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Muhammad Alshareef 2.0?

I didn’t understand it either, but here is the explanation:

In the middle of the night…

When wolves become Shepherds

Lazy Boy

Bathe yourselves in Money

Lessons from the life of Eessa ibn Maryam

These are titles that I’m sure some of you remember. I believe it to be around 2004. Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef was in the “EmanRush Zone”, and each lecture quickly fell into the category called “Classic” ma sha Allah.

It’s been 5 years since that time. EmanRush hasn’t released singles in years.

Get ready, for today is the launch of Muhammad Alshareef 2.0.

Who said that World class lectures are out of style? If they are, they’re coming back anyway..just like Tafsir Juz Amma

Tuesday, July 14th tune into at 5pm EST/10PM BST

UK cuts Israel weapons contracts

The UK has revoked five export licences for equipment to the Israeli navy because of actions during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza this year.

The British Foreign office said the exports would now contravene its criteria for arms sales, but denied that it had imposed a partial embargo.

The UK says it does not sell weapons which might be used for internal repression or external aggression.
Israel says its troops complied fully with international law during missions.

Thank you UK. Please continue to cut off all military contracts with Israel. Please also advise your sister, America. Thanks!


With the state Legislature still embroiled in a fight over how to close a $26-billion budget deficit, the California government is expected to issue nearly $3 billion worth of interest-bearing IOUs this month.

Starting today, major banks such as Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Union Bank of California will stop accepting the IOUs, also called registered warrants. Hoping to pressure the state to settle on a budget, the banks rejected state Treasurer Bill Lockyer’s requests to continue redeeming the IOUs for their full value in cash.


The administration’s request for $2.55 billion in security assistance for Israel in 2009 represents the first year of a 10-year U.S.-Israel security agreement to help the Jewish state face increasing threats.

Source (PDF from AIPAC)

My point of sharing this comparison is that the money going to Israel can be used to help America whether it is healthcare, creating new jobs or paying out the federal or states debt.

Props to Baba Ali! MashaAllah, this site looks legit. All the single people that sign up let me know how it is inshaAllah.

God is greater!

GREENSBORO — Patients don’t need an appointment or medical insurance to seek treatment at the Al-Aqsa health clinic.

They simply show up and sign in.

This free medical clinic is entirely run by Muslim women and their children. The doctors volunteer their time, including one who travels from Statesville. Although the clinic has been operating just six months, word has spread about it. Attendance has increased from about 35 patients in the first months to 100 in June.

Amal Khdour, the woman who founded the clinic, is called a teacher and leader in her community. She is a 39-year-old Palestinian who wears long, loose clothing and covers her head with a hijab, or head scarf. She is tall and fair-skinned. She’s a mother of four — two sons and two daughters. And she’s a cancer survivor.

Continue reading here.

Imam Zaid Shakir finally writes a response to a, what I like to call, a hater, but that’s just me so don’t attribute that to Imam Zaid.

– – – – – –
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“You Muslim people scare people when you wear that clothing”

Really messed up. This guy is needs some major help. I’m really amazed at the calmness of the sister during this scenario, mashaAllah. May Allah continue to protect her!

Full story here:

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Muslims and Hip Hop – Abul Hussein and Suhaib Webb Comment

Abul-Hussein writes:

“Hip hop” in the 21th century has taken the position of heavy metal in the 80’s. To the conscious observer the clear references to “satan” are evident and the indirect references are abundant. From Kayne West to Outerspace hip hop has traversed the boundaries of moral action and life affirming values, it is a realm where moral consciousness is obscured and human being has no worth. Today hip hop celebrates musically and honors poetically idolatry, occultism, illicit sex, theft, drugs, materialism, death, killing and now homosexuality.

Claiming the status of a new global religion as the singer Erika Badu has claimed it is a demonstration and affirmation of the ignorance (jahillia) of old that was celebrated by “poets of the age of ignorance” who resided in the Arabian pennisula before the emergence of Islam. What hip hop managed today was to universalize the values of heavy metal across ethnic lines making “necrophila” a way of life.

Something many Muslims have a difficulty in facing is that Islam as a notion no longer carries the weight of a transformative concept in hip hop. 50 cent’s claim to recite a “Ghetto Qur’an” is a sign of the triumph of ” far fetched ta’wil” and the celebration of supreme “kufr.” The Ghetto Qur’an he refers to is his words put to music making himself a prophet who is giving revelation to the people. This as a theme is not uncommon in hip hop, the claim to prophecy. The task of the da’ee today is how to present the Qur’an as a way to transform the personality molded by hip hop in the 21 th century, inspired by the way of satanic being in the world. Lectures, and books will not be sufficient to transform the necrophilic personality nor soften the heart inspired by satanic values. What is needed is a righteous patient teacher who imbibes the Qur’an and is aware of the culture of death celebrated by hip hop.


Wa Billahi at-Tawfiq

Suhaib Webb responds and writes:
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It was while Marwa el-Sherbini was in the dock recalling how the accused had insulted her for wearing the hijab after she asked him to let her son sit on a swing last summer, that the very same man strode across the Dresden courtroom and plunged a knife into her 18 times.

Her three-year-old son Mustafa was forced to watch as his mother slumped to the courtroom floor.

Even her husband Elvi Ali Okaz could do nothing as the 28-year-old Russian stock controller who was being sued for insult and abuse took the life of his pregnant wife. As Okaz ran to save her, he too was brought down, shot by a police officer who mistook him for the attacker. He is now in intensive care in a Dresden hospital.


🙁 May Allah grant her jannah and make it easy for her family.

How the heck do you stab someone 18 times in court! How do you even get into a court room with a knife! Germany has security issues in their courts.

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