Salam al-Amir al-Amrika

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  • He used the word occupation when talking about Palestinians. I’ve never heard this from a President of America. Has anyone? (other than Jimmy Carter)
  • He’s good. Reall good smooth talker.
  • This is crazy, but Obama actually increased my iman, LOL.
  • I’m so happy many ‘ulema were present there.
  • What are they yelling in the audience?

Conclusion Commentary:

It was okay. Nice smooth talk. Some positive points is that he recognizes the occupation of Palestine. He recognizes that the Qur’an as a book with peaceful messages by quoting it and using it in his lecture. He recongizes all the great Islamic contributions by great Muslim thinkers and inventors (who would be considered deviant by extremist Muslims with khawarij-like aqida).

He pissed me off when he started to praise Israel, but then he made me feel guilty because I stereotype Israelis and Jews in general a lot. May Allah forgive me. Shout out to all the peaceful and loving Jews out there that read this blog! I was also surprised he admitted that the spread of Democracy in the Muslim world was shady and it needs to change. Also surprised he actually mentioned Hamas in a somewhat non-negative light. Instead of calling them terrorists, he said they need to drop the violence and help the Palestinian people.

His Muslim blood was coming out with all those quotes from the Qur’an. One thing though, Obama needs some tajwid lessons.

We’ll see what God has planned for the entire world in the next 2-3 years. I pray for one that Muslim thugs die out and their gang mentality dies too.

Anyways, ultimately, the kuffar will never please the Muslims. Right now Muslims are killing each other, Muslim leaders are chasing the dunya and the Muslim scholars are discussing whether or not something is shirk, who’s deviant and their group is the saved sect. Welcome to dunya!

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  1. @al-Suyuufi – Who cares about Obama’s actions. What about our actions? Our ummah’s actions? Our Muslim leader’s actions. We suck as an ummah right now.

  2. “Anyways, ultimately, the kuffar will never please the Muslims. Right now Muslims are killing each other, Muslim leaders are chasing the dunya and the Muslim scholars are discussing whether or not something is shirk, who’s deviant and their group is the saved sect. Welcome to dunya!”


  3. @al-Suyuufi – I don’t expect much in terms of foreign, but man I hope he does some good things domestically.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with al-Suyuufi and your last paragraph. I certaintly have no hope in Obama and his claims.

    Change will only come when we change what is within ourselves. The only reason we have so many incompetent Muslim “leaders” is because they are only a reflection of our own weaknesses. How can competent
    Muslim leaders come about when we (as an ummah) are so divided and weak?

  5. He actually kinda increased my iman too. I don’t think its crazy. It doesn’t mean I’m going to succumb to every thing he says. I think Muslims need non-muslim advocates. I know going into work tomorrow people will have a better understanding of what my religion has done for the world and for America. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Amu Barack 🙂

  6. I see a new trend going on, the white house is trying to make Muslims in the west and abroad very comfortable. Obama, and his administration has already sucessfully brainwashed the American people into thinking he’s their saviour, and he will fix the world. Phase two, is his efforts to convert the Muslim people to this same ideology that America is synonymous to evil, whilst any Muslim who weilds a weapon is an evil terrorist.

    What surprised me the most, is how happy the people got when he would mention a verse, or speak of Islam in a good way. One thing Islaam teaches is to have dignity over the kuffar, so when a kaafir, especially one who is known to be wrong, and against Muslims (as the case is with keeping forces in Iraq, and sending more into Afghanistan) we shouldn’t act like their slaves and rise up and clap when they acknowledge our faith. After killing millions of Muslims, is a speech acknowledging the verses in the Qu’ran supposed to make us feel better? It’s not even like he has plans to stop! In fact this whole butter-Muslims-up speech was basically an effort to justify wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that Muslims turn a blind eye/

    You shouldn’t believe what modern politicians say, in front of the USA he rejects Islaam, in front of Muslims he embraces his ties to Islaam, he’s very two faced and I don’t believe a word he says.

    He also voted to keep the “Patriot Act” which is a bill that allows the USA to spy on anyone they want to, if they suspect that they are terrorist related, which basically means any Arab, or Indo-Pak Muslims living in the USA.

    So what’s he doing?

