Marwa el-Sherbini – Pregnant Muslim Sister stabbed to death for being Muslim

It was while Marwa el-Sherbini was in the dock recalling how the accused had insulted her for wearing the hijab after she asked him to let her son sit on a swing last summer, that the very same man strode across the Dresden courtroom and plunged a knife into her 18 times.

Her three-year-old son Mustafa was forced to watch as his mother slumped to the courtroom floor.

Even her husband Elvi Ali Okaz could do nothing as the 28-year-old Russian stock controller who was being sued for insult and abuse took the life of his pregnant wife. As Okaz ran to save her, he too was brought down, shot by a police officer who mistook him for the attacker. He is now in intensive care in a Dresden hospital.


🙁 May Allah grant her jannah and make it easy for her family.

How the heck do you stab someone 18 times in court! How do you even get into a court room with a knife! Germany has security issues in their courts.

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  1. The husband gets shot trying to save his wife but no one does nothing when the whack job lunges at her with a knife? German’s will never be able to fix their reputation.

  2. Wow. This must be so traumatizing for the 3 year old boy. What he must be feeling is beyond what I can comprehend. May Allah make his life easier. May Allah accept her as a martyr. Ameen

  3. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.

    La ilaha illAllah! This post makes me very angry. Make massive du’a for all those Muslims that are oppressed around the world. May Allah protect us all and grant us all Jannat Al-Firdous.

  4. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

    Subhan’Allah I can’t understand how the people sat in the courtroom watching this happen.

    May Allah grant her entrance into the highest levels of Jannah, give her husband shi’faa and bestow patience on her family.

  5. Subha hanallah.Its makes me shade tears,may Allah grant her jannatul firdausi.Amin summa amin.Ma assalam

  6. After what the Germans did to their own folk for their belief in a different religion during the 40’s, this attack on a muslim sister does not surprise me. Who could have believed that the attrocities would repeat in this millenium Europe… just think of Bosnia.
    Nobody says anything, but integration of Eastern Europe into EU is going to be a nightmare. Just watch how neo-nazism is growing.
    The only thing I lament is the fact that Muslim world has no Leadership, otherwise how would you explain Sarcozy banning Hijaab yet his country benefits in billions from contract acquired in Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries.
    My heartiest condolences to Marwa’s family, MAY ALLAH REST HER SOULD IN PEACE IN JANNAT.

  7. Blind eyes of major western media like BBC and CNN in Marwa al-Sherbini case raised many question about their role in conducting such event. Many Muslim believe that they are main responsible for extending racism against Islam. Removing images of this anti human case from internet had a clear message for human rights fans. THERE IS NO RESPECT TO HUMAN RIGHT IN WESTERN COUNTRIES!!! The important issue which all Muslim people should concern about it is, why we should consume western countries product?!! Doesn’t consuming German product mean ignorance about denying obvious human rights?
    When BBC and CNN want to be honest to people? Why they think that others have low intelligence and can not find the truth hided behind their false broadcasting?

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