20 Replies to “Did Steve Carrel convert to Islam on the Daily Show?”

  1. Brother please monitor the adverts you have on your site, at present I see a “meet women for dating and marriage” advert on the left, and a google advert on the right promoting scientology!

    Otherwise the site is looking good mash-Allah 🙂

  2. There are conditions of the shahada some of which are sincerity and knowledge of what you are saying.
    E.g. a parrot can just repeat the words but that does not mean anything.

  3. the next time someone jokes about “virgins” I’m just gonna punch them
    seriously this is getting old, not to mention annoying

  4. Truly this was a sly way of of a) mocking religion b) portraying Islam & Christianity as anti-Jewish and/or anti-semitic.

    In Islam we have as out foundation in Shari’ah the Five Essentials, Al Daruriyaat al Khamsa. Which as Al Juwayni implied that without the protection and preservation of these laws & values a society could be considered be uncivilized. There are
    Human Life
    Family Lineage and Progeny

    This clip was clearly mocking the number one rule of a civilized society….the protection and preservation of religion. The pretext of the whole skit was about how “religious” people are somehow deficient mentally and possibly insane. Although it was humorous it’s something we ,as muslims, shouldn’t encourage or endorse.

  5. Colbert is probably a secret muslim.

    In his book, after making fun of all other religions he writes this about Islam:

    “Islam is a great and true religion revealed in the Holy Koran which was dictated by the angel Gabriel to the final prophet Mohammed, Blessing and Peace Be Upon Him. ”

    and then in a footnote he write the exact same thing.

    Suspicious, no? lol

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  7. Colbert is probably a secret muslim.

    I think that Colbert has made that disclaimer many times as a kind of tongue-in-cheek joke with the implication that if he besmirched Islam then he would get beheaded or something.

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