    ♦ Keeping troops in Iraq for 3 more years
    ♦ Adding 30,000 troops, and more into Afghanistan
    ♦ Still hasn’t closed Guantanamo, and when he does, he’s just going to relocate prisoners
    ♦ Said he’d get rid of the Patriot Act, but then voted for it (pure lie)

    Even in his speech, after he was done buttering up the idiot Muslims who applauded to everything he said, he started talking about, the so-called tragedies of what happened to the USA, and what happened to Jews, he not once specified even one atrocity that happened to Muslims at the hands of USA or Israel, he completely ignored that, but went on to condemn the Muslims who fight USA and Israel? That’s ridiculous, MILLIONS of Iraqis have died, Thousands of Afghans and Palestinians have died, and Muslims all across the world are being slaughtered, yet all he did was complain about what Muslims did to the Jews and Christians, and frankly I don’t give a damn what happens to the Jews and Christians so long as my brothers and sisters are being killed because Muslims come FIRST always.

  7. @al-Suyufi and @JayMeal – Do you honestly think Obama will help the Muslims? Instead of attacking him, why not attack our leaders? Our governments? Our sleeping ummah?

    @al-Suyuufi – The Prophet (saas) did seek help from the non-Believers. Here is the daleel.

    @JayMeal – Read this.

  8. ^The guy above seriously needs to chill. People like him will never let the world change and make the world a peace with all religions. Im all with Obama, hes the future for keeping peace for Islam and the country I live in. Inshallah he will make peace with other Islamic Countries.

  9. @MR: This argument is incredibly weak; let me ask you, who do you think put “our leaders” in charge? What do you think that the Ottomans just gave up? You think that the ummah let itself fall apart? NO! The Ummah was stuck together up until WWII, remember the Balfour Declaration of the British in 1917? It was a policy that they supported a jewish state, 30 years BEFORE Israel was even put in power. Point being the Ottoman Empire was dismantled, and the land split up and ruled via foreign dictatorship, so no kidding the rulers are evil, they were put there by who?! the UK! Last I checked there were many attacks on them too, what happened to Anwar Sadat? There’s Jihad in all these countries AS WELL as on the invaders, you’re defending OBAMA after he just send 30k troops in Afghanistan?

    Hudaybiyyah is also a very poor argument, unless America is holding MAKKAH, and I can’t do umrah it’s very much unrelated, and another excuse on why “American Muslims” should kiss the shoes of the kuffar, let me ask you, me personally have two uncles who had be martyred in the wars against Israel (believe it or not they were in the Jordanian military) and most Arab families have similar stories, of losing loved ones fighting the Jihaad, now you’re going to tell me, make a treaty? When we are ONE BILLION STRONG? This is an insult to the muslim sisters RAPED and muslim brothers TORTURED.

    And saying the prophet sought protection as he was fleeing Makkah? This is a ridiculous claim! This was at the beginning of the Hijrah do you think Islam was even cloes to complete? At this time a woman could suckle any non-Mehrem man and he would be mehrem, do we still do this? NO!

  10. Heh, Knowing the truth means I need to chill? Open your eyes for once, Obama, is Kaafir, Obama sent troops in Afghanistan, Obama voted for the patriot act.. Obama is just a new face on the same old picture. Smell the coffee pal, it’s insulting to see a kaafir who rejects Islam to then tell Muslims how to behave and quoting Qu’ran out of context with no knowledge of what these verses mean. If that impresses you, you are very weak in faith.

    What a world we live in.. impressed by the kuffar!

  11. @Jainie

    That’s about the saddest comment I ever saw, Allah gives you over six thousand ayat, and an evil kaafir makes your imaan increase, no By Allah! Listening to him makes your imaan decrease with his lies and protection of the zionists. If you want to be an American Muslim go ahead, but if you want to be a REAL Muslim, listen to the Hadith and Quran..

    And MR.. I’m surprised.. “Salam” .. to the ‘Amir’ of America? Is that a joke? What happened to the words of Muhammad (saw) “لا تبدؤوا اليهود والنصارى بالسلام فإذا لقيتم أحدهم في طريق فاضطروه إلى أضيقه ” meaning, don’t initiate the greetings with christians or jews, and if you see them push them to the narrowest end of the road.

