Salam al-Amir al-Amrika

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  • He used the word occupation when talking about Palestinians. I’ve never heard this from a President of America. Has anyone? (other than Jimmy Carter)
  • He’s good. Reall good smooth talker.
  • This is crazy, but Obama actually increased my iman, LOL.
  • I’m so happy many ‘ulema were present there.
  • What are they yelling in the audience?

Conclusion Commentary:

It was okay. Nice smooth talk. Some positive points is that he recognizes the occupation of Palestine. He recognizes that the Qur’an as a book with peaceful messages by quoting it and using it in his lecture. He recongizes all the great Islamic contributions by great Muslim thinkers and inventors (who would be considered deviant by extremist Muslims with khawarij-like aqida).

He pissed me off when he started to praise Israel, but then he made me feel guilty because I stereotype Israelis and Jews in general a lot. May Allah forgive me. Shout out to all the peaceful and loving Jews out there that read this blog! I was also surprised he admitted that the spread of Democracy in the Muslim world was shady and it needs to change. Also surprised he actually mentioned Hamas in a somewhat non-negative light. Instead of calling them terrorists, he said they need to drop the violence and help the Palestinian people.

His Muslim blood was coming out with all those quotes from the Qur’an. One thing though, Obama needs some tajwid lessons.

We’ll see what God has planned for the entire world in the next 2-3 years. I pray for one that Muslim thugs die out and their gang mentality dies too.

Anyways, ultimately, the kuffar will never please the Muslims. Right now Muslims are killing each other, Muslim leaders are chasing the dunya and the Muslim scholars are discussing whether or not something is shirk, who’s deviant and their group is the saved sect. Welcome to dunya!

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  1. Errr … Yet another person who types before they think and understand.

    Don’t put words in my mouth and say that all I care about is Muslims enjoying life in the USA.

    I was saying there are Muslims living in the USA, willing to show hatred to the country that hosts them, and the President that leads them, when they will not leave the USA and go to their home country, due to the many benefits the USA has, over their home country. If people really hate the policies of the USA, and the decisions and actions of the Government, then why don’t they leave? If they don’t want to leave, then they should accept the policies of the country they are residing in. No one is forcing them to stay and live in the USA. They are free to move abroad.

    You’re free to accuse me of siding with the killer, showing no compassion and loyalty to the Muslims. You have every right to voice your opinion, but unfortunately they are far from the facts.

    Indeed, May Allah SWT guide us.

  2. ..but there are thousands of people who do not agree with the policies of the government, should they all pack up and leave? grow up and be realistic.

  3. Yes they should do Aboo. Problem is, they won’t, because in reality, their home country doesn’t offer the same things as the USA does…

    Al-Suyuufi – I’m referring to the Muslims who have settled in the USA, or sons of immigrants, and are not originally American, and willing to show hatred to the country that hosts them. They can always go home if they are not happy, instead of sitting there blasting the American Government, the foreign policies, and the Presidents decision.

    I’m sure for you, living in America, is far better than living in whichever country you’re originally from.

  4. Al Suyuuti – What makes you assume I love Barack Obama?

    To answer your question, yes I did actually argue the same points I’m doing now.

    Disagreements are natural, and there is no reason why we must waste time arguing. I agree to disagree with you.

    If you want to continue, that’s your choice. I already made my view clear, and will rest my case.
    As I’m tired of engaging in debates, where we argue for the sake of arguing. It’s a waste of time, and I have far better things to do than sit here submitting comments after comments.

    I already know what your position is, and you know mine. I accept we both disagree with each other. Fair enough.

  5. I would have to say that the whole “leave usa if you don’t agree with the government” thing is quite ridiculous. They have the right to oppose the government for its double standards, just like any other citizen. I agree on the fact that the government is SAYING one thing, and DOING the other.

    You can’t just replace the mistrust people (regardless of background and religion) have with the American government, with a few eloquent words, when the US government has been known to be entrenched in secrecy, and for saying one thing and scheming and doing something else. (Just a tiny example of the many secrets we just found out about a few days ago: Israel cites secret deal with Bush on settlement expansion and “natural growth”

    The only way to gain trust is through correct ACTION.

    We know we cannot depend on Obama to clean up our acts. But we shouldn’t be hailing him for saying a few words that really don’t mean anything significant right now.

  6. I feel like Obama definitely has a better approach than Bush obviously. I’m not expecting any change or miracle from Obama, but let’s take positivity as positivity. Hopefully Obama’s “words” will make a difference here in America in terms of getting people to realize that democracy spread by blood is not the answer. and just as much as americans don’t want a lifestyle under Shariah law (which they barely even understand) the Muslims don’t want a lifestyle imposed on them either. No matter how much the majority of Americans hated Bush he successfully made most Americans brainwashed into thinking that Iran is evil, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are responsible for everything that’s wrong in the world and that these wars are supposed to eliminate terrorism when in fact it’s just creating more outrage at the audacity of the violent situations inflicted upon the region. Millions of people not only died, but are orpaned/homeless/jobless/permanently injured/mentally disturbed etc. ughh i can’t get over how much bush is scum!

    i was kinda annoyed by how Obama kept mentioning the holocaust, first of all no one ever denied it ahmadenijad just said that he questions some of the facts about it and that it should be investigated. but he focused on that too much in his speech. the holocaust happened years ago while the gaza war happened in december and there was no mention about that. Trying to talk about Israel and Palestinians suffering on the same level is like night and day. obama’s not really asking israel to compromise anything more like “uhh can u uhh stop ur settlements.” and of course the mention of violence had to be thrown on the palestinians as well. typical. the palestinian suffering will forever be muffled in this time and it’s our own faults. sad.

    on a positivie note i think we all need to stop fighting amongst ourselves. we will always disagree about things but we can’t let that stop us from being united. the ottoman decline was a distinct case of divide and conquer. the muslims were wielding more power than the world liked. our generation needs to wise up. if you read the history of palestine and israel you’ll see that amongst israel there were many radical differences but that didn’t stop the groups from uniting to defeat the much larger muslim armies. during the arab-israeli war there is a map that shows that syria, jordan, lebanon, and egypt attacked from all sides into palestine to defeat israel and they still lost! why? because the armies weren’t united they were all acting independently.

    lol i can go on and on but i hope some people read this and realize we need to be better to one another. salaam.

