Blackwater (Xe) used Iraqi girls for Prostitution

May Allah’s protect the innocent people! Ameen!

Blackwater (now known as Xe) is paid by the government as a private military army to work in Iraq.

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  1. From the fear of being killed one may rationalize killing.
    From the fear of being nuked one may rationalize using WMD’s.

    The Mainstream Media is using this rationale or idea to constantly perpetuate to the American Public that if we don’t fight them in Iraq, they will kill us. (some exceptions are this report and some news channels, sometimes.).

    However, just the opposite is true and facts are:

    – XE, Funded by the United States.
    – XE, No rules of engagement.
    – XE, Terrorize, Maime, Murder Iraqi people.
    – XE, founder has publically declared a “crusade” in a Muslim country.
    – XE, Resposible for a myriad of war crimes some not even accounted for.

    Be Informed. Just Another One Of Their Deceptions.

    May Allah (SWT) protect all Muslims from the plan of shaytaan.

  2. How sad.. everyday i hear worse and worse things in our world. The signs are so apparent of the Last Day. May Allah swt protect us all inshallah from the wrong doing.

  3. @Kona – Regardless, this is not what the American government approves. They should be exposed far and wide. XE should be shut down.

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