    Yet you give a kaafir peace? When Allah gives them Hell you give them peace? What happened to what Allah said? “ان الذين كفروا من اهل الكتاب والمشركين في نار جهنم خالدين فيها اولئك هم شر البرية” meaning, verily, the disbelievers from the people of the book and mushrikeen will be in hell forever! they are the worst of creatures!!


  12. My emaan is raised as well!! He speaks so good, I would not mind his army raping more of my fellow muslim sisters, killing my brothers and making children orphans! To heck with them, Obama quotes Quran, he can do whatever he wants

  13. @Suyuufi – upon looking at Surah Taubah, we see, especially in the tafsir, with the ayah: “واذان من الله ورسوله الى الناس يوم الحج الاكبر ان الله برئ من المشركين ورسوله فان تبتم فهو خير لكم وان توليتم فاعلموا انكم غير معجزي الله وبشر الذين كفروا بعذاب اليم” this is specifically referring to the umrah and the treaties with the pagens of the time. The translation is: “And an announcement from Allah and His Apostle to the people on the day of the greater pilgrimage that Allah and His Apostle are free from liability to the idolaters; therefore if you repent, it will be better for you, and if you turn back, then know that you will not weaken Allah; and announce painful punishment to those who disbelieve.”

    There’s a verse after this, saying obey the treaties till the end of their terms (for treaties that are going good) but this DISSOLVED THE NEED FOR TREATIES ANYMORE.

    After these ayat, the pagens were not allowed to do tawaf of the kabah naked as they did, and the treaty was cut short when it was supposed to be 10 years.

    And a good point: WE HAVE NO LEADERS (CALIPHATE) TO ACCEPT A TREATY.. treaties are LEGALLY BINDING IN ISLAMIC SHAREEAH you cant just say hey we have a treaty without A SIGNED PIECE OF PAPER! Otherwise it’s INVALID. Read the hadith on it, this is how it’s done, two sides come to an agreement, both LEADERS, we have no amir. Sorry that idea is out the window.

  14. Seriously, al-Suyuufi and Jaymeal, you guys need to understand! The crux of MR’s post is about how we, as ‘Muslims’, have failed to do things on our part as well. Why is that some Arabs and Iranians continue to hate each other? Why is that Arabs and Indonesians look down upon each other? There are many more examples of this analogy. We are the ones who are need in of change (politically and economically). There is a reason why the ‘West’ has a “moral” high ground (in terms of human rights and such, i don’t mean normal morality, like drinking+adultery, etc.), its because in the West one can follow any religion and practice it far more ‘greatly’ than in the ‘Muslim’ world. Now, don’t get me wrong… there is still a lot of discrimination, which is being fought everyday. Here in America, we need to improve ourselves, unite together to do great things, regardless of Sunni-Shia-Salafi-Deobandi-Bareveli etc. differences!!!

  15. PakistaniMD, need I remind you that a LARGE majority of the people in the time of Muhammad (saw) where called al-Munafiqeen? People ran from Uhud, and it was a low point from Islam, did Muhammad (saw) say lets fix these hypocrites? NO, Abdullah ibn sulool died a hypocrite, and his followers died hypocrites but they WENT ON fighting.

    We have MANY people fighting, and we’re still saying we need to do more? No this Jihad is fardh ayn, fardh on all us men, we have to stop whining like hamas does and fatah about how no one helps them, when they wont help themselves (not going to make this into a hamas/fatah debate its an example)

    Point being WE WILL NEVER FULLY COOPERATE WITHOUT QITAAL FIRST. I promise you this! We’re split we wont unite if we don’t even have a khilafa, and it’s a joke to think “Dawah” will make a strong unified khilafa.

  16. As-salaamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    I just wanted to say that I understand the one view of distrust and hatred towards the kuffar (meaning non muslim) and their leaders and I also understand the acceptance of Obama’s speech and praying for hope and change. However, to speak to one another without any respect, is unacceptable. The fact that some support and admired Obama’s words shouldn’t stop others from expressing their thoughts and feelings – but do it respectfully. Quoting hadith and quran makes none of us hear more knowledable than the other…its the one who actually understands and implements them. I’d rather follow the one who memorizes 10 ayat – understands it, implements it and lives by them, as oppsed to one who has memorized all of the Quran and acts on none of it.

