 big full time masjids here, we got a huge population with an islamic university, Muslim senator, probably the 4th biggest in the states after new york cali and texas.

  7. About education: didn’t CAIR recently do a study on that and said that 63% of Muslims (compared to a ~25% national average) have a college education? I was leaning on that statistic in some halaqahs… but this thing says that it’s the same, if not less, than the national average.

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