Assiya Rafiq – A great Mujahidah

After being kidnapped at the age of 16 by a group of thugs and enduring a year of rapes and beatings, Assiya Rafiq was delivered to the police and thought her problems were over.

Then, she said, four police officers took turns raping her.

The next step for Assiya was obvious: She should commit suicide. That’s the customary escape in rural Pakistan for a raped woman, as the only way to cleanse the disgrace to her entire family.

Instead, Assiya summoned the unimaginable courage to go public and fight back. She is seeking to prosecute both her kidnappers and the police, despite threats against her and her younger sisters. This is a kid who left me awed and biting my lip; this isn’t a tale of victimization but of valor, empowerment and uncommon heroism.

“I decided to prosecute because I don’t want the same thing to happen to anybody else,” she said firmly.

Assiya’s case offers a window into the quotidian corruption and injustice endured by impoverished Pakistanis — leading some to turn to militant Islam.

“When I treat a rape victim, I always advise her not to go to the police,” said Dr. Shershah Syed, the president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Pakistan. “Because if she does, the police might just rape her again.”

Yet Assiya is also a sign that change is coming. She says she was inspired by Mukhtar Mai, a young woman from this remote village of Meerwala who was gang raped in 2002 on the orders of a village council. Mukhtar prosecuted her attackers and used the compensation money to start a school.

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The Pakistani police and the thugs who raped her are cowards. Do they not fear the wrath of Allah? Do they not fear the hellfire? I pray that Allah delivers justice. I pray to Allah that those who forbid the evil and promote the good are victorious. Ameen!

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  1. May Allah (ta’ala) give her and her family the strength to fight and condemn these animals and put an end to these atrocities in Pakistan

  2. Subhanallah! She is incredible, mashallah. Ameen, may Allah reward her and make all the mujahideen victorious.

  3. “I pray to Allah that the Mujahideen are victorious.”

    What do you mean by that quote? f your referring to the rape victims, then I support the statement. If your referring to the the Taliban + their cohorts, then I can’t support that statement. The Taliban are a bunch ignorant tribal villagers. A prominent member of Pakistan’s Ulema, Dr. Israr Ahmed has even stated that they do not represent Islam + cannot be allowed to bring their brand of Islamic Law to Pakistan. They need to be educated.

  4. Dear PakistaniMD,

    Your distractive comments won’t distract us from the fact that (st*pid) Pakistan is a center of Fasaad.

    Clearly the article writer knows what he is talking about when he said, “— leading some to turn to militant Islam.”

    Mr. MD, I agree with you one hundered percent (about our duty as Muslims to do Jihad against the Taliban) and as President Barack Obama said, “As soon as the extremists are isolated from Islaamic communities….”.

    Still, this article is no place to bash the Khawaariji Kuffaar (Talibaan).

    Here is the chance to bash our heritage, Pakistaan.

    However, the Arab audience shouldn’t get all excited here either. The ‘Arabs have similar cases with similar outcomes.

    In the end of the day, we as Muslims should ignore the names in a story, and instead work with the plot, and come up with a solution for the climax.

    For example, in the Little Red Riding Hood story, if i told you that the Wolf was German, it shouldn’t make a difference. The essence is that as Muslims we have big problems to solve and little time. Let’s get going, starting from our hearts.

  5. “O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya’ (friends, protectors, helpers), they are but Auliya’ of each other. And if any amongst you takes them (as Auliya’), then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers and unjust). ” (5:51)

    “Those who take disbelievers for Auliya’ (protectors or helpers or friends) instead of believers, do they seek honour, power and glory with them? Verily, then to Allah belongs all honour, power and glory. ”

    “O you who believe! Take not for Auliya’ (protectors or helpers or friends) disbelievers instead of believers. Do you wish to offer Allah a manifest proof against yourselves? ” (4:144)

    “O you who believe! Take not as (your) Bitanah (advisors, consultants, protectors, helpers, friends) those outside your religion (pagans, Jews, Christians, and hypocrites) since they will not fail to do their best to corrupt you. They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed We have made plain to you the Ayat (proofs, evidence, verses) if you understand. ” (3:118)

    “Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of Taghut (Satan). So fight you against the friends of Shaitan (Satan). Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitan (Satan). ” (4:76)

    So, u so-called Muslims are worse then originally kuffar – bcz u r from munafiqeen of this Ummah!