    I apologize if i come off as harsh…i just get frustrated when i see aggression without substance…talking without action…and i am not speaking about Obama.

    Try quoting hadith and ayat that contain respect to another, even when differing amongst ourselves.

    The fact that we as an ummah cannot even speak properly to one another and have a serious respectful dialogue is just sad and absurd. Especially on something such as an American President giving a speech…and you expect us to resolve bigger issues?

    Point of my comment, whatever you think of Obama’s message or the imperialistic empire America has become, respect the other’s opinion, conversate like human beings…not with sarcasims and pride. When some people voice their views, you can see so much anger and hostility in the tone of their writings, just ready for a fight.

    Take care, all of you

    akhoo fil islam

    All that is correct in this work and of benefit to the readers is from Allaah, and all that is incorrect is from myself and shaytaan. ::: Ibn Mas’ood [May Allaah be pleased with him] would make this statement after responding to a question. See Musnad Ahmad 6/137

  17. I agree excellent speech. Some of the things he mentioned we could have never imagined under George Bush. Especially poignant was his admittance that democracy doesn’t work everywhere and it’s not the ideal solution for all governmental systems in other countries.

    My favorite part however was when he mentioned Musa, Isa and Muhammad (SAWS) praying together on the Isra’ and how it is a model for an ideal world of how all three Abrahamic faiths to get along.

    O and regarding his tajweed, I think he used the Indonesian dialect for Arabic terms.

  18. I hope the Awlakis don’t take this the wrong way. But I think we need to analyze why more Muslims have faith in Obama, and more people have faith in Obama, then Muslims have faith in their own scholars, and their own Shaykhs.

    The simple reason is Obama’s rhetoric offers solutions. That statement is so profound, I am going to say it again. The simple reason why more people, including Muslims, have more political faith in Obama than their own Shaykhs, and their own scholars is because Obama’s rhetoric offers SOLUTIONS.

    Imam Awlaki and other Shaykhs like him can say whatever they want against America, and can say whatever they want about Hijrah, and whatever they want about Jihad, but what solutions do they offer for me and you? The Awlakis will talk of not taking alliances with the kuffar, and how we should be at jihad, and how we shouldn’t vote in democracies, and how we should be establishing the Khalifah, but again, what are they actually DOING? Is it all just a hypothetical fairytale talk, or is it a tangible solution that people can actually DO something about?

    People will have an increasing in faith in Obama, and other non-Muslim leaders, because they actually offer them something. The leaders of the West don’t just determine and state what they believe is right and wrong, they ACT on it. And Muslims are just all talk.

    We are waiting like dogs for the leaders of America to do something for us, we are excited when we hear the speech of Obama, whether we approve his speech, or attempt to attack it. We insist on focusing our energy on what the West is doing wrong, and what the west is doing right.

    I have a much better question. What are YOU doing for the ummah that is more than just talk. What are YOU doing for the ummah other than criticizing other Muslims and non-Muslims, what are YOU doing to build up something for the Ummah, and to the Shaykhs and Imams, I ask what are YOU offering to us other than rhetoric?

    The Awlakees will burn Israelis flags, talk about Khalifah, but so what?
    What have they accomplished? What will they ever accomplished, other than wasted energy.

    Why is it that an Israel bombing of Palestine excites us more, than the brother at the MSA who asks us to volunteer and raise money to build a school in Palestine.

    I’m starting to ramble, but my point is simple, its very easy to quote hadith, quran, and scholars, and criticize everyone around you, but what REAL SOLUTIONS HAVE YOU OFFERED?

    To those who want to establish Khalifah, ok, I’m with you, now what? What should I go and do now to establish it. Tell me what to do. I’m at your service. And don’t tell me to join Hizb-ut-Tahrir, direct me to REAL action.

    So come on, be man enough to offer a solution.

  19. That’s a very intelligent and well thought of, comment above. I was thinking of saying quite the same things. Barak Allahu Feek.

    I also find it quite ironic why many Muslims in America, are happily criticizing their own President (if they are not happy with the leader, why don’t they make “hijrah” to an “Islamic” country), while there is not a single decent Muslim President out there. They are worse than Obama in fact, and any leaders in the West.

