Canadians: Go to JOF!

ISNA is the same weekend as JOF but it’s in DC which is much closer for me (and I already planned to go before I knew of JOF), but for all the brothers and sisters in Canada, JOF is in your country, meaning you won’t have to cross the border and face our lovely homeland security check points.

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  1. I remember going to ISNA conference for the first time it arrived in Capital region: a lot of people! I hope to go and see some of these famous “shaykhs” + personalities. Also, if anyone goes, make sure to check out CAIR’s and MPAC’s tables, to see what there doing! Esp. CAIR’s, they always seem to have issues…

  2. MR, there will be more beneficial scholars at ISNA. JOF is a pro Salafi/Wahabi conference in response to RIS. They are using people like Zakir Naik to attract people who would usually not listen to their message. I fear for Bilal Philips who slanders scholars “by name” all over YouTube, and this is a clear reflection of his level of scholarship. It seems the violent attitude that plagues many in Jamaica is still hard for him to brush off even after accepting Islam for so many years. It is almost like “trash talking” on a bball court – childish. Even Saudi Arabia kicked him out of their country! Why should we welcome him? Although, I must say, the al-Maghrib scholars have much better adab.

  3. Wow, the first quote in this trailer by Tawfique Chowdhury is “Walahi (he swears by Allah!) that if we were all to be judged in front of Allah today, we would all go to Jahannam”!!! Is this for real? Then there is the regular comment of Shirk, etc. It is unfortunate that people like this are looked upon as scholars by Muslims.

  4. It looked pretty good to me, A place where one can raise ones Iman and try to be a better muslim (the purpose of all conventions)

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