    Shame on you!!!

  6. @PakistaniMD – In my view, Assiya Rafiq is one of the Mujahideen. That’s what I mean when I made dua for her and all those who are fighting for justice.

  7. To ‘And Three’,

    If my comments were seen as disruptive, then I apologize. That was not my intent.

    Quite frankly, I did not understand your response to my post/reply. You ask me to ‘bash our heritage… Pakistan’. Why? Is there something wrong with Pakistan and its culture? You need to support this supposition, since it is contradicting itself (Against Taliban… but also against Pakistan?). If you are trying to say that Pakistani Islam is/has issues, then I agree with you somewhat. I know of many people who follow Sufism in non-Muslim ways. The main example, would be that of Saint Worship. But that does not mean you should go against the system and ‘bash’ on them. Education is needed to battle the secular elite, not violence.

    Note: I am not a HT’er, so I’m not advocating a totalitarian Islamic state, like the one the Taliban imposed.

  8. typical, distract ourselves by making every issue a political one.

    May Allah help this sister in her jihad against these despicable pigs

  9. Mashallah she is very brave for standing up against all of the odds to speak out. May Allah facilitate her along every step of her battle and bring the thugs who do this kind of thing every day either to their fall or back to islam.

    Subhanallah I had no idea police forces could be that corrupt. 🙁

  10. Think of it…USA, UK, France and elsewhere there are the same thing called honor kiling, honor rape and so on. However, the focus is always on Muslims’ honor killings, rape etc…

    Much of this story is about the propaganda machine of the western world. Rest assured of that.

  11. Wrong, Kazi Muhammad.

    Please don’t close your eyes to the patheticness of “Muslims” living in “Muslim” countries. Inshaa Allaah our Khaleefah will come and fix these problems, and we will be supportive.

    As Shaykh Siraaj Wahhaaj said in his ‘Angels and Jins’ speech, we should be ready for this Khaleefah to be from any country. We shouldn’t be racist like Shaytaan and say, “Why? I could make a better Khaleefah then that Black dude, etc.”

    InshaaAllaah there will be no violence in bring this khilaafah.

    It will be like a Maritn Luther thing; No fight, no blood.

  12. I just remembered that Sumayya (may Allah be pleased with her) was the first martyr of Islam. It’s good to give a reminder like this blog post that our sisters also have a history of jihad and sacrifice from the very roots of our deen.

    Keep fighting sisters, keep fighting!!!!

  13. Not only was Sumaiyya the first martyr of Islam, Nusaiba Umm Habib, and Umm Salamah were 2 of the greatest mujahidaat ever mashallah (radiyallahu 3anhuma)! If you were to read up on these sahabiyyat, you would certainly be impressed!

  14. May Allah forgive me and grant the sister success in this life and in the next, if it is in fact true story but this is just too hard for me to believe. I don’t think a sister would lie about something like this, I just think the whole story is planted – cointelpro style.

  15. “typical, distract ourselves by making every issue a political one.

    May Allah help this sister in her jihad against these despicable pigs”

    ameen. But lets not insult pigs they are higher than scum like these.

  16. i am from slovenija.i read about assiya in uor newspaper.this is realy shame for all pakistan honest people.
    why all they do not stand up to protect assiya?
    if something like that would hapen in slovenija,all honest poeple would stand up to punish all that bustards.
    i am affraid but i must say that almost all pakistani people are cowards – if they are not able to protect innocent people

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