    Once again, I appreciate your input, ‘Wheres the Solutions’. Refutes those who constantly attack Western Politicians. 😉

  20. I want to add that we should judge Barack Obama at the end of his Presidential term. He has only been in Office for 6 months. I remember the moment Barak Obama took office, and even during his Presidential campaigns, some Muslims were already out in force criticizing him, without him having executed any actions yet. I think we should wait, and see how he performs over the upcoming years, and judge him based on his actions over those years. It’s unknown whether his choices in the future will lead to any benefit to the Muslim world or not. So we should wait and see. Then judge.

    I understand a lot of the criticism towards him is due to the fact he is an ‘apostate’, or because he avoided mentioning his relationship with Islam and whether he grew up a Muslim or not.

  21. MR said: “I don’t expect much in terms of foreign, but man I hope he does some good things domestically.”

    This it one of the main problems with american muslims, they only think of themselves and hope their situation gets better regardless of other muslims. You talk about how much the ummah is in a state, well you are right but the problem is people like you are one of the causes of the state of the ummah. no brotherhood, no love, no walaa just me, myself and i.

  22. @aboo – I’ve posted in the past of why Muslims should not depend on the American government to help them. We have to first rely on Allah and secondly help our communities. There is a major lack of literacy in our Muslim countries. People don’t want to learn and get educated and build their society. Racism is a huge problem in a our ummah as well. We can’t even get along and yet we want to do Jihad. There are also people claiming to be Mujahideen yet they blow themselves up, kill other Muslims and then buy weapons from the kuffar to kill more Muslims. Don’t you realize that we are a pretty messed up ummah right now. Who the heck wants to get help from others when we can’t help ourselves.

    The solutions Obama said he will try to do is to leave Iraq in 2-3 years. Somehow stop the continuation of Israeli settlements in Palestine. He is also the first president (other than Jimmy Carter) to accept that their is an occupation of Palestine by Israel, so this is something new. He also realizes that the spread of Democracy in the Muslim world isn’t really working and plans to change how America approaches this.

    This is just what he saying, but he is only looking for the best interest of America (which includes a few million Muslims). The Muslims need to step up and first get rid of these Muslim thugs claiming Jihad and take over their countries from oppressive regimes. Look at Iraq. There are Muslims in the Iraqi government trying to rebuild their homeland but we have thugs going around blowing up marketplaces and attacking them because “they have allied themselves with the kuffar”. What kind of crap is that! All they want is to build their broken homes and cities and they want to continue to destroy it. If you look at the number of Muslims killed by Muslims versus the number of non-Muslims killed by Muslims you will see a sharp difference. There is something wrong. We are doing something wrong.

    This is one solution I think we should take, but then again I’m nothing big and have no authority or power to do anything other than post it on the internet.

  23. @ Passer By: To be an ‘extremist’ to some of the people who comment on this blog, must mean I’m doing the right thing. To crack jokes while out sisters are being raped, you have some nerve to make a joke about qitaal fi sabilillah. It’s people like you why atrocities happen to this ummah.


    The point has been proven via Ayah, and Hadith, with no shadow of a doubt, that from greeting Obama, to agreeing with him, is wrong. I can sit here all day and say why obama’s worse than bush, atleast under bush people didn’t trust him, our pathetic excuse for Muslim brothers and sisters, are all over thus guy like he’s a rockstar even tho he SAYS he plans on wars with Muslims.

    @MR Especially: Do you feel special it acknowledges Palestinian struggles? BIG DEAL once he DOES SOMETHING don’t talk about it as if he cares.

    Know how to make the average westernized Muslim happy? “The Palestinians are mistreated” ! and all of a sudden the Muslims cheer he’s on our side! He’s great let’s support him! ..erm ok, but the same Muslims that fight and attack Israel left and right are what? The terrorists. This is all a big joke to think America will in any way shape or form give a crap about Muslims.

    Just give Obama a few years, and I would bet anything the truth will come out, and people might open their eyes when atrocities to muslims still happen. He’s just buttering you all up so he can continue crimes against us. I can’t believe anyone’s falling for it.

