Farid – Qiyam and Witr – T-pain song Haramtender to Halalmix – Funny

Warning – contains musical instruments (percussion).

With all due respect to the lyrics, I find the entire song hilarious. Taking something extremely haram and adding halal lyrics, doesn’t make it any better to me, but the brother can sing (with the help of auto tunes).

As we know, T-Pain is a Muslim (may Allah guide him). I wonder what his reaction will be if he hears this. InshaAllah may Allah guide him and us all.

14 Replies to “Farid – Qiyam and Witr – T-pain song Haramtender to Halalmix – Funny”

  1. “not a good one sadly”

    I don’t we should say something like this… no matter what people are up to

  2. Ya, subhanallah… there are more Muslims out there than we really know. The song was hilarious though, too bad it’s all musical instruments.

  3. This was all in good fun. I know Farid personally and he will appreciate the duas. And in case people are wondering, he is a good practicing Muslim and does a lot of good work in his local Muslim community. Keep up the prayers, I’m certain we all need them.

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