10 Replies to “CEO of Muxlim at Georgia Tech – June 6, 2009”

  1. * Muslimspace began as a Myspace duplicate.

    * Muslimspace misled it’s members to believe it’s a Halal Social site. As a result leading to them registering at the site.

    * Muslimspace took advantage of it’s users.

    * Muslimspace was happy to ban active members of the community, once the site became popular, to show it’s success was not solely based on it’s active users.

    * Muslimspace does not acknowledge the efforts of it’s users to increase the success of the community.

    * Muslimspace uses it’s users to attain it’s selfish goals, of expanding the site for business reasons.

    * Muslimspace rarely carries out members suggestions for the site. Proving the site is not focusing on members needs, but on the managements desires and goals.

    * Muslimspace in reality never was a Halal site. It simply used this title, in order to attract and draw the masses who were frustrated with socializing at rather corrupt sites, with indecent contents, away from those places, to it’s site.

    * Muslimspace does not allow any criticism, or negative remarks towards the site or it’s policies. Ironically it asks members to give suggestions and opinions, yet expecting nothing less than positive comments.

    * Muslimspace now copies many of it’s ideas from Facebook. A few months ago, it launched an unsuccessful site, based on Facebook’s idea of applications. Many members did not find it user friendly, and soon the idea was abandoned. On the new site, my.Muxlim.com, the Guestbook was named “Wall”. After many members pointed out how the site was resembling Facebook in many ways, “Wall” was renamed “Guestbook” once again. There is now a “Fan” feature, just one of many ideas directly taken from Facebook, not to mention, a plan “Gift” feature to be added to the site.

  2. Are you sure? I see that some elements propose a ‘progressive Islam’ (May Allah bring them closer to the deen), but there is quite a lot of criticism on some pages. And what are the ‘indecent links’? I haven’t found any in the past 3-4 months I began visiting the site.

  3. @ Al Sudani- Muslimspace, merged with Muxlim to become what it is today. I am sure we can all find things to complain about, but Muxlim has become a community based effort that makes online surfing safe for our youth. Let us see the good in others actions, and leave the judging to Allah (swt)…

    @al-Suyuufi- misguidance is a very strong word to use considering the religious authority has never said anything against Muslimspace or Muxlim. Please be careful how quick you are to judge fellow Muslims with good intentions.


    a sincere brother

  4. @Omar;

    Muslimspace was acquired by the Muxlim company.

    I signed up a few month after it officially launched, back in 2006, and left a couple of month ago. Basically I have been an active member for 3 years on that site.

    I have every right to judge. I am speaking with facts. We judge on what we see and hear. I have saw a lot. They started from a Halal community, with non-Hijab images strictly banned, to a site which allows the upload of any image. There has been many occasions where I had to complain to the staff about inappropriate images being uploaded, and the staff didn’t respond to the concerns.

    Another thing to add, is people are free to spread deviant beliefs. There has been many times where I see people arguing that for example, Hijab isn’t obligatory, that Qu’ran is the only source we should follow, and we should reject Hadith and Sunnah. People criticizing polygny, even though Allah {Azza Wa Jal} made it halal. Subhanallah, I even saw blogs about how drugs isn’t haram, and members trying to justify drug use. And those are just a few examples out of many!

    So how is this “a community based effort that makes online surfing safe for our youth”??

    Is this what our youth should be reading about and learning?

  5. To add to my above points, there is a lot of indecent comments widely being submitted at sisters pictures all over the site. A lot of brothers dropping their emails, requesting friendship, marriage, and other improper comments being posted. They are not removed from the site. And the sisters are free to upload inappropriate pictures. This is the typical behaviour you see on other social sites, and should not be prevalent on a site that has the claim “enhancing the Muslim lifestyle”.

  6. We certainly look forward to the event today, and welcome any questions about this or any other topic. The fact is some of the comments here have certainly been distorted and we will be happy to give our side of the story.

    As with any growing online community, a minority of users will not be able to adapt to this growth and will feel that things have changed. While we agree that Muxlim has come a long way from where it started, we also feel that the community is now a well functioning neutral social media platform that gives complete freedom of expression as long as the posts do not get flagged off.

    If certain posts get flagged by users and are removed automatically by our system, our policy is to respect the community’s wishes.

  7. Thank you Al-Suyuufi. You’re not the only one to agree with me. Plenty of course will acknowledge the truth I spoke.

    Unlike at Muxlim, I’m free to type the truth here, without a threat to my comments being removed, and a warning being given, which contradicts what has been said above, ” gives complete freedom of expression”.

    This is completely absurd, and a pathetic lie. As has been seen by the vast amount of threads/blogs and various contents, and accounts directly terminated by the admin, which have not broken a single one of the ‘Muxlim guidelines’, but rather due to censorship.

    Of course the CEO can’t bear the truth I have spoken, and they are free to make a baseless and unfounded claim that the comments that have been submitted have been “distorted”, because they realized they can’t delete them, like the way they enjoy doing at their site.

    I can very easily post the proof to everything I have mentioned in all of my comments.


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  9. Well, looking at the above posts, would like to appreciate Al Sudani and Al Suyyufi for saying Haq!

    I have been a member of MuslimSpace.com from the past 3 years!
    Initially, yes it was trying to be halaal, but it would always compromise on matters of TRUTH in issues, so that members would keep signing up.

    But, eventually, the site became corrupt and from MuslimSpace the name given it became Muslim Sold To Kuffaar.com

    Many people have contacted the admin on many issues, but in vain, for he will only show he his right, and would delete and ban users for saying Haq!

    And it is evident from a Number of Members who got deleted!

    From Music to Non – Hijabi women, it has everything in it against islam! to top it up INTERACTION BETWEEN THE OPPOSITE SEXES!

    Now how Muslim is that?

    We Ask Allah AWJ to give brains and hidayah to the admin! (ameen)

    For Omar, Allah AJ commands us to judge from what is apparent!

    I see a Muslim site turn to Kufr, reason the admin runs behind the dunya!

    May Allah protect him from Allah’s Anger and Punishment! (ameen)

    Commented edited. It is better to prayer for guidance for Muslims than to pray for their punishment. – MR

  10. Salaam,

    I’m glad to see… that Suyyufi and Al-Sudanee…finally agree…

    These “Muslim” network organizations are fitnah-packed as brilliantly sung by Muslim group Gandaghee (Listen to “SunnahBack”) “…These matrimonials are fitnah-packed”.

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