  24. @JayMeal – I’ll be happy to pay your ticket out of America for good. We don’t need people like you who sit on a computer and type hatred. You provide no solutions only attack those who are trying to do something.

  25. Obama is the best!!! Al-Suyuufi and the rest can say whatever the heck they want.

  26. JayMeal the Sahara Desert is there for you…why not make Hijra there and take Suyuufi with you…that way you’ll be away from all the Kufr…and you can sit in your tent all day long without fear of contamination

  27. What happened to “do not take the Christians and the Jews as Awliyaa” (awliyaa = close friends, protectors, etc. I’m guessing advocates is included in the meaning

    Quran is a complete book that occasionally presents a law or commandment over several chapters or several verses in the same chapter and the practical part of this commandment can be achieved by understanding the whole issue as presented over all the verses and chapters and not by upholding only part of the Quran. God specifically warn us against doing just that, upholding part of the Quran while disregarding the rest.

    [2:85] ?. Do you believe in part of the scripture and disbelieve in part? What should be the retribution for those among you who do this?..

    Thus we should not take verses in isolation and then just conjure up some bigoted rhetoric………..

    [60:8] GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable.

    [60:9] GOD enjoins you only from befriending those who fight you because of religion, evict you from your homes, and band together with others to banish you. You shall not befriend them. Those who befriend them are the transgressors.

    We should not befriend people from other faiths if they are actively fighting us because of our religion….not merely because they are from another faith….otherwise what is the point of you living in the west?…why not just pack your bags and go live amongst Muslims?

    Obama has not said anything negative towards muslims….it is clear he is trying to breach the gap…a gap which he admitted had been initiated by previous US regimes foreign policy…..i would love to see a Muslim leader come out and make that same type of admission about the negative affairs taking place where we live on masse.

    You love to throw this word Kufr around and yet refuse to acknowldge the wholesale hypocrisy that is taken place even within those muslims states the the American troops are in.

    Islam is not anti-Christian or Hebrew ……if it was then why are we permitted to marrying Christians and Jews?…Did the Prophet not marry a Christian and a Jewess?….Didn’t the first Hijra take place in Ethiopia…a Coptic Christian nation?…they opened their arms to the mUslims and gace them refuge the same way European countries give Muslim asylum seekers refuge from their brutal dictators who control the muslim lands.

    We can have ‘cosy’ relations with Christians and anyone of any faith so long as they show respect to us we will and should show respect to them.

    [5:82] You will find that the worst enemies of the believers are the Jews and the idol worshipers. And you will find that the closest people in friendship to the believers are those who say, “We are Christian.” This is because they have priests and monks among them, and they are not arrogant.

    What we should not do is take certain verses which criticise or condemn some of those who call themselves Christians or Jews and negate the fact that there are sincere and good people amongst them…..our own History bears witness to that

  28. @JayMeal I am not a perfect Muslim, but you judging me and telling me that my iman must be low based on this one thing I have said is one reason why there is division in this ummah. Do you not have compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters? Allahu ya’lam forgive me for anything I have said, but I am an American I am a Muslim, I believe in Allah swt and Rasul (s.a.w.) and I wish to see peace and unity among the ummah and with the rest of the world. Seem far fetched? I don’t care, but Allah has the power to do anything. You have no right to judge me. You do not know my intentions. I’m assuming you think your iman is high?

  29. @JayMeal and @al-Suyuufi seriously, we don’t know when we will see a Muslim elected President and if that’s what you’re waiting for then feel free to leave the country. Honestly, why are you here then, who’s forcing you to stay? I find it incredible that you can waste your time with words of hatred when this country has provided you with a means of living and freedom to practice your religion. You think you can get this anywhere?? If you have no hope or perhaps you can’t imagine that maybe, just maybe change can actually happen, then leave.

  30. JayMeal seems like the kufrized version of Jameel. He’s prob a lil 16 year old punk wannabe thug who disobeys his parents and talks about Jihad with his gang friends.

    I don’t agree with MR but this time I’m on the same side of him. These punk kids need to come to Iraq or Afghanistan and then we’ll see how tough they are.

