ISNA 2009 – Day 1 – Friday July 3, 2009

I arrived safely at the ISNA convention after a tedious 20 minute metro (subway) ride into DC. Went straight to Jummah which Imam Mohammed Magid gave. He basically discussed the importance of working for Islam in this country by various different means is the ultimate pursuit of happiness (the theme of ISNA this year) since that is jannah. If we dedicate ourselves to Islamic work we will, inshaAllah, be on our way to jannah.

Usually almost every convention I attend I’m usually a volunteer for something. Last year I retired and decided to be a regular attendee; same with this year (although minor work was required – not to be considered volunteer). After Jummah I didn’t go to any lecture. I went to eat with family and that took a good portion of the time away and then walked through the bazaar. Walking through the bazaar was even longer than eating. At one point it took me about 1 hour to walk about 10 steps. It wasn’t crowded at all, but I had met many brothers I haven’t seen in a long time.

After that, prayed maghrib then headed home. Yeah I slept early Friday night (or attempted to) so I can have energy for Saturday, inshaAllah/

Shout out to the Stony Brook crew, “Stony Crooks”, Nurayn & Ammar AlShukry at AlMaghrib booth, brothers at AlMadina Institute (can’t wait for Pearls of the Quran!!!), the UK brothers at Lawung (AMAZING THOUBS!), themuslimblogger at Faith Publications, Azeem and ChillYoIslamYo at Muslim Ad Network, Naeem and Islamic Relief, Amir Sulaiman’s brothers at New Muslim Cool (inshaAllah you got the video resolution at the optimal view, :-D), TermiNader Khan, Shaykh Faraz, Shaykhs YQ & YB and everybody else I forgot that I said salaams to.

PS – For those waiting for the video blogging, yes I will do that. Friday I wasn’t fully prepared. InshaAllah, Saturday you’ll see some videos!

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