This hadith needs to be on billboards in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and throughout the areas of Muslim vs. Muslim conflicts

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) said:

“If two Muslims meet each other with their swords, then both the killer and the killed will be in the Hell-fire.”

Someone then said:

“O God’s Messenger, that is the case for the killer but why should that be the case for the killed?”

He (peace and blessings of God be upon him) replied:

“Because he wanted to kill his companion.”

Sources: al-Bukhari and Muslim

I pray to God that the Muslims stop fighting each other and start helping each other build their communities and putting families back together. Ameen!

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  1. im sorry bruv but it wont make a difference.
    Muslims who fight each other first call the other party kaafir.
    the somalian al-qaeda call the Sufi-Muslims kaafirs… polytheists in fact
    this stems from deep ideological diseases that came from Saudi Islam where scholars like al-bani, bin baaz and the whole lot of them likened sufis to christians, and other polytheists.
    i.e. they are not Muslims
    i.e. their blood and money is halaal

  2. As-salamu alaykum,

    Jazakallah khayran.

    Fikr min afkâr il-kuffâr—an idea from the ideas of the non-Muslims, which is exactly what some of these misguided “mujahidin” (and their defenders, who are often sitting behind a computer engaged in an Internet “jihad” by thinking up apologetics) are espousing. All too many of the Muslims who will not “celebrate” the bid’ah hasanan that is mawlid un-nabi and who loudly proclaim that we must avoid the ideas of the kafir, will surely embrace several kafir ideas, as long as some form of violence and a bleak, distant fragrance of jihad can be hinted.

    Using weapons manufactured and distributed by the kuffar.

    Suicide bombings, a tactic that is used by Muslim madmen as if it was found in some Kellogg’s Frosties box, can be traced to the European anarchists and radical secularists of the 18 and 19 hundreds. An idea clearly stolen from the kafir, an outright modern bid’ah, but I imagine the self proclaimed apologetes of the “mujahidin” will claim conspiracy and innocence, or perhaps blame it on the Shia.

    The killing of civilians—mostly Muslims, which is a fact, even women and children—and the spreading of fitna and havoc in the lands of the Muslims. An empirical study from World Public Opinion revealed that more Americans than Iranians say that “collateral damage” is excusable. The Muslim madmen have gone far beyond “collateral damage”, and their reasoning seems to be worse than that of the kuffar. Also, the idea of killing the women, children and civilians of the kuffar because they are killing our women and children is not from the way of Rasulullah nor the salaf, salla lahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Even if “collateral damage” happened during the salaf, they did not intend for it to happen nor encourage it.

    Let us not forget the extreme takfirism—also a modern bid’ah—which is employed to make the fighting of other Muslims permitted. This point is preferably aided by claims that the Muslims who are being fought have ties to the corrupt government, or to the invading forces’ governments, or something of that nature. The point being that the Muslims being fought in some ways are aiding or laying down for the kuffar.

    Nihilistic and relativistic ideas of Islamic doctrine is another modern, kafir idea.

    And we should also mention and emphasize the “coincidental” (?) usage of the writings of the orientalists in the various modernists’ “doctrines” and tracts, something that might have to do with the colonialism that swept many of the Muslim lands. The attacks on “Sufis”, “Ash’aris”, the orthodoxy of political leadership et al, seem to rely heavily on the shoddy, deluded ideas of the orientalists. Perhaps it is, in part, a consequence of this interaction between the colonial forces and the Muslims? The similarities are striking.

    The apologetic Muslims? I am convinced that, if they were transported to the time of the Khawarij, they would support and defend them.

    Me? There is not a single bone in my body that does not support the mujahidin who do not employ kafir tactics, cowardness, and non-traditional, heterodox ideas with regard to warfare, its foundations and branches, ethics and morals, rules and regulations. I pray for the triumph of Islam all over this blue globe.

  3. The hadith doesn’t say the one who kills his brother, or has the intention to do so, is a kafir. It says they will be in hellfire. Going to hell isn’t exclusive to the kufar. Many muslims will go to hell to pay for the sins they comited that Allah did not forgive.

    If a person did a sin, and Allah doesn’t forgive them, they will be in hellfire for some time. And this hadith shows that killing [unjustly] is a sin, and so is the intention to kill [unjustly].

