Let the haters hate

One thing I learned over the years of blogging and posting on forums is that there are always going to be haters. There is not a single thing anyone can do to please everyone. Why do we even have to please everyone? We have to please Allah and that’s it. By pleasing Allah we’ll be pleasing all those who matter to us the most (parents, spouse, family, friends, etc.). So why bother with the haters?

Where did this post come from? Well just look around us, from the news to the blogs, Islam and Muslims are always being attacked. Whether its non-Muslim vs. Muslim or Muslim vs. Muslim, it’s been there and will be there. Regarding non-Muslims doing the hate, well that’s not anything new and we can’t really do much because Allah says they will always hate us. Just ignore them.

Muslim hate Muslim

Why do Muslims hate on each other so much? I have a theory that we are insecure about our own beliefs. We don’t believe our way is the right way until we can prove it to someone who doesn’t follow what we believe in. The ones being attacked then feels threatened, not by the attacker but by those who will listen to the attacker, so they counter-attack. Then the attacker is counter-attacked (is that even a word?) and feels that he is also threatened for the exact same reason as the other side.

It just keeps going on back and forth from there. Now add a few hundred years and you have the history of Muslim haters. Unity will not stop this, because even unity is hated on.

There is not really any solutions because this is part of the dunya. This is how Allah created us. We just have to control and contain it to our best ability. Ignore it and just keep on walking. If you have firm belief in what you believe in then you don’t need to worry what others say because you are on the right path.

Lastly, on The Day it’ll be “everyman for themselves” so it wouldn’t matter how much hating or “defending” or “refuting” or “responding” you did. It’ll be how much loving or “praying” or “fasting” you did.

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  1. As Allah says, some people would never change. Even if the saw the angels coming down from the sky, they’ll say; “Our eyes have been tricked!”

  2. This is why I forgo the whole Muslim forums, they amount of fitna that goes on there is appalling. As for blogging, I’ve learn not to reply to any comments where people start to name-call or become argumentative … there is no point in wasting your time.

    Also, I believe that hate is burden that no one needs to carry around. Instead of hating try guiding each other to what is true, but if there is still disagreement then let each go their own way. You will not be held accountable for what others did. So worry about your own soul.

  3. @al-Suyuufi – I mean the fardh of prayer and fasting. Ahmed ibn Hanbal wasn’t a hater. I’m talking about haters, not a scholar.

    Big difference.

  4. There are no developed instituions/ well organzied groups in the world that does not have its share of scandals. We are not perfect and the instituions we will create wont be perfect eithet. Our leaders are human just like us. They falter in their acts and thoughts. They do not share in the quality of ISMA with the Propeht (as). They should be held accountable to the public and given chance for repentence and redemption just like we would expect any other to give us such chance. We should also be ready to accept that such institutional/individual reformation might not be forthcoming immediately.

    So is this going to be the era of tariqa burnouts ? 😉

  5. Let the stank stank, or something. Who cares. The blogosphere is 99.999999% baatil and we all obviously need to find better uses for our limited time here.

  6. Salam hater, wasalaam hater!

    Like jadakiss said ” the haters will always hate, but the love overpowers them”

    May Allah swt guides the haters, ameen.

  7. Dude you are sooo right. I was just about to post about this too. People on forums and in leagues and just in general just tend to hate on each other and are quick to point on that stuff is haraam and stuff..

  8. Hating in the Ummah started from the death of Utham (ra) and will continute until the end of time. The very people who are quoting Shuyukh XYZ from XYZ century – if they were around during that Shaykhs time they probably would have hated him. There are shuyukh in this day and age who are being hated upon but give it a century or two and people will be quoting and saying amazing things about them just as we say amazing things about Shaykh XYZ from XYZ century. Thing is you will never really realise the value of an organisation, institution, shaykh until they cease to exist. As we’re quoting notable Shaykhs from the rap world here, Lil Zane – ‘Its the ways of the world’, unfortunately. ;-p

    Just to give you an example, people always talk about how amazing Malcolm X was, had they been around at the time they probably would have said this guy ain’t folloing no Madhab (i.e. one of four schools), he ain’t no scholar in Islam so don’t take fatwas off him and don’t follow him. Maybe Allah does us a favour by lifting his friends from the earth so through his mercy we don’t backbite and incur his wrath.

    Allah knows best.

  9. to be honest, munted people just exist on this dunya. So, munted ppl will act munted, but bare in mind that ppl chnage. So take it easy, they have their rights to use up their brain to think or do or say what ever it is they want, and our right is to just act what we suppose to do. And thats that.

    Seriously, if we think too much of what others think of us, we ll be crazy, they ll drive us crazy. Let them not get under your skin. Take easy…let it go.

    Allahu Alam

    Ironically, I just had this same freaking conversation with another sahabah yesternight. To sums it up, we shouldnt care what other says as long we know what we do is not haraam or consider to be bad in Islam.

    Allahu Alam.

  10. Akhi, i dont agree with everything you say! But i respect you and see you are making an effort for the sake of Allah swt!

    Barakalfiq akhi.

    you know story about the man and the boy and the camel?

  11. Hey its about time you realize your blog is a Hater magnet.

    Maybe it’s time you shut it down or better yet stop catering to such people and change your approach.

    Everyone wants to claim ownership of Islam, meanwhile they are just a bunch of useless nobodies.

  12. @OK – Did you not read the post? LOL it says “Let the haters hate”. hahahaha. Before you commented this thread was pretty positive alhamdulillah. Looks like the hatin on the haters has got you hatin.

  13. Hey MR,

    I was thinking, can your next topic be “Virgins, are they overrated?” …

    You see, I think too many people feel that being a “V” is all they need to be to be the best partner. The women I meet, they have no type of personalty, but they think they’re God’s gift to men. And the guys, they’re all fugly but they think all women want them because of their “V” status.

    What’s up with that?


  14. “I mean you shouldn’t marry someone who has committed Zina (I think you can’t actually, unless you’ve committed Zina yourself..),”

    Not even if these sinners repent sincerely? Disbelief is a greater sin than zina, yet I don’t remember reading anywhere that a former disbeliever shouldn’t be married by a Muslim…

  15. The real Muslim hater is the one who, in the name of Islam, convinces Muslim kids and Muslim teenagers to become suicide bombers in order to blow up Muslim civilians in the Muslim markets.

  16. “Mustafa – here is my evidence.

    “Let no man guilty of Zina marry except a woman who is similarly guilty, or an Unbeliever. Nor let any but such a man or an Unbeliever marry such a woman: to the Believers such a thing is forbidden.”

    (Surah Noor 24:03)”

    So you’re implying that a man guilty of zina, quite possibly a Muslim, can marry a disbeliever??? Maybe you didn’t notice that I was asking about a person who committed zina and repented from it, not a person who persists in committing it…

  17. Just to be sure, my issue is with al-Suyuufi’s interpretation of the above verse, not, Allah forbid, the verse itself.

  18. I looked up the issue in Imam Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir; he, may Allah s.w.t. have mercy upon him, states that marriage with someone who committed zina is permissible if he/she repents from that. He quotes Ibn Abbas, r.a., and Imam Ahmed, may Allah s.w.t. have mercy on him, to that effect. I have mukhtasar of Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir in print, and this is where I got the information; interestingly, the version of this tefsir available on the internet omits these two reports. And Allah s.w.t. knows best.

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