ISNA 2009 – Video Blogging – Pork Sucks, AlMaghrib, AlMadina, and Baba Ali

Pork Sucks with Br. Haroon:

AlMaghrib Booth with Br. Mobeen (Ameer of Qabeelat Nurayn):

AlMadina Booth with Br. Irfan:

Baby Ali takes my camera:

8 Replies to “ISNA 2009 – Video Blogging – Pork Sucks, AlMaghrib, AlMadina, and Baba Ali”

  1. MashaAllah it’s amazing how fast your uploading is, I’m writing this from my hotel room. Alhamdulillah was a great time…after not going for about 4 years it definitely was a comfort to my eyes, brought a smile to my face, and many of the lectures made my heart rediscover Islam and it’s message. Also was great meeting you bro…I guess we can just call ourselves “Bani Adam Brothers” (that’s how we Muslims roll) 😉

  2. it’s people like the porksucks tee-shirt makers that will bring the muslims down in the west. shame on him and his campaign. that’s not even the last way to do da’wah but rather, and simply, the WORST way. with respect to mujahadeen ryder, please take that video off the internet. he deserves no attention. please think hard about it.

  3. @dirty

    Although I bought the shirt, I agree to some degree now that you have mentioned it.

    Maybe if the shirt said “eating pork sucks” it would be more suitable for us to wear.

    Pork sucks is hard core and might scare potential Muslims away from Islam, which can be bad for dawah.

    The pig is created from Allah swt, I guess I would wear the shirt to a place where their are only Muslims present because Muslims know that pork sucks refers to eating it specifically.

    Chill yo Islam yo!

  4. That kid was funny. LOL.

    There are many ways to scare people from converting to Islam but I seriously doubt a simple t-shirt will do it.

    Furthermore, there are many non-Muslims (Jews, Hindus, some Christian sects) that don’t eat pork, so I don’t think many of them will find that t-shirt insulting.

    Saying something like the Bible sucks, or the Trinity sucks, or Infidels suck (I know we don’t use that word, but “they” think we do) would be scary and insulting.

    But pork sucks? Please. It’s silly, but shouldn’t be insulting. Most non-Muslims who saw it would probably think you were a vegetarian or animal rights activist.

    Finally, since when is wearing a t-shirt considered giving dawah? I can somewhat understand a t-shirt that says: “Come to Islam” or “Islam is the Way” or “My Life Revolves Around 5 Pillars” or “Jesus was a Muslim Too!” or “Real Men Love Muhammad”.

    Those are more Dawah-type slogans.

  5. I think it’s a bit of dawah, and it definitely throws me off. It’s not that insulting on a religious level, but more of a cultural level. It’d be like a Christian wearing a shirt that said, “shawarmas suck” in Lebanon or “sushi sucks” in Japan.

    And really, pork doesn’t suck. It is the tastiest animal I’ve ever eaten. I understand why people don’t eat it, and my boyfriend who doesn’t eat pork is convinced that a better slogan would agree that is doesn’t suck, it’s just dirty and evil.

  6. He needs to eat pork.

    It’s not like he’s ever tasted pork to know whether it sucks or not.

    What an idiot and such a stupid campaign.

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