    Al-suyyufi seems a oil bit older than jaymeal but he’s got the same thuggish mentality. Y’all should come with me to Dar al harb. Bet both of y’all would chicken out like a bunch of girls.

    MR – when you leave your sufi deviance and the girly salafis holla at me.

  31. ^Akhee, I agree to what you are saying but you shouldn’t insult other Muslims either (your statement to MR).

    “Heh, Knowing the truth means I need to chill? Open your eyes for once, Obama, is Kaafir, Obama sent troops in Afghanistan, Obama voted for the patriot act.. Obama is just a new face on the same old picture. Smell the coffee pal, it’s insulting to see a kaafir who rejects Islam to then tell Muslims how to behave and quoting Qu’ran out of context with no knowledge of what these verses mean. If that impresses you, you are very weak in faith.

    What a world we live in.. impressed by the kuffar!”

    So your saying im weak in faith just why agreeing to something that will most likely unite with our Ummah? Yes I do think you need to chill, chill with some Kuffar as what the one before said, the Kufaar aren’t enemies until they harm Muslims. We are to preach Islam to the Kufaar and if we show them that we don’t want to unite and make a solution, then that does not portray our Ummah good. So seriously chill man! Visit!

  32. @al-suyuufi: You said, “And I promise you that one of two things will happen by the time Obama’s first term is done:
    1) Obama’s actions will speak loud and you will finally see the truth about him, or
    2) His actions will be evil just as in scenario #1, but you will compromise your Islamic values even more just to keep your heads bowed to Obama.”

    This is a very arrogant comment. First of all, you can’t promise anything in the future so you better take a step back and reflect about yourself and never EVER underestimate the power of Allah to change Obama’s heart and to make his actions pure. Second, you might die as a kafir and Obama as a Muslim, so you should be humble before Allah humbles you.

    You seem very knowledgable but don’t let that blind you brother.

  33. actually , muslims dont wait america to save them it’s about that Allah doesnt change what in some ppl till they change themselves
    {ان الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم}

  34. Assalamualaikum

    Just hope everyone remembers that 1 Muslim (even though he may be corrupt) is better than a 1000 honourable non muslims because he has the belief of Allah Ta ‘ala and His Messenger Muhammad (S.A.W) in his heart. And Allah is the best of judges. May Allah grant all of us true Hidaayah Ameen.

  35. A simple question for those arrogant and ignorant teens sitting in a comfortable home in America, typing away absurdities, and hatred of their own President.

    If you hate your President so much, why don’t you leave the USA, and make ‘hijrah’?

  36. ‘Al-Sudani’ and Al-Suyuufi:

    Why dont’y you guys tell us your positions clearly and simply; You seem to be very much against what Obama has stated, yet you also seem to live in the U.S. None of us here are pandering, we are all human beings who can think critically and understand major implications.

  37. No. I’m saying don’t go blast a President of a country that hosts you, and a government you’re paying taxes to. As you can always go back to your home country if you’re that unhappy in the USA. I would happily fund the travel costs if you can’t afford it. I’m sure the Government will be happy to pay all the expenses necessary to deport you out of the country, if you request them to, and every other Muslim who disagrees with their policies. But of course, Muslims are enjoying life in the USA, with it’s vast amount of benefits, they won’t find in their home country.

  38. ‘Al-Sudani’ and Al-Suyuufi:

    Why don’t you guys tell us your positions clearly and simply; You seem to be very much against what Obama has stated, yet you also seem to live in the U.S. None of us here are pandering, we are all human beings who can think critically and understand major implications.

  39. Anonymous – I don’t believe you have read any of my comments, and understood what I was actually saying.

    So please, re-read carefully what I have been posting, and of course you will see I have already made my position very clear indeed.

  40. What al Sudani has said sums up american muslims perfectly, it is clear all he cares about is muslims enjoying their life in the USA regardless of the situation of muslims elsewhere. So if a Muslim speaks out against the fact that Obama is killing Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq you tell them to leave the USA and take sides with a non Muslim over a Muslim.

    You are the cause of our decline, you show no compassion, no loyalty to the Muslims. Rather you take the side of a killer. May Allah guide us.

    Oh and btw no one has yet shown me any solutions that Obama mentioned except leaving Iraq (which is highly unlikely), proof:

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