Amir Junaid formerly known as Loon (from P. Diddy’s Bad Boys) on AlJazeera English

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  1. MashaAllah. I feel bad for our brother, I can tell he must be mad uncomfortable for AlJazeera playing the rap videos with the girls in them. Haha, may Allah make it easy for him.

  2. May Allah continue to give him the basirah to see the hikmah and benefit in making such a transition. May He make him a frequent visitor of The House. Amin.

    I also found the montage they played “in the background” excessive and mocking, as to what he was alluding to. To have shown a brief clip would have been suffecient if they wished to give some sort of context as to what he was and where he’s headed.

    This, sad to say, is typical of many onlookers, both Muslim and non-Muslim, to converts – shame on al-Jazeera. Though his status as a moderate celebrity is not helping, I pray he stays on Sirat al-Mustaqim. Amin.

  3. wow mashaAllah, may Allah keep him steadfast upon the truth. SubhanAllah I can’t believe he’s Muslim now.

    I agree though, I didn’t think the way they interviewed him was right. Especially asking him to rap! not cool.

  4. Agree with all your comments. I mean it felt like the host was almost mocking him. I have to say. the brother mashaAlllah has some patience. I don’t know what I would have done.

  5. Masha allah for the brother and his conversion to Islam. The interview was riduclous with the clips right next to the interview. messed up

  6. That interviewer was soo annoying, of course it would be a reporter from the khaleej asking him stupid questions and then makin a verry lame attempt at rapping, how dumb is he that he couldn’t pick up on the fact the first time around that he put him on the spot with the rap question, but subhanallah he asked him again, the reporter was really something…saqib, binbutrus, and qas ya’ll are so right it was like belittling his effort to transition away from that world…subhanallah…well good for him masha’Allah like he said he found true and real happiness, he’s probably still got the umrah buzz and the interview didnt bother him for a second insh’Allah

  7. I think the guy interviewing him was actually mocking him….even after he, Amir, made it clear that he had left that lifestyle alone

  8. As-salamu alaykum,

    Jazakallah khayran. Alhamdulillah for his conversion and him finding peace, as he stated, in Islam. Also, what a beautiful beard! Ma sha Allah.

    May Allah Ta’ala guide him, increase him in knowledge and make him be firm and wise in his da’wah.

  9. MashaAllah to him for his patience and good manners…..BOOOOOOO to Aljazeerah and the host, what the heck were they thinking…seriously! Have some respect for the brother.

  10. The interviewer from al-Jazeera was mocking him. That is the problem with secularists, they don’t see spirituality. Even when “Loon” was talking about learning the deen, the journalist tried to cut him off. You can see that brother Junaid was on a “high” spiritually. I just hope he takes it slow, and I pray he is not heavily influenced by the Salafi/Wahabi dawah and starts beating people over the head with hadiths in just a few weeks of learning the deen. Unfortunately, this has always been my experience when either Non-Muslims convert to Islam, or when Muslims get religious through the Salafi/Wahabi interpretation of Islam.

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  13. he says inFLOOence funny. reminds me of jay-z: “times that by my inFLOOence on pop culture.”

    may Allah strengthen his emaan and help him use his inFLOOence for positive change. Ameen.

  14. the interviewer has issues with his personal sense of security. what a terrible interview. clearly, loon, was a great guest and carried himself calmly mashallah.

  15. im happy for amir and may Allah bless him and all those who made it possible for the conversion

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