Swissbeatz is Muslim – Busta and Him realise the mistake of doing the Arab Money Remix

Warning: Foul language is used.

May Allah continue to guide him and us all. Ameen!

Swiss – JazakAllah khair for saying you guys realize it was a mistake to do the Arab Money Remix. I really respect and appreciate this. Thanks bro.

5 Replies to “Swissbeatz is Muslim – Busta and Him realise the mistake of doing the Arab Money Remix”

  1. that song was so stupid and irritating and how the heck is that supposed to be a positive song about Islam. plus how could he say the shahada then make a song like that. i think they are trying to make being Muslim a fad or something.

  2. Whatever the ruling may be on music, I can’t believe the muslims are complaining about this. We already have the worst image in the west, and what these guys are trying to do is bring people towards Islam. A simple declaration in the name of allah, lord of all the worlds probably had a few people google the term and learn something about islam. Only the open minded can see their intentions.

  3. I am happy you realise your mistakes,and i pray you should also repent and stop the singing occupation.ameen.wee man.

  4. salam. you guys are wonderful coz its not every body that can fucked up and realize what he or she did. so for you to realize your mistake and appologize for it is something to thank God for that. thanks and be careful always. urs sister and bros in islam

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