Snopp Dogg – “Asalamu Alaykum”

One step closer. Like Malcolm X, Siraj Wahhaj, and the 1,000s that have come, may Allah guide him. Ameen.

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  1. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Let’s see if he stops being a scoundrel if he becomes a Muslim. Otherwise, he will be yet another liability. Remember the hadith that the best of us in the Jahiliyya will be the best in Islam.

  2. He didn’t mention Islam once. He does a lot wrong, and shouldn’t be praised for saying a few words. Let him convert; and change, then let him get recognition. It’s like any acknowledgment of what a kaafir does is so amazing to us, why?

  3. I don’t understand why some Muslims are so obsessed with stories about famous people and Islam.

    So what if someone famous becomes a Muslim? I don’t think it will lead to thei followers and fans becoming Muslims.

    The truth is, people need Islam. Islam doesn’t need people. So I don’t really care oif a popular person ‘converts’ to Islam.

  4. I agree 100% with Sudani; this guy is what, just a guy, when Abu Bakr accepted Islam is was the same if the slave accepted it too, like Bilaal. Radi Allahu Anhum.. here’s a guy making Islam looking FOOLISH even, atleast Christians and Jews are Ahlel Kitab, NOI.. mushrikeen.

    Allah guides whom he wills.

  5. @Al-Sudani and @JayMeal …then you don’t care about your ummah. If you were a real believer, then you would understand the importance of when people come to Islam and the responsibility we have to bring people to this beautiful religion. A Muslim is a Muslim, whether rich or poor, famous or not. We need to care and be responsible for the well-being of each other. You guys just don’t get it do you? I’m so shocked with the lack of compassion for humanity that you have shown through your posts.

  6. Jainie, show me how any part of my posts indicates “lack of compassion”. You’re entitled to your baseless opinions. But please speak with facts.

    Also I ask you to please RE-READ CAREFULLY what I said. It seems Jaymeal understood it. You completely didn’t get my point.

    Like Jaymeal pointed out, and to add to my point;

    “when Abu Bakr accepted Islam is was the same if the slave accepted it too, like Bilaal. Radi Allahu Anhum”

    So what I’m trying to point out, is that many people all over the world, from all walks of life, accept Islam. But are there so much headlines and media attention, and Muslim obsession, when a ordinary person reverts to Islam? No. But when a “famous” person apparently ‘converts’ to Islam, then suddenly we get all these threads discussing it.

    Truth is, there are many people coming to Islam all over the world daily.

    So why do we need to make a big fuss when a person decides to talk about Islam, and show interest in it? And how is being famous, going to help Islam in any way? What’s the difference between someone ordinary accepting Islam, and a famous person accepting Islam?

    Like I mentioned above, I don’t think it will lead to the followers and fans of the famous person who converts, becoming Muslims. So that’s why I don’t see why there is need for all the attention and fuss.

    Please read and understand, before submitting a comment.

  7. His becoming Muslim doesn’t help Islam. It helps humanity because they start to consider Islam!

    There is a difference between snoopy accepting Islam and joe off the street accepting Islam.
    Read history- you’ll see how many times a chief of a tribe would accept Islam and after that his tribesman would accept it as well (ta’if is one example). It happened a lot on the subcontinent… it happened a lot everywhere, really.

    May Allah guide us all.

  8. “the hip hop community, we are very influential in what we say and what we do”- he says it himself ~00:29

  9. Like I said, I don’t think it will lead to his followers and fans becoming Muslims, and his conversion won’t benefit Islam.

    A lot of people view Religion as something personal, and they don’t really care about the Religion of their idol. 🙂

  10. just my 2 cents, fard muhammad died a believer in al islam, and that is something the n.o.i doesn’t want to admit or acknowledge.

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