13-year-old Muslim sister headed to college!

MashaAllah! May Allah continue to bless her.

“I’m not a Genius. I just study and learn more.”

She’s humble too. She can get her PhD when people her age graduate from high school!

17 Replies to “13-year-old Muslim sister headed to college!”

  1. Gee at this rate, she’ll be making money and ready to get married at like 19. Thats what you call smart parenting!

    Get your girls educated when their young so they can get married as soon as possible and get lots of proposals.


  2. MashaAllah – this truly makes you think.

    I will be going off to college this yr too…but so will my cousin in Florida .. he is also 13 years old.

    In fact all three brothers seem to have skipped 4 grades

  3. mashAllah good for her, she sure has great parents!

    As I see it this just reinforces that there is something lacking in the curriculum. The fact that she is able to flourish in her study outside of an institution, should encourage more parents to take their children education into their own hands.

  4. good work! congrats. i’m gonna home school my kids too. looks like she’s a hafiza as well – i’m sure that helped her with school big time.

  5. Tabarakhallah fi… May Allah bless her with continued success in this world and the highest levels of Jannah in the hereafter!

  6. Assalamualaikum,

    Alhamdullilah many girls in MD have done this. After 8th grade they join community college, then transfer to University and skip hs all together alhamdullilah. Done with college by 18 or 19 🙂 Alhamdulilah I did this, got married at 19 and had a baby before I turned 21 Alhamdullilah.

  7. Dang… I missed it by two years 😛 Lol… Congratulations to this sister, and may she continue to make us proud! Ameen.

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