Powerful pictures of the suffering of Muslims in China


Tursun Gul, a local Uighur woman on a crutch, shouts at Chinese armored personnel carriers and soldiers wearing riot gear as a crowd of angry locals confront security forces on a street in the city of Urumqi on July 7, 2009. (REUTERS/David Gray)


Tursun Gul, an ethnic Uighur woman, faces off with Chinese paramilitary police in Urumqi, China on Tuesday, July 7, 2009. Gul, along with a crowd of Uighurs behind her, was shouting at the soldiers to return their men – Gul’s husband and four brothers were arrested the day before, along with over 1,400 others.. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

May God protect the innocent. Ameen! May God reward our sister in Islam, Tursun Gul for all her good deeds and may God have mercy on her. Ameen!

The second picture makes me feel like she is saying to her self, “La ila ha ilallah”.


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  1. Actually they had protests in indonesia, pakistan, and turkey (though this is petty since they are turks). The arab states are silent because most most arabs only care about palestine. Same thing happened during the gujarat riots. Arabs please tell me this aint true.

  2. It aint true, its just some Arabs are very nationalistic. I’m Palestinian and it hurts me to see Muslims suffer no matter who they are, where they are, or what race they are.

  3. I hope they aren’t. I hope that people help all Muslims, and not just Palestine. Because it seems like everyone puts the most attention on Palestine. What about uighar? Kashmir? Afghanistan? Somalia? Sudan? Africa in general. Everyone matters and it’s time everyone starts to care. All their blood is the same as Palestinian blood. Were all Muslims here.


  4. I think umar Nasir meant “states” as in places like The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Islamic Republic of Iran, and many other Arab/Muslim nations who have strong economic ties to China and wouldn’t dare issue any official condemnation or statement of solidarity with the Uighurs for fear of upsetting their Chinese masters.

  5. To Sadia and Al-Suyuufi:

    Your arguments are totally subjective. I consider those who practice Islam “wholly” do not include the likes of the Taliban. Why? B/C the Taliban kill innocents, burn down boy + girl schools (a right supported by the Ulema), and conduct suicide attacks (Unislamic, at least). While I am no fan of the corrupt Pakistani govt. and total secularism, it is fighting the a greater evil:the barbaric Taliban.

  6. Instead of pointing fingers at governments. Allah doesnt support any form of govt except an islamic state, so why even argue……….what are you doing????
    If the answer is nothing , ……. (not even dua?!)

  7. Aww, poor woman.
    May Allah help her and all suffering muslims all around the world.

    Why didn’t i know about the situation in China earlier?

  8. Why the diplomatic antipathy towards our brothers and sisters in China? The same reason why so many “Muslim” countries are silent about the atrocities committed against our brothers and sisters in Chechnya, Dagestan, and Ingushetia by the Russian government and their local collaborationist thugs. The same reason why so many “Muslim” countries failed to support Kosovo while it was being brutalized by the Serbs and then fail to currently recognize its hard-earned independence . The same reason why the Muslims of India were denied the right to be full members of the OIC and the same voices who willfully ignored the genocide committed against the population of then-East Pakistan, the Kurdish people of Turkey and Iraq, or against the people of Darfur today simply because the perpetrators themselves are fellow “brothers.”

    It seems that on the global stage, there are at least two forces at play. Petty selfish economic and geo-political secular interests of various nations as well as a blind, simplistic, and fallacious sense of “Muslim unity at any cost” seem to continue to triumph over any humanitarian or otherwise genuine concerns over the well-being of ALL members of our ummah.

    Likewise, I believe a level of ignorance also plays a fundamental role in cementing some of this antipathy on a societal level. I mean everybody and their mother knows about the plight of our long-suffering brothers and sisters in Palestine (and rightly so), but how many display that same level of concern for the muslimeen of Kashmir, Thailand, the Philliphines, and Burma (who are among the most oppressed people in that troubled nation, and on earth)? How many even know about the horrors of Partition or what our brothers and sisters had to endure in Gujarat (which happened relatively recently in 2002)?

    I believe these are the root causes of our antipathy towards one another. Insha’Allah it will only take a period of intense reflection and enlightenment so that we can all establish our priorities and have a genuine ummah which is capable of addressing ALL of these concerns.

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