4 Replies to “Jon Stewart on Obama’s Speech”

  1. assalamu alaikum bro…since the speaker on this vid is using immodest language and words, isnt posting the video on this site inadvertently promoting the bad language and words? Kind of like the opposite of a Sadaqa Jaariya or Sawaabe Jaariya.. What I mean to say is that, in a way, this site is bringing the immodest words to us. A hadith goes to say that “Every religion has its character, Islam’s character is modestly.”

    If we hold ourselves accountable for all actions and deeds..then posting such a video will be promoting something bad that may b held against us on Qiyama.

    Hope u dont mind my words bro.
    May Allah swt reward you for sincere intentions and guide us all !

  2. Salam

    Your right sis but this is a very good video and its funny. Its good that MR posted it, but the only thing it needs is a warning saying there is offensive language in it. I am sure MR posted the vid with good intentions.

  3. you have to understand that MR hasnt studied much islam so he’s just a student at this rate and he can make mistakes becuase he’s young. allah will judge him like he’ll judge us all alone. thanks for your feedback sister. this is a nice site by the way–no offense intended.
    peace to you all.

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