Al-Aqsa Health Clinic in North Carolina – Free and run by Muslim Women!

God is greater!

GREENSBORO — Patients don’t need an appointment or medical insurance to seek treatment at the Al-Aqsa health clinic.

They simply show up and sign in.

This free medical clinic is entirely run by Muslim women and their children. The doctors volunteer their time, including one who travels from Statesville. Although the clinic has been operating just six months, word has spread about it. Attendance has increased from about 35 patients in the first months to 100 in June.

Amal Khdour, the woman who founded the clinic, is called a teacher and leader in her community. She is a 39-year-old Palestinian who wears long, loose clothing and covers her head with a hijab, or head scarf. She is tall and fair-skinned. She’s a mother of four — two sons and two daughters. And she’s a cancer survivor.

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8 Replies to “Al-Aqsa Health Clinic in North Carolina – Free and run by Muslim Women!”

  1. “Male patients are often treated on one side of the office by a male doctor and female patients by a female doctor on the other side of the office.”

    It helps if you read the article.

  2. I’m from NC and mashaAllah we have two clinics running Al-Aqsa clinic in Greensboro and the Mariam clinic in Raleigh. The women that run these are clinics are truly some of hardest working people I’ve seen and the staff is almost completely (as far as I know) made up of volunteers.

  3. I am glad to have met you at the meeting Saturday (12/12) with the Iraqi refugees. I was amazed at your presentation with documentation of the process that LFS used to manipulate their funds.
    Do you know of the “Client Grievance/Problem Solving Policy Summary:? it is put out by LFSCarolinas. Perhaps it is a useless system but it was supposed to be given to refugees on coming into the country.. I am going over to assist one family for rent and I hope to do more with the others in the Hunters’ Glen Comples on McKnight Mill Road, here in Greensboro

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