Hans Terrorise Uighur Muslims in China

May Allah (swt) protect the innocent! Ameen!

Uighur Muslims clash with the Hans:

The clashes between ethnic Muslim Uighurs and China’s Han majority in Xinjiang that left more than 150 dead signaled a new phase in a region used to seeing bombings and assassinations by militant separatists but few mass protests.


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  2. You do know that the factory riot started because a group of Uyghur men raped Han women and the Uyghur men was arrest for 3 days and let go with a slap wrist. But the problem is this kind of situation happened in the factory more than once already and the police always favorite Uyghur men and released them with out any long term punishment.

    On that day the factory Han final gets angry at the authority for not giving enough punishment for Uyghur, they decided to take this matter to that group of men (the rapist) but it ends up becoming Han vs. Uyghur.

    1st episode Han vs Uyghur (a group Uyghur men raped factory Han women)
    Well, this ends the 2nd episode of Han vs Uyghur (2 Uyghur men killed)

    3rd episode of Uyghur protest (137 Han and 46 Uyghur dead)

    4th episode …. coming soon to news network near you…

    (Possible outcome, Han protest all over China and 300+ Uyghur death scatter around China’s main cities)

  3. Perhaps then if the Chinese stay on their side of the wall, they wouldn’t have any problems like this and everyone can move on.

  4. Yeah, perhaps if muslim men learn some self control and keep their dick in their pants then none of this would ever happen.

    But of course according to their “intrepretation” of’ holy koran women should wear veil because their men have no self control and only blames women victime for being raped.

  5. If Uyghur believe rape never happened, then I am sure that Han said the toy factory riot never happened and there are no Uyghur kill either. All the video are just fake!

    * Don’t take my word for it, this is just the way people perceive things, it has to be their way or the highway.

  6. the ‘latest news’ was not released by uighurs.

    and, in your comment, you use ‘Don’t’ for Don’t…
    may only Chinese input method user do it this way

  7. What are you writing about? It makes no sense:

    “and, in your comment, you use ‘Don’t’ for Don’t…
    may only Chinese input method user do it this way”

    Is that even a sentence? Off topic perhaps?

  8. This was just a horrific, dastardly chain of events for Muslim and nonMuslim innocents in Xinjiang…and yet sadly you probably have extremists on both “sides” who secretly praise such incidents to further their own political ambitions. May Allah (SWT) protect us all ameen.

  9. May Allah curse the Han and the Kufr Pakistanis who support them. Pakistan supports China to do this to us and was responsible for the disintegration of Afghanistan. May Allah curse these vermin!

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