  4. al-nisaa 92:94

    92. And it is not befitting Muslims to shed the blood of Muslim save by a mischance and he who kills any Muslim unknowingly, then he has to free a Muslim slave and blood compensation to be paid to the family of the deceased but that they forego. Then if he is from a people who is your enemy and he is himself a Muslim then there is only the freeing of a Muslim slave, and if he is from a people between whom and you there is a pact, then the blood compensation be delivered to his family and the freeing of a slave Muslims, but whose hand does not reach to this (Finds no means to free a slave Muslim) then he should fast for two consecutive months this is his repentance near Allah. And Allah is knowing. Wise.

    93. And whoso kills a Muslim wilfully, then his recompense is Hell, abiding therein for a long time and Allah’s wrath is upon him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great torment.

    94. O believers! When you march forth for a crusade then make proper investigation and he who greets you, say not to him, ‘you are not Muslim, you seek the goods of living world, then with Allah there are spoils abundant. You too were such before, and then Allah conferred His favour on you; so you are duty bound to investigate. Undoubtedly, Allah is aware of what you do.

    this verses go both ways in the context of war and murder. If anyone has the proper explanations and tafsir to go along with it, feel free to post.

  5. @al-suyuufi – The context is directly related to war and it is used to foretell the battle of camel and the first fitna and all the historical battles between the Muslims. It does not make takfir as you are quick to do, may Allah guide us. It is related to the hellfire. As @TheSoundOfMind has said above, it is possible for Muslims to enter the hell fire as well but ultimately only Allah knows who will enter the hell-fire.

    The point of the hadith is showing the graveness of Muslims killing each other in war. This is going on right now in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Somalia and in other areas I fail to mention. This is a great fitna and the punishment for it is the hell-fire, but as I said earlier, only Allah knows who is going where and on what grounds. They can repent and Allah is the most Forgiving.

  6. If I understand it correctly, the intent if the author for posting this Hadith was coming from the desire to see the Ummah reclaim it’s values of Islamic Brotherhood and to refrain from slaughtering each other like madmen.

    Now instead of accepting this call and trying to promote this ideology of “Quwaa” (strength), another verbal war starts between people arguing in favor of their “maslak” or by criticizing the other one.

    Stop arguing about it’s interpretation..! The message is clear….so don’t be fools.

  7. Assalaamu alaikum. I humbly ask for dua for my dear mother. She is 87 yrs old and is hospitalized. She has a severe stroke to the left side and has extensive bleeding to the brain. She is no longer responding, but Biidhnillah she is still breathing.
    May Allah azawjal, She is an angel to her 12 children. May Allah forgive her and grant her jannatul firdaus.
    Pls make dua for her and pass it on.Thank you

  8. the situation of the jihaad in the lands you mentioned are not situations where Muslims are killing Muslims. the mujahideen dont do that,they left to DEFEND and FIGHT FOR the muslims so how can they kill them?! that doesnt make sense o Muslim! this is what the kaafir media portrays, you should not better and investigate the issue before jumping to conclusions.

    didnt Allah say:

    “O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done.” (Surah al Hujuraat ayah 6)

    we are asked to verify the news if it comes from a corrupt Muslim so what about the disbeliever whose day and night job it is to lie and portray and Islam in a negative way?(CNN,BBC,ABC,CBS,etc)

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  10. Assalamu alaykum
    this hadith would be benificial in thiose countries only if the people fear their god before.

    no point in stateing a hadith, and expect them to abide by it…. if they barely even pray…
    May allah guide us all.

  11. Listen O sleeping Ummah its about time we wake up the mujahideen are the Lions of Tawheed who hold tight to the sunnah,they only Fight to protect the Muslim lands from ocupisation of democracy, salafis are a very new sect go to youtube and seach uthanmeen refutes them and they tell us theres no fisabilliah anywere they come from the currpt saudi gvenment who alie with the USA which makes them kufr, and they dont rule by the sharia (the saudi govenment, king …are KUFR and how cane not cry for our children in afganistan sheeshan palistine somalia the list goes on…….ISLAM protects dignaty……so rise O MUSLIMS RISE and defend your HONOR

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