Yusuf Islam on Michael Jackson’s Death

“It’s always inevitable, but a shock when death comes. With Michael, it seems to me even more shocking, and I feel very sad. He seemed to have the heart of a child, though he was a giant of a musician. The moment I heard he had been taken to hospital, the worst was anticipated. I hope he finally worked out his purpose in life, before he left it. I just discovered his middle name was Joseph. He’ll be missed.”


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  1. No he didn’t. He was unconscious before he was taken from his home. He couldn’t be resuscitated.

    He apparently reverted to Islam within the past year or so with the help of his brother, Jermaine, and his visits to the middle-east.

  2. wth amir….

    I feel like I’m on TMZ.com. Every post has been on MJ. Just consolidate and put them all in one post. srsly

  3. I can say I was genuinely shocked to hear of his death. At the time, I was actually browsing various sites, and I saw a thread, “Michael Jackson has died”. I naturally dismissed it as a kind of joke. Clicked at it, thought I would read something quite funny, but that wasn’t the case. But I didn’t believe the thread was serious. So I googled, and saw similar articles submitted at numerous sites. I opened the T.V, and it was all over the news channels, with big labels across the screen, breaking news. That’s when it hit home that those blogs were serious, and he has died. I thought he would come out of the hospital alive, and would recover, not realizing he actually arrived there dead. It’s proof that no matter how rich, famous and young you are, you can not avoid death, no matter what quality of health care you’re receiving. The angels of death will always arrive at the time ordained by Allah SWT.

  4. Mikeel Yusuf Jackson, an iconic figure and a legend of al times…taken for granted in his life time and sung as a hero in his death. A troubled soul who now rests in peace, May Allah grant him Jannat. Ameen

  5. Kolia. You have said it all. MJ is truly a restless and stressed soul. Jermaine has reverted to Islam a long time, went to Mecca and understand me Islam so well NOT to invoke Allah’s name and blessing on a non-Muslim. Then it could only mean one thing, BRO MICHAEL has reverted to Islam. Allah is indeed great. May Allah grant this legend of all time the ever lasting peace he so much deserve. He was kind, humble and unassuming. What a legend, what a legend, what a phenomenon.

  6. What I believe about Michael Jackson’s spiritual orientation at the end of his life?
    Let me say first that this is not about a competition between christians, jews and muslims. It is about Michael. Walk with me and try to see the signs we get from Above, while asking ourselves in which state MJ died.

    First, it is an older video, but in it you can see Michael referring to Jesus as the keeper of children. He refers to Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament.

    Second, it has turned out to be that MJ reached out to gospel leader Andrae Crouch, a couple of weeks before he died. You can read about it in the following article:

    Then, the very weekend before MJ died, on June 21, some pastor of a big evangelical church, without of course knowing MJ would die later on during the week, spoke to MJ directly in his sermon. You can watch this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-Dog05Hcog

    Finally, during the memorial Lionel Richie sang “Jesus is love” with power that cut through the soul, watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmL5xlqcY1U
    Adding up all these signs, I come to the conclusion MJ reached out for Jesus towards the end of his life.
    Regarding to the first video: Jesus was the man who asked people to believe as a child, purely and right from the heart. Michael refers to Jesus’ attachment to children and them being an example for adults. MJ considered himself a child all the way to the end of his life.
    Regarding my second link: MJ did not turn to a rabbi, a Jehova’s Witness minister or an imam for spiritual guidance, just a few weeks prior to his death. But, as seemingly foreseeing trouble in the near future, maybe even his death, he asked a black gospel leader, Andrae Crouch to pray with him for the Holy Spirit to be present during his upcoming tour in London.
    As for the third link, the pastor who spoke directly to MJ, without knowing he would die later on during that week: this cannot be a coincidence, he must have pointed to MJ to let the people know even a person with that kind of a void, can turn to the Father. It is for the careful listener to hear the meaning of this timing of these words, so soon before his death.
    The last video sums it all up: the powerful text Lionel Richie sang, embodies the hope MJ probably had towards the end of his life.
    MJ was not only a doctor shopper, desperately seeking for his soul to be calm, he was also a religion shopper. He flirted with Judaism ( I am a Jew from Jerusalem) and last year also with islam. But adding up all the facts as mentioned above, it is for me 100% sure that MJ at the end of his life returned to the person he loved the most from his childhood on: Jesus. We Jews and you muslims must respect that and have peace with it.

  7. Um… Muslims believe in Jesus and (are supposed to) love him too. So evidence that he loved Jesus doesn’t rule out Michael Jackson being Muslim. The story with Andre Crouch is possibly exaggerated. the Crouches seemed to have clarified what happened and it seems they prayed together but it wasn’t as if he prayed for Jesus to become his savior or anything like that.

    Also, interestingly enough, the Jesus of Michael Jackson’s childhood, the Jesus of the Jehovah’s Witness is actually in some ways more acceptable to Islam then the Jesus of “mainstream” Christianity mainly because he Jewhovah’s Witnesses don’t beleive in the Trinity and don’t believe Jesus is God.

  8. You are right about the Jesus-definition of the Jehova’s Witnesses. In my religion, Judaism, this is also absolutely not done, God in 3 ways.

    However, Jehova’s Witnesses see Jesus as the Savior, the Messiah, and in the Memorial Book, there is a text that refers to the Gospel of John, where something is said about the way to God via Jesus.

    So far no imam (your religion) or rabbi (my religion) have come forward to say MJ reached out to them prior to his death. MJ was also close to Rabbi Shmuel Boteach and Uri Geller is a kabbalist. Just simpley saying the Shaha’da doesn’t say anything. MJ said more things he could not live up to. It is my conviction in this story, for MJ by far Jesus outreached the other prophets, Moshe (mine) and Muhammed (yours). I have no problem accepting that, I think muslims should do this also. His brother Jermaine is a devout muslim. He avoided Larry King’s question whether MJ was a muslim. And also, MJ is still above the ground, after more than 2 weeks. Trust me, he is not a muslim, probably a Christian either, though a strong supporter of Jesus as Savior and ultimate answer to his demons.

  9. If he was Christian or he believed in Judaism he would have declared easily and openly.But trust me Islam is the religion he would have wanted it secret.that why there are alof speculations about his faith.I dont think thay he was a religion shopper but he was keen on reading about different faiths but there were strong clues when he was in Bahrein he became muslim but he wanted to keep it secret for sensible reasons funs, show bussiness,media,( even his family) and so on.. Islam is only religion that cant be tolerated especially the world he was in.The most important thing why was he killed?? this is the question that should be answered.If the question is answered the truth will reveal.ALLAH knows the best.

  10. If you feel better by believing he was a muslim, then fine. Go ahead.

    I live among muslims and I have never heard of a muslim prayer in the name of Jesus and asking the anointment of the Holy Spirit.

    Michael did that, just not long before he died. To me it is obvious, his heart was with Jesus, not with Moses or Muhammed.

  11. Allah know about him, even about us. i read in Tafseer e Quran that so many angels comes when they are taking your life. Allah o Akbar, Must recite sura e Mulk by heart it will help us in grave.

  12. I always thinking if he read all the Islamic books specially Quran (Jermaine said) then it is impossible that he never convert to Islam. Even me when i am reading Quran (Translation and Tafseer) i feel so shame of myself that why i am doing so many things wrong still and God always gives me another chance. That feelings are so horrible and shame full for me. Forgive me Allah.

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