  7. Selamulakum. Why dosen’t anyone get the point of Obama’s speech? Hes not telling us Muslims to follow him as a leader, hes simpily trying to make peace with Muslims. In Islam if someone approaches you to make a peace treaty you are to accept the peace and then think it over.

  8. Lol. Yeah, at least we agree on something. And yes, it has no benefits to continue arguing when we already fully know and understand each others position, and disagree.

    Most leaders of “Muslim” nations are just as bad as Barack Obama, or worse. I’m sure you have spoken out against them and their evil. But what I’m trying to say if we are going to oppose Barack Obama, then we have to equally oppose all the other leaders as well, and talk about their negatives.

    So instead of doing all that, how about we agree no current President/Prime Minster/Leader is benefiting the Muslims? Because I haven’t came across one who is totally helping Islam and the Muslims.

    This is not in support of Barack Obama, and I’m not defending him. Basically I believe most of these heads of nations are evil.

    I also want to add that although Barack Obama being in the position of President, is quite powerful, but he doesn’t exactly have full control, and can not exert what he personally wants done. As he admitted;

    “The presidency is extraordinarily powerful, but we are just part of a much boarder tapestry of American life.”

    They are not very influential. So they can’t do everything as they like. As Obama says, he finds a president “can’t press a button and have bankers do what he wants.”

    So overall, I don’t think he can just decide and act upon his decision to withdraw the 30,000+ troops, leave Iraq, leave the lands of the Muslims, and so and so.

    As you know, he is part of a larger organization that makes the real decisions. I see him as a puppet, or spokesman for this organization.

  9. Al-Suyuufi – “Well the reason you hear me refuting Obama now is because I’m reacting to all the pro-Obama stuff on here. If he started praising the Saudi King this much, you’d hear me talking about him more than Obama. But I oppose all of those “Muslim” leaders just as much.”

    Me – I understand you are responding to those individuals who submitted pro-Obama comments.

    And as I said in my previous message, I’m sure you have spoken out against them (“Muslim” leaders) and their evil as well.

    Al-Suyuufi – “Then why should he act like he’s going to bring peace? If what you say is true, then his words truly mean nothing, because he says he wants one thing and makes it look like we will get closer to that thing, when he knows he can never have it.”

    Me – Well of course to me at least, his words mean nothing at all. As I earlier pointed out, American Presidents are not very influential. So they can’t do everything as they like. In other words, their ‘promises’ and ‘positive comments about Islam/Muslim’ are mere words.

    Al-Suyuufi – Yeah, I’m aware. And this is why we need to calm down about our “love” for Obama, and stop praising him with titles like “Amir ul Amrika” (which I’m guessing is meant to parallel “amir ul mumineen”). If you KNOW that he’s simply a puppet for someone that intends to maintain the war on Muslims (doesn’t matter how evil those Muslims are, they’re Muslims), then why act as if this puppet can bring change?

    Me – I agree that Muslims who are Pro-Obama need to come to their senses and realize that although the President has changed from Bush to Obama, those who work behind he scenes and who make the decisions, remain in power. So until the Zionist organizations that controls American Politics, and other Global administrations, changes it’s Anti-Islam/Anti-Muslim stance, it’s impossible that any American President will manage to change America’s foreign policies.

    In order for us to have any positive expectations towards an American President, there must be changes within American Politics first.

    Al-Suyuufi – Also, my apologies for assuming you like Obama or love him.

    Me – It’s ok. Apology accepted. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any feelings towards any Politician. So I don’t support Obama at all.

    I’ve lost my confidence in Politics. Until someone can prove to me there is any leader of a nation, that is benefiting Islam, and only Islam.

    Most are selfish, evil, and puppets. They will carry out anything their master tells them, in order to fill their greedy pockets with money.

    Those who go out and vote for a Politician, and show support, are just being fooled and mislead by promises that simply won’t be taking place. People need to realize that honest Politicians like Ron Paul for example, will never be voted in, as Politics is being controlled by lairs, hypocrites, and those with evil agenda’s.

  10. Well I always strive to put to one side disagreements (when it’s clear the arguments of both sides aren’t parallel at any stage, and conflict with one another), and come to an agreement on something, with those whom I debate with. Alhamdulilah to see we can agree on something.

    Al-Suyuufi – To highlight one thing you said, we need to realize that you can’t change system by working WITHIN that same system’s paradigm. It makes no sense.

    Me – I’m not sure what point of mine you’re highlighting. I suppose you’re referring to this comment I made;

    “In order for us to have any positive expectations towards an American President, THERE MUST BE CHANGES WITHIN AMERICAN POLITICS FIRST.”

    To make myself clearer, what I meant by that, was there should be changes within the heart of American Politics, right to the inner part that forms the American Government.

    In other words, those working in the inside, must be changed/replaced, before we can expect any American President to make peace with the Muslims. If the inside (those controlling American Politics) isn’t changed, than the outside (President) will always be the same. i.e America will always be at war with Islam.

    I hope that makes sense.


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