Muslims United for Change – Fight Against Malaria – Imam Zaid Shakir

Details can be found on the website.

This is the best project I have ever seen in a long time. May God make it successful. Ameen!


2 Replies to “Muslims United for Change – Fight Against Malaria – Imam Zaid Shakir”

  1. As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum.

    It’s great to see that the Muslim scholars in America are putting away their differences for the sake of Allaah. Like you said, “this is the best project I have ever seen in a long time”, so do I believe. Because no matter what nationality these Shuyookh are from, no matter what school of fiqh they follow, no matter what actions and speeches they do, they all believe that their is no God except God (Arabic: Allaah), and that after a long line of Prophets and Messengers, God sent Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and he was a guiding light which brought us together in the first place. Muslims come in different colors (Black, White, Brown, Purple LOL) and ethnicities, but if we were to refute and abhor the scholars (Ulul ‘Elm) just because they don’t follow our ways or aren’t from our nationality or because they do bid’aah, is wrong. Whatever shirk/bid’ah they commit, they are honored among their people, and our duty is only to politely inform them of the bid’ah and give Naseehah (Well, thought-out advise) , and then respect their authority.

    Scholars are getting together for good. Let’s not accuse and bruise, rather let’s support them and cruise….


  2. This looks awesome! May Allah make it means for awareness and success for millions around the world who are affected by malaria. I’m tempted to buy a ticket and fly in for the event.

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