Age Span of the Ummah

Imam Al-Bukhari narrates in his sahih from Abdullah Ibn Umar that he heard the Prophet of Allah (SWT) sallahu 3laye wasalam say : ” verily your stay in compared to the nations before you is like the time period between the prayers of ‘Asr ( mid-afternoon ) till sunset, The people of the Torah were given the Torah and they worked until noon and they couldn’t continue further, so they were given one Qirat, then the people of the Gospel were given the Gospel and they worked until the time of ‘Asr or mid-afternoon then they couldnt continue further, and were given a single Qirat, then we were given the Quran and we worked until the time of the sunset and were given two Qirats. (Seeing this) The people of the Book said :” Oh Allah (SWT) you had given them ( the ummah of Muhammad sallahu 3laye wasalam ) two Qirats whereas you have given us only one and we are the most in terms of deeds.” He said,” Allah (SWT) said (to them):” Have I oppressed in anything in your rewards?” and they said : “No.” (then) Allah (SWT) said: “It is my bounty to whomsoever I wish I bestow”

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  1. The source you give “SeekingIllm”, is it a Salafi site? I see that they support the wearing of the Niqaab; most scholars agree that Niqaab goes too far, and that Hijab is acceptable.
    Just Saying…

  2. SeekingIlm doesn’t appear to be a Salfist website. From their about page:

    Lastly, we would like to clarify that has no official connections with any Sufi Shaykhs. We support them all in their goodness and their aspirations for Allah (SWT), and ask Allah (SWT) ta’alaa to bless them all with His immense mercy.

  3. @ MR what does Qirats refer to? Does this mean our (ummah) age span is much longer than those pervious ummahs?

    @ PMD

    What’s wrong with wearing a niqab? If a sister chooses to wear one what difference is it to you? I dislike when men try to tell muslim women what is proper muslim attire, Allah and his messenger (pbuh) is sufficient for us.

    I personally don’t wear one because I believe it is not fard. But, I have friends who do, both those who believe it is fard and those who don’t (yet wear it to please Allah swt). Also, the fact that the wives of the prophet (pbuh) and some female followers covered their face is a good indication that it was not some newly innovated matter (nor does it go “too far”).

    Allah (swt) knows best

  4. @PakistaniMD Just because someone supports niqab doesn’t mean they are salafi. If you just took the time and looked around the website you would see how many anti-salafi articles are on there, the writer (Abyl Layth) is constantly writing new pieces attacking the Salafi ulema directly.

    @MR You should have posted the rest of the article where it states the scholars who studied this Hadith estimated that the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWS) Ummah will last around 1500 years. You cut out the juicy part man!

  5. This is pure shirk. No one but Allah knows the life span. Please stop trying to determine the end of days and start preparing.

  6. Brother you should not accuse people of shirk. The Prophet(SAWS) said that if a Muslim accuses another Muslim of being a non-believer then one of them is a non-believer. If you read the article you will find Imam as-Suyuti examined this Hadith in one his books. Are you now going to accuse one of the greatest scholars of Islam of “pure” shirk (Whatever that means)?

  7. OK brother… so tell me why Muslims have been preparing for the day of judgment for all these years? what about all the signs that we are constantly reminded of, tall buildings, naked women, sun rising from the west…. does this mean we have at least another 500 years left?

    I know time is man made, so 500 years is nothing in the grand scale of things. But what’s the point of knowing all these signs if the calculation is correct?

  8. If this calculation is correct, that means Muslims who are alive 500 years from now will have an unfair advantage. They will be prepared more than us… that’s just silly talk.

  9. Who cares when the so-called End Times for the world at large arrive? You should be as if your End Time is always near, because it is. That’s your concern, not the whole world. The more Muslims start worrying about their own end and less trying to save the ummah or whatever it is all these loudmouth shuyukh and ulema are on about the better it will be for everyone.

  10. Your scholars are busy figuring out little puzzles while the real scholars are trying to create peace, cure diseases and advance in technology to help mankind.

  11. The word ‘qirat’ has been mentioned by the Prophet (saw) in other ahadith as well, as a measurement of means of describing an amount, such as in this hadith:

    Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “(A believer) who accompanies the funeral procession of a Muslim out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s reward and remains with it till the funeral prayer is offered and the burial ceremonies are over, he will return with a reward of two qirats. Each qirat is like the size of the (Mount) Uhud. He who offers the funeral prayer only and returns before the burial, will return with the reward of one qirat only.” (Book #2, Hadith #45)

  12. Your scholars are busy figuring out little puzzles while the real scholars are trying to create peace, cure diseases and advance in technology to help mankind.

