HalfOurDeen.com – A Muslim matrimonial site without ads, with no spam and non-public profiles

Props to Baba Ali! MashaAllah, this site looks legit. All the single people that sign up let me know how it is inshaAllah.

14 Replies to “HalfOurDeen.com – A Muslim matrimonial site without ads, with no spam and non-public profiles”

  1. The site is now offline… the site has been wrecked in the past few months due to unknown “delays”. I like Baba Ali’s Videos, but what his real job? If its focusing on his persona + related jobs (stand-up, videos) than he’s failing in that regard.

  2. Baba Ali is a computer programmer. He works and does the things he does. MashaAllah, walks the walks, no?

  3. Asalamu aleikum wrwbr, how can i signe up for the website , i really do not see were to register , am a sister thats is looking for the right brother incha Allah!

  4. W/salaam wrwb, the site seems to not be up yet. Lets hope this site is gonna be good. For the meantime a few free sites i came across
    And a new website with a new concept Marrymemuslim.com

    May Allah reward whoever made these sites to help the muslim community.
    may Allah grant us pious righteous caring spouses who can help us get closer to Allah and be a good role model for the future generations.

  5. Asalaam Wa-Alaikum!!,

    I am a staff member for a new Muslim Matrimonial site that will be live by August 2010. You can check us at http://www.misterNmisses.com!! We promise to be 100% different from all the other sites. Registeration will start early June and you will be allowed to view profiles and and etc. by August inshAllah.



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