“They’re selling arms to both sides. That’s a true American!”

I’m sitting on a bus to New York and there are two elderly white men sitting on the other side of the bus across from me. They both seemed very old due to their slow movements in walking and moving around. I smiled with them and chatted for a few seconds.

One was reading the New York Times newspaper and began talking about the Iraq war and how America should leave. There reasoning was instead of just America losing men and money in Iraq, they should just “let the Sunnis and Shia slaughter each other.”

One then said, “Chenay is already selling arms to both sides. He’s a true American.”

I don’t know how true this is, but the reality is Muslims don’t make guns. All the weapons the mujahideen and Muslim thugs use to defend themselves or attack are made and from non-Muslims. It’s funny that some groups hate the kuffar so much but yet they buy from them for weapons. Then they use it mostly to kill Muslims in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The arms dealers are laughing at the Muslims. Allah will take care of them on Last Day. The Muslims who buy these weapons are only helping to kill more Muslims.

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  1. Let those kafir geezers say what they want. They have little time to repent and be saved from the hellfire anyway.

  2. al-suyuufi is right, the mujahideen get their arms from the russians.

    there was also a long ruling on jihad i was reading a long time ago by a sheikh (if anyone is interested i will do a search for the PDF file), it said that muslims should NOT get help or seek aid from the kafir (even if they are just weapons). the reason for this is blurry in my mind, but i think it was because the non-muslims can betray the muslims very easily and it will render the muslims weak. the mujahideen really have no option but to disobey this ruling.

    @ al-suyuffi: how do you distinguish the Salafi or Sunni mujahideen? Pretty much all the Mujahideen during the Cold War got their arms from the US, and those fighters are what you would call “Salafi”
    And even today, you see the Taliban and Al-Qaida (both salafi/wahabbi) use Russian arms.
    So I don’t think it’s a matter of what ‘sect’ it is, pretty much all of them are getting weapons from non-Muslims. Where are Salafi mujahideen getting their arms from? Saudi? yeah right.
    Even Hezbollah is using weapons from Russia.

  3. A lot of the weapons in Afghanistan actually come from Pakistan. The Pashtun people have always been renowned for their warlike attitude, so it makes sense for them to make their own weapons cheaply. Generically made weapons produced in Western Pakistan are big business, take a look at this:


    In Iraq the actual source of weapons sales is ambiguous. It is most likely black market arms traders who could be any number of nationalities. But it is probably correct in assuming most of the weapons used in Iraq are manufactured in either China or Russia, not the US.

  4. It’s pretty sad that people comment without even reading the post. MR said that the Muslims are using the weapons from the kufar. Got those who think that weapons from the Cold War still are being used are idiots. Chinese and Russians sell them to Muslims which is part of a global illegal arms market which many Americans benefit from. They also sell a lot to man rebel groups in Africa and South America.

    These Muslims like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda will never win if they deal with the kuffar.

  5. What defines a “salafi” mujahid? Killing civilians, destroying shrines, and beheading journalists? Or whining about how Hanafis and Malikis perform salah, while praying with the arms folded on the chest and pressing their feet against each other?

    How do we empirically measure how many of the mujahidin who are “salafis”? On “feeling”–yeah.

    Converts, some second and third generation immigrants with identity crisis, and medical and engineer students–how they love to glorify the “mujahidin”. Bang, bang. Let’s watch Al-Jazeera on our big screens and babble about “kuffar”.

  6. “For the record, “extremists” aren’t huge fans of Al jazeera either.”

    Not really, i know some…. and they have no qualms with using AJE or AJA when it suits them.

    And MR, i am pretty sure you can find articles on how Turkey is looking to develop their own arms industry, if you look in the right places.

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