    I perceive that as a slight on the whole of the Islamic ‘ulema and a glorification of science, as if there has to be some kind of opposition between the two. The majority of Muslim scholars don’t spend much time trying to identify signs of the so-called End Times, but rather call people to follow the religion with real heart. No real Muslim scholars that I’ve come across have denied scientific advancement. It’s very facile to say “your” scholars do this while “real” scholars do that. There are misguided individuals in every field.

    But again, there is no real dichotomy between scientists and Islamic scholars. That is really a backwards way of looking at the world. The two groups are simply exploring different aspects of our one life.

  13. “Scientists in the 17th century were pure tawheedies” – Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

  14. @ aamer Khan, thats exactly what i was going 2 say, every1 is worrying about the future and judgement day and forget that they might die at any moment.

  15. There’s a slightly similar story in the new testament, in Matthew 20. Jesus tells the parable of a landowner who hires some people to work at the beginning of the day, and promises them payment, a dinar or so. Then three hours later he hires more people promising them fair payment. Then again at the 6th hour, 9th, and 11th hour still found people without work so hired them too.

    And then they all get paid the same amount, the last ones hired being the first ones paid. So the ones who only work one hour get the same amount as those who worked all day long. So the ones who worked from the beginning of the day complain that they worked more, but in fact they are getting the payment that they were promised.

    So I went to the link and saw all those calculations, but what is the reason behind trying to take a hadith like this literally. Isn’t the time between noon and asr usually nearly the same as between asr and maghrib? Or the first is longer. Which would suggest that the time of our ummah would be <600 years. That being the case I’d say we aren’t in a great situation at present.

    Sorry but I just don’t see the benefit.

  16. Interesting read. I’m always fascinated with ahadeeth referring to the last hours.

    One lesson to take away from all of this is that we shouldn’t obsess ourselves with determining when this last hour will arrive. Many people ask questions like is Imam al-Mahdi (ra) born yet? When will Isa ibn Maryam (S) descend? Has dajjal come out of hiding? Trying to predict or determine these things is a waste of time. When the time is ordained all of these things shall happen.

    One last thing to remember is another hadeeth which says something like “the last hour will not arrive until Islamic knowledge is nonexistent.” The explanation for this is that knowledge in the preserved form of shuyoukh and alims and all that they teach to other Muslims will be gone. The desire for Muslims to learn the religion and preach the religion will be gone. This is far from happening.

    The article says that our ummah will last 1900 years. This leaves about 500. At the rate the world is going at, this might seem like a reasonable time frame. But only Allah (swt) knows when these things will come to pass.

    May Allah protect us from the fitnah of the last hours, and from all dajjal. If we live to witness the very last hour, may Allah protect us from Mesihu Dajjal and join us with the righteous Muslims and with “The Spirit of Allah”, “ruhullah”, Isa ibn Maryam (S).

  17. AsSalaamu alaikum,
    @IKhan, Whereas I would agree that we shouldn’t obsess over the various tokens of the last day such as Imam Mahdi etc.., we must be concerned. If it happens in our time, and I do believe that we shall see the Mahdi, soon, we should be prepared. Many of the sahaba were living as if death or yaum-al-qiyamah was going to commence in a moment. This is how we are to be so that we are not counted amongst the heedless or those who felt secure from the devising of our Rabb. Think the best of Allah and reckon that he will decree you to be one of those blessed people in the Army of Imam al Mahdi and Isa alaihi salaam against the dajjal. Remember the world doesn’t end with the descent of Isa it just gets very close to it . He will finish out his life and be buried next to Muhammad Sall-Allahu alaihi was sallam.The ilm will not depart till after that. Too may people are looking at the Mahdi as some remote/distant folklore character and not as someone who may be appointed in their very lifetime that it will be fard for them to follow. Our Prophets battles that he was engaged in along with many of his prominent companions such as Hamza , Abu bakri, and others were done after he and they were over 50 . Look around at the masjid and see how many of the muslims over 50 are ready for war…. This is the departure from the sunnah , the earth filled with injustice that we were waiting for, Imam Mahdi is coming get prepared…..

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