5 Replies to “Any Iranians on here?”

  1. Even if the election was stolen by Ahmedinijad, shouldn’t Mousavi ask his supporters to cease the protests and unite behind the government?

    If nothing else, doesn’t he at least have to abide by the “Supreme Leader’s” wishes?

    I don’t know much about Iranian culture or government, so if anyone has any insight please fill us in.

    If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would be inclined to think this whole thing was cooked up by foreign governments trying to topple the Iranian regime.

    But I already know no nation would do anything so reprehensible as topple another country’s government just to put in one of their liking.

    Especially not in Iran. Or Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or Somalia. Or Cuba. Or Panama. Or Nicaragua. Or Vietnam. Or Korea.

    No. That stuff only happens in spy flicks.

  2. agree you, ibrahim.

    it’s sad to hear so many young man died. it that worth to die?

    i think if young iranians do not know the meaning of demonstration, they want a revolution through marching, it’s a misuse

  3. It doesn’t matter who is President. Elections are pointless in Iran, and in any country where the President isn’t very influential.

    The Supreme Leader will remain the same. So a President can’t make significant changes.

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