Israel is more important than California to the American Government

With the state Legislature still embroiled in a fight over how to close a $26-billion budget deficit, the California government is expected to issue nearly $3 billion worth of interest-bearing IOUs this month.

Starting today, major banks such as Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Union Bank of California will stop accepting the IOUs, also called registered warrants. Hoping to pressure the state to settle on a budget, the banks rejected state Treasurer Bill Lockyer’s requests to continue redeeming the IOUs for their full value in cash.


The administration’s request for $2.55 billion in security assistance for Israel in 2009 represents the first year of a 10-year U.S.-Israel security agreement to help the Jewish state face increasing threats.

Source (PDF from AIPAC)

My point of sharing this comparison is that the money going to Israel can be used to help America whether it is healthcare, creating new jobs or paying out the federal or states debt.

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  1. I think you’re misunderstanding the issue, there’s a deadlock in the Californian state Congress, and that’s why it’s issuing IOUs for its shitty budget management + terrible bickering.

  2. nice… this is the type of stuff i like to read.

    btw, whether or not there’s bickering, the priorities and perspectives of the american govt are skewed.

  3. @genieyclo – Regardless of the deadlock, the billions of dollars that goes to Israel can greatly help America. That’s my point.

  4. You are indeed mixing three different issues.

    (1) Should the US spend a certain amount money in foreign aid and
    (2) should it send aid to Israel and
    (3) should the federal government step in and help a state government when it was financially irresponsible.

    These are different issues.

  5. @Hamza21 – The point I am making is that the money that is aiding Israel can be used to benefit America by some means.

  6. totally agree with you MR.
    the idea is that california is getting screwed with its budget, not getting much help from the govt, and now the govt is spending the billions that california needs to israel, whats so hard to understand?

  7. Unfortunately, Cali seems not to have as much influence as powerful special interest groups like the banking giants which can muscle their way promptly to a bombastic bailout as they did last Fall. That’s the reason we haven’t bailed out our largest state economy, plus everyone’s waiting on them to sort it all out in Congress, which they’re failing at terribly. Because in the end, no matter how much money you pour at Cali (and simuntaneously increase the now 1, 000, 000, 000, 000+ deficit), they will f-up because they have HUGE dependencies and obligations to pay as well as the day-to-day things they have to do. It’s a huge quagmire. The US has to help Israel on the other hand, because Obama is greatly in debt to their influence that helped his campaign, as well as the massive support from neo-cons and the traditional cozy US-Israel relationship.

  8. Again MR I you’re confusing the issues. IF the federel government didn’t give money to israel what makes you think ti give it to calfornia?

    Yes money spent elsewhere could be used for the the US but the two stories don’t prove:

    if one is happening (money to israel) the other can’t happen (money to cali) or if one didn’t happen (israel) then the other would automatically happen (Cali).

    The evidence you use to illustrate a point doesn’t exactly illustrate point.

    Now if you posted the amount of all foreign aid given and some kind federal law that states if foreign aid isn’t given the money would automatically go the states then you would proved your point.

    These two stories